Otome Game Mob Villain - Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

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"Finally, we have a closure. ......"

Eltia was sitting alone in a chair in her room, muttering to no one in particular.

Her expression was not cold and dismissive as it usually is, but calm and gentle.

However, there seemed to be a hint of sadness in her eyes.

At that moment, a soldier outside the room intercepted Elias, saying that he was worried about her health and wanted to see her.

She dignified her expression and replied to the soldier in her usual way.

"I understand. Please let His Majesty through."

As soon as she replied to the soldier, the sliding door of the room was opened and Elias entered.

Eltia stood up on the spot as he entered and bowed with a beautiful graceful bow.

Seeing her, Elias called out to her in a concerned tone.

".. Eltia, it's okay to say hello. But more importantly, are you feeling all right?"

'Yes, Your Majesty. You needn't worry,...... I am not really sick ......."

Elias nodded quietly at her reply and continued talking.

"Is it so ? Still it;s invoving Fara , right ?. I'm sorry for the trouble I've put you through.  '"

"I've knew that will came since the day Fara was born,......."

Eltia responded to Elias's words with a voice that sounded sorrowful.

◇ ◇

Eltia Riverton had originally been Elias' shadow and escort since he was a child.

She was also a direct descendant of Zack Riverton, and her talent made her a strong candidate to be the next head of the Riverton family.

Her turning point came when Elias confessed to her that he had been by her side since she was a child.

"I love Eltia, who has been by my side since I was a child. Please be by my side as my wife, not as a shadow."

It was the first time that Eltia, who had lived her life as a shadow, was confessed by a man.

At that moment, Eltia's ears involuntarily moved up and down, letting Elias know about her hidden feelings.

She also had feelings for him.

She don't remember when it started.

As he grew older, she found herself becoming aware of him as a man.

Eltia was a candidate to be the next head of the Riverton family, and her feelings were supposed to keep a lid on them forever.

Elias found out how she felt when he confessed his feelings to her.

He asked Zack directly to take Eltia as his wife.

The royal family and the Riverton family are light and shadow, and when the light is shaded, the shadow can be mercilessly ironed out.

It might be better to say that the Riverton family serves the country, not the royal family.

The relationship between the two also gave Zach a head start on them.

The royal family and the Riverton family's direct connection would not look good to the nobility.

But it's not all bad news.

If the royal family has the direct blood of the Riverton family, it will make some aspects easier to move in the future.

In the end, Zack agreed to Elias's proposal with a condition.

At this time, Elias still had no side wives and no official wife candidates.

The nobles would not be silent if he only considered Eltia as a candidate for a regular wife.

Zack gave Elias the condition that not only Eltia but also a certain number of candidates be prepared at the same time.

Elias accepted this condition and selected Eltia and several other candidates for the queen.

Since the birth rate of dark elves is low, there is a possibility that the king may not be able to leave a bloodline without a concubine.

In any case, it was necessary to have other candidates for queen besides Eltia, so Elias accepted the offer.

It is a rule that the Dark Elven queen is the first woman to bear the king's child.

This is because the birth rate is low, and if the queen is chosen based solely on the order of marriage or position, it could lead to a power struggle later on.

A few years after Elias began spending time with many candidates, including Eltia, a long-awaited pregnant woman appeared among the candidates.

Her name was Liesel Tamouska, a Tamouska woman with a long history and a certain amount of power as a member of the noble family.

The country erupted with joy.

Elias and Eltia also rejoiced at Liesel's pregnancy.

However, the pregnant Liesel had very mixed feelings.

She knew that Elias and Eltia were in love with each other.

There was another reason: Liesel did not think she was fit to be queen.

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