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Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: The Power of an Archangel


The distance between Michelle and Titti is about 15 meters.

I have to do everything in my power to prevent Michelle from getting those pictures in her hands.

I took out the golden Monster Card I had carefully tucked away in my inside pocket.

[The time to use this finally came huh…… Monster summon, activate! Come out, SSSR-rank Lunadian!]

Lunadian is one of the highest-level Angels.

In addition to her offensive power, she can also use the skills “Instantaneous Movement” and “Light Wings of Purification”.

If she could use her power to leap to Yahagi Onsen, I could surely be able to prevent the worst from happening.

The card glowed so dazzlingly that I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and the thinly clad Archangel Lunadian appeared.

Even so…… That’s quite the proportions she got there.

As expected of an Angel, she certainly possesses beauty beyond human standards……

Wait, this isn’t the time for me to ogle at someone.

[Lunadian, transport me to the Yahagi Onsen!]

When I ordered her so, Lunadian wrapped me in her arms and eight wings, and in an instant, we moved to Yahagi Onsen.

The people at Yahagi Onsen were in turmoil at the sudden appearance of the Archangel.

Michelle, and Titti, who was standing right next to her, were also surprised, looking at us with eyes opened wide.


[Michelle, get away from that guy!]

[It’s you who should get away from that woman, Yuusuke! Who the heck is that exhibitionist!?]

No, she’s an archangel.

Can’t you see her wings?

[This is Archangel Lunadian, who I summoned for her instantaneous movement……]

[Don’t know! Don’t care! Don’t cling to my Yuusuke with your perverted outfit!]

[Idiot, don’t use Offensive Magic! That aside, get away from that guy with the glasses. That’s Titti!]


At the mention of Titti’s name, Michelle’s train of thought finally returned to normal.

[Tsk! I was so close. Whatever. Michelle, look at this!]

Titti is trying to get the photos out of an envelope.

However, I’m not going to just let her do that.

[Lunadian, snatch that envelope from Titti’s hand!]

Having received my order, Lunadian spread her wings and surged towards Titti.

[D- Don’t come near me!]

Titti tried to fight back with Wind Magic: Wind Cutter, but it fizzled out before Lunadian’s aura.

As expected of an SSSR card, it’s incredibly strong.


Lunadian raised her right wing high.

What on earth is she doing?

Ohh, waves of gentle light are gathering on her wing.


So this is the Light Wings of Purification huh, Titti sure looks like she’s suffering.

I heard that the Light Wings of Purification purify all the evil thoughts in human hearts.

Is Titti gonna be alright?

[Lunadian, that woman’s my girlfriend’s little sister. Don’t kill her.]

Lunadian softly smiled at my words…… and disappeared just like that.

I see, the three minutes of summoning time had already passed huh.

Titti was left unconscious on the ground.

I immediately picked up the envelope containing the cyanotype photos.

[Michelle, can you check on Titti?]

[U- Unnn……]

While Michelle went to Titti’s side, I summoned my shop and ran inside.

Then, in front of the kitchen in the back, I slightly checked the contents of the envelope.

Uwaahh, that’s an unspeakably extreme sight in there.

If Michelle sees something like this…… There’s no telling what she’ll do.

I immediately turned on the stove and put the envelope and the photos over the fire.

[Ashes to ashes, dust to dust……]

There, evidence destroyed!

[Yuusuke, what are you doing? I smelled something burning.]

[I just thought Titti might be up to something evil again, so I was getting rid of the thing she was gonna give to you.]

Unnn, I didn’t lie.

Therefore, my conscience doesn’t hurt from saying this.

That’s all, proof completed.

[Come to think of it, she was gonna give me something huh. I wonder if it’s some cursed note or something like that?]


It’s an item that was, in a way, gonna bring about an effect even more severe than that.

[How’s Titti?]

[She’s out cold. I bound her and put her in the inner tatami room.]

I see, this should put an end to this whole ruckus……

Or so I was thinking, but then someone violently opened the shop’s door.

[Yahagi-san, please hand over Titti-sama.]

It was Marco, carrying the Legendary Nail Bat in hand.

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