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Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Letting One Die


While a commotion rose in Yahagi Onsen, Michelle and I watched Titti’s back as she was taken away in silence.

Soon after, Marco, who had been knocked unconscious by Michelle’s magic, woke up.

[Nghh…… Arehh…… Titti-sama……?]

[Titti has been arrested. She is probably being led to the castle.]

[No way……]

Marco was in a daze for about 10 seconds, but then he briskly stood up and picked up a shop-provided basket.

As I watched in astonishment, he started putting every item on one edge of the shop into his basket.

[O- Oi……]

Grabbing items like 10-rim gums, curry crackers, anzu-bou, Monster Card chips, carol choco, and calpases, he put them in his basket one after another.

[Marco, calm down.]

[Yahagi-san, I’m buying all your pop rocket lottery tickets. Give me the whole sheet.]

[What are you going to do with that?]

It doesn’t look like he intends to go back to exploring the dungeon.

[It would be just like when Yahagi-san had saved Michelle-san. This time, I will be saving Titti-sama! And with the biggest pop rocket in hand……]

[Don’t be reckless!]

[Even Yahagi-san was reckless when it’s for Michelle-san’s sake!]

[The circumstances back then were too different from how it is now. At that time, the former King was right in front of me, so I could use him as a hostage. The military was also not united back then, so their response was sluggish. However, the current King isn’t as naive as the previous one. He has a firm grasp of authority, including command over the military. If you were to casually charge over there, you’d only end up getting caught.]

[That doesn’t mean I’ll just let Titti-sama die!]

Marco slammed his purse on the counter.

Three silver coins spilled from the edge of the loose drawstring.

[I’ll have the whole sheet!]

Grabbing the whole sheet of pop rockets from the wall, Marco turns to walk out the front door.

However, his friends from Team Harukaze hold him back.

[You can’t, Marco! If you go now, you’ll be killed too!]

[Please let go of me, Merle-san. I have to go.

[I said, you can’t go! Mira, Regal, hold Marco down!]

Mira and Regal moved quickly at their leader’s command.

The three of them held Marco down on the floor of the store.

[Yuusuke-san, rope! Rope!]

[O- Ou!

The rope that had restrained Titti earlier was brought out of the inner tatami room.

I feel sorry for him, but it would be better to tie him up until his emotional turmoil subsides.

Marco struggled like a captured cat, his breath coming in short gasps.

[Can’t you calm down for a moment? I’ll be pleading for Titti’s pardon from the King.]

Titti may have done terrible things to Michelle, but she’s still her little sister.

Besides, she has already been bathed in “Light Wings of Purification” and has developed a good heart.

Even though she had stolen her sister’s fiance and placed a heavy burden on the country’s finances as the former Queen Consort, I felt sorry for her to be sentenced to capital punishment with the added crime of escaping from imprisonment.

At that moment, Michelle asked a question.

[Do you think the King will meet up with Yuusuke though?]

It would normally be impossible for a mere dagashi shopowner to have an audience with the King.

[I’ll ask Baron Essel.]

If I can get an audience through the Baron, whom I know very well, I might be able to work things out.

[However, will that King really spare Titti?]

Recently, taxes have gone up a bit in order to restore the country’s finances.

The people are filled with uncontrollable anger, and many are calling for the execution of the former King and Queen Consort.

I do feel afraid that she may have been let go so that they can use her as a scapegoat for their discontent.

[It’s not like I completely don’t have any chance. There’s a new product whose sales I had restricted, and with it, even if we can’t get her to be exonerated, she could at least be exiled.]

Marco’s eyes lit up at my explanation.

[Is that true, Yahagi-san!? You really have an item like that?]

[I do have an item like that, but this would only work under the assumption that this could draw the King’s attention.]

Though I said that, I’m pretty confident about this item.

Since it’s that King we’re talking about, if I were to show this to him…..

[If you can save Titti-sama, I will follow Yahagi-san for the rest of my life!]

[Don’t be so hasty.]

As their investigation of their escape progresses, their investigation may extend to Marco as well.

If his crime of aiding in her prison break were to be revealed, Marco wouldn’t get away easily either.

Titti probably won’t say anything about Marco, but if any evidence comes to light, I don’t think he can avoid being arrested.

I suppose it would be better if I moved right away.

However, I need to consult with Michelle about this first.

[I would probably be helping Titti out, but is that alright with you, Michelle?]

[I don’t really care about what that girl did anymore. If it weren’t for Titti, I might never have met Yuusuke. Besides, it’s not like we can leave Marco like this……]

Looking at Marco tied up, Michelle let out a small sigh.

[I’m going to visit Baron Essel’s place now. I’ll be back in the evening.]

[I’ll go there with you.]

Grabbing the restricted item I had hidden in the back of the shop, I headed off with Michelle to Baron Essel’s mansion.

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