Otome Game Mob Villain - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

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Now, Capella will make arrangements in the kingdom to be Master Rid's squire from now on. We will finish the preparations before the two of you leave Renalute, so please wait a little while."

As he finished, Zack looked at me and my father in turn.

We looked at each other and nodded.

"I understand. Rid, are you in?"

"Yes, Father. "

Capella, standing beside Zack, remained blank.

Zack had just told me that he wanted Capella to be my squire.

At that time, I did not immediately shook my head.

I felt that if I just shook my head, Zack would have his way.

'let's ask Deanna too."


I asked back to my father's unexpected comment.

' Is something wrong?"

"No, no, it's ......."

I was pretending to be calm, but inwardly I was panicking,What should I do?

Perhaps my father had some information.

Did Zack tell him, or did he get it from some other source?

While I was thinking about this, Deanna, as she was called, came into the room.

She stood beside me, straightened her posture, and bowed.

"You wanted to see me,master . Rainer."

"Deanna, I have a question for you."

After glaring at me sharply, my father shifted his gaze to Deanna and said slowly,

"Deanna, what were you and Rid doing today? Tell me the truth. Is that clear?"

"I'll tell you everything '.

When father told her to "tell the truth," Deanna told him everything that had happened today.

The only thing that she covered up was the part about me disguising myself as a maid.

Hearing her explanation, Father's expression grew grim.

When she told him about the disturbances at the Marein mansion, Deanna stopped talking and looked at me.

I guess she wanted me to take it from there because the rest of the story was about my mother.

I said fearfully to my father, who had a grim look on his face.

, "Father, everything she has told you is true. May I tell you what I am about to tell you because it related to mother's illness?"

"...... Okay. Tell me."

I told my father about Nikkiq, whom I had met through Chris.

As a result of his research, magic depletion is rarely seen in Renalute.

Perhaps the presence of daily intake is preventing the disease? 

He even discovered that a wild plant called "Renalute grass" was likely to be a medicinal herb that would lead to a special medicine based on the hypothesis that "Renalute grass" is the most effective herb.

I also explained that I had made arrangements for the herb to be take as "lute grass" through Chris, and to be supplied to the Bardia family.

When I finished, my father looked grim and indescribable.

, "Phew. ...... I got the details. But, Rid. You are an aristocrat, a man in a position of authority. You should not take the initiative and say, 'If the result is good, all is forgiven.'

My father looked me straight in the eye and continued his words as if he were giving me a bitter warning.

I was sorry for him, but I asked Capella to swear his allegiance to me in front of Zack and my father.

With the two of them as my witnesses, his affiliation, even if only ostensibly, would be from the Renarte to the Bardia family.

This means that even if Capella and Zack were linked, Capella would be subject to disciplinary action as soon as his conduct was exposed.

Naturally, Zack, who promoted him, and Elias, who was involved, would be equally culpable.

I think it would be a bit of a drag and a deterrent for both Zack and Capella.

It would be a good idea, even if it was improvised. 

"Master Rainer, Master Rid. I will take my leave now."

After hearing my father's and my reply, Zack looked satisfied and said goodbye to us, then stood up and bowed.

He turned his head and headed for the door to leave the room, but suddenly stopped.

Then, as if he had an impulsive idea, he turned to me and said with a mischievous smile,

, "...... I see that you and Princess Fara have had a lot of fun today, but you mustn't be too reckless, okay? The two of you have various people looking to you for your future. ...... Now, if you'll excuse me."


At his words, my father's eyebrows furrowed

I'm not sure if it's revenge for making Capella pledge allegiance to me in front of the two of them. 

As he left the room with a gift, I thought to myself, "What a competitive person he is."

As he left the room, Father spoke to me in a low voice.

'...... R id, what do you he word means now?'

'Well, ,...... I, too, am not sure of his intention,.......'

I was out with Fara and others in the castle town, breaking father's word. 

I was trying to cover up the fact that I couldn't say anything.

My father looked at me with sharp eyes as if he was going to shoot me in the face, and then he made an unexpected remark.

'Why do you think there is so much rule in the nobility, the knights, the military, and so on? If everyone is selfish and eager for success, there will be no structure. Of course, in some cases, such behavior may produce the right results. But not this time. Isn't this a discussion where you could have explained your reasoning to me?"

"...Yes, that's right. I think you are right, Father.""

Indeed, this time I may have been too impatient.

When I talked about wanting to visit the castle town, Father told me no, and I immediately withdrew.

I was sure that I thought, "If I sneak out, I can make it."

"I hope you understand ....... But this time, I forbid you to go out to the castle town. If you must, be sure to tell me. Do you understand?"

"...... I understand. Father, I am sorry for the worry and trouble I have caused you."

After I finished my speech, I bowed my head toward my father.

Deanna, who was watching the movement, bowed her head with me.

".... Enough. I am sorry for the inconvenience. But more importantly, Deanna, the problem is you."

"......Yes, sir. I'm ready, Master Rainer."

She nodded quietly at Father's words.

I was surprised to see her nodding her head.

"Father⁉ Deanna only followed me to , and if she is to be punished , I should be the one to take the punishment."

"Rid, you are a legitimate son of a noble family. Deanna put you in danger, no matter what the circumstances. As an institution of the Order, we cannot allow this to go unanswered."

It is true that what my father is saying may be right, but I couldn't agree with him.

This time, she may have deviated from her escort duties.

But as a result, I was able to get information on the herbs that would help my mother's healing.

"....I understand what father is saying, but without Deanna, I might not have been able to get the information about the medicinal herbs. If mother recovers with the information obtained this time, it can be said that it was thanks to Deanna, even if only partially''

Father, who heard the appeal, shook his head lightly and let out a sigh as he said,

'Hah ...... Rid, that's what I said earlier, 'If the results are good, all is forgiven,' right? You know that. Besides, it was you yourself who caused Deanna to have to make this decision. You should reflect on that."

"I am very grateful to you, master . ...... Rid, for saying that much to someone like me. I was prepared for this when I went to the castle town with Princess Farah Please do not regret what you have done, even though you may reflect on it."

I was furiously thinking about the consequences of my indiscretion as I looked down on my face.

The father looked at us and suddenly said,

"Diana, a member of the Knights of the Bardia Frontier, you are hereby discharged. You are discharged."

"I understand."

Deanna only bowed silently at Father's words.

But he made her raise her head and continued.

"Deanna, you will be discharged from the Order, but your abilities and the level of contribution you have shown up to this point are remarkable. Therefore, I order you to continue to be Rid's attendant from now on. Is that clear?"

We rolled our eyes and were stunned by Father's words.

However, Deanna immediately " huffed" and bowed again after uttering the words.

"I understand. Thank you for your generosity. ......'

After Capella, even Deanna is going to be my attendant? 

I looked at my father in surprise at the sudden addition of two squires.

I looked at him with a look of astonishment, "...... father, may I ask the reason?"

. "Deanna, I have something for you to do as Rid's attendant. Rid, you must listen to what I have to say."

Father began to explain to us, who were puzzled by the unexpected discussion.
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