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Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Titti's Visit


After brewing tea for us, I asked Cecilia-san what business she had with me.

[So, what exactly is it that you want from me?]

[No, no, it isn’t that big of a deal.]

She was disguised with round glasses and a beard, but Cecilia-san’s voice sounded like a woman’s.

The tatami room is so narrow that the faint scent of perfume wafts through the air.

Although I had nothing to feel guilty about, I’m kinda feeling guilty about being alone with a married woman.

Let’s leave the sliding door of the tatami room open……

[Actually, I heard that Yahagi-san is handing out maps to adventurers free of charge?]

[Ahh, you’re talking about the dungeon maps.]

[That’s right. I was wondering if you could share the map of the 1st Underground Floor with me.]

If that’s the case, this conversation would be quick.

I quickly took one of the maps from the shelf and handed it to Cecilia-san.

[Please take it. However, why does Cecilia-san need the map?]

There’s no way she’s planning on having a side job for their savings and is planning to start as an adventurer, right?

[That is…… Can I ask you to keep it a secret from Marco?]

Prefacing such words, Cecilia-san told me what was going on.

[Not many people know about it, but there’s a plant called Elcid Moss that grows deep in the dungeon’s 1st Underground Floor. I wanted to have it.]

[That Elcid Moss certainly isn’t something I’m familiar with. Is it used to make medicine?]

[That’s right. Elcid Moss can be used as a material for Enhancement Potions. Marco has always been doing his best, which makes me worried. I was hoping I could help him even if only a little……]

In other words, she wants to make Enhancement Potions and give those to Marco.

That’s something praiseworthy.

[I’m sure Marco will be happy to hear that.]

[Ah, please don’t tell Marco. I want to surprise him.]

Fumu fumu, a surprise present huh.

[I understand. However, Cecilia-san, would you be alright searching for that moss yourself? The dungeon is a dangerous place.]

Since she was able to reach Yahagi Onsen down on the 2nd Underground Floor, I guess she knows what she’s doing.

However, can she explore the dungeon by herself?

She was originally a high-class lady after all.

[I have zero experience in actual combat, but I can still use Offensive Magic. I think I can manage the 1st Underground Floor……]

Though she said that, Cecilia-san looks anxious.

Even still, she looked like she wanted to do her best for Marco.

However, is it really alright to let Cecilia-san go alone?

It seems like she didn’t encounter any monsters when she went here, but she can’t just hope for that if she’s going to spend a long time searching for that moss.

Even if she could use Offensive Magic, she would find the fights difficult when her mana runs out.

[If you want, how about I go with you?]

[Yahagi-san will?]

[I did make the maps after all, so I know the 1st Underground Floor pretty well.]

[However, you want work to do, don’t you? I don’t want to be a bother.]

[Don’t mind it, I’m only busy in the mornings and evenings anyway. If we go out now and come back in the evening, there will be no problem.]

When I said this, Cecilia-san smiled.

[Thank you very much. To tell you the truth, I was worried about heading out by myself.]

[Well then, shall we depart?]

[Ah, I’d like to ask one thing first.]

[What’s the matter?]

[I can buy that Cyanotype Camera thing here, right? If so, I would like to buy some.]

Cyanotype Cameras are the most popular item right now.

But today, we happen to have three items left in stock.

[Come to think of it, Marco bought one the other day, didn’t he?]

[Yes, the two of us took a picture together. It was quite surprising, seeing such a thing depicting an image closer to the real thing than the intricate paintings created by skilled artists. However, that did give me an idea……]

Cecilia-san let out a suspicious smile.

Was she planning to take a picture of the two of them and exchange them with each other?

Michelle apparently carries around a hundred or so pictures of me with her at all times.

It’s like she’s got her card collection always in hand.

I told her to stop because it was embarrassing, but she wouldn’t listen.

Telling me “I won’t show it to anyone”, she still keeps it close to her at all times.

Without thinking much about it, I sold all that was left of my stock to Cecilia-san.

Titti giggled inside when she heard that Yahagi would be coming with her.

She had seen through that this kind of man would help her if she played the role of a helpless woman, and her expectations were on the spot.

(An easily-swayed man. Well, I don’t dislike his type.)

[What’s the matter, Cecilia-san? Smiling like that.]

[After all, Marco has such a wonderful friend. I couldn’t help being happy for him. Please continue looking after him.]

Yahagi Yuusuke looked bashful upon her praise.

Of course, he had no way of knowing what was in Titti’s mind.

Titti’s preparations were already finished.

She had gone to the 1st Underground Floor early in the morning and carried various items into a small room where people rarely come.

Though she isn’t as good as Michelle, Titti is an excellent mage. She could easily handle everything on the 1st Underground Floor by herself.

(Ufufu, Michelle, before I leave this country, I’m going to make you fall into despair. You will pay for depriving me of my position as Queen Consort.)

[Well then, let’s go.]

Yahagi, making his shop disappear, called out to her.

The mere thought of her sister and this man’s imminent doom made Titti almost writhe.

Such a thought fueled her sadistic fetishes, which made her involuntarily shudder.

With an 8-shot pistol and a Monster Card in his hand, Yahagi Yuusuke walks in front of Titti.

(This is your fault, you called me ugly. I’ll never forgive you.)

Looking at Yahagi’s back, Titti licks her lips with her red tongue.

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