Overgeared - Chapter 1841

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Chapter 1841

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Chapter 1841

The god of the surface and the king of hell were fighting in a thunderous manner. Compared to them, a very small and insignificant black mouse hid in the rubble of the collapsed castle. 

‘This is for the best right now.’ 

Squeak squeak! Squeak! 

The round eyes of the mouse weren’t shaken as he cleaned his fur that was soaked with blood that poured like torrential rain from the Absolutes. It was proof that he had confidence in his judgment and actions. 

It was natural. An Old Dragon was a being who believed ‘my way is the truth.’ He had polymorphed into the form of a lowly creature, but Bunhelier never doubted himself. He didn’t even feel shame. It was because his very existence was an honor. It didn’t matter what he looked like or what he did. The value of an Old Dragon was immutable, but... 

‘Baal has better defenses than I expected. He is unrivaled when it comes to tricks.’ 

In the process of collaborating with Baal in the past to drive Nevartan insane, Bunhelier was unknowingly cursed by Baal. Not only was he unable to exert his full power in hell, but he was also bound as soon as he became targeted by Baal. He tried his best to resist, but it was useless. Baal had prepared more means and methods. Bunhelier was at a disadvantage because Baal was in a position to control all of hell. 

In any case, facing Baal head-on in his current state was nothing but suicide. He hid in the form of a mouse. It was just like before. The moment when Baal’s senses focused on Grid and he narrowed the vision of the hell moon— 

Little Bunhelier planned to aim for that moment to run to Grid and get Grid on his back. 




“Bunhelier...! You managed to hide so well in a manner that isn’t befitting your size!” Baal shouted after losing his life once because of Bunhelier, who appeared out of nowhere like an illusion. He didn’t lose his composure just because he died once. He just raised his voice to provoke Bunhelier. 

It was meaningless. Despite the provocation, Bunhelier was as quiet as a mouse. 

‘This is a headache. He didn’t get caught in the hell moon’s surveillance.’ 

By sharing his senses with the moon that distorted hell, Baal’s vision extended throughout hell. Most areas could be monitored in real time, except for the areas of Amoract, Leraje, and Eligos, as well as some safe zones. But now was an exception. It was because the vision of the hell moon was heavily focused on searching for Bunhelier. 

In fact, Baal had been wary of Bunhelier from the beginning. It was because he was an Old Dragon. He couldn’t let go of the potential of Grid’s Dragon Knight. Baal made it a basic premise of this war not to allow Grid and Bunhelier to cooperate. 

Yet he allowed it once. At some point, Bunhelier escaped the surveillance of the hell moon and suddenly appeared to cooperate with Grid. 

‘Could it be that he turned into a creature smaller than a human?’ 

He might be weakened, but he was an Old Dragon. He was a master of magic. In other words, it was easy for Bunhelier to erase his traces. The only way for Baal to find him was to follow Bunhelier with his eyes, but Bunhelier was nowhere to be seen. It could simply be inferred that Bunhelier had ‘become smaller.’ 

‘There is a high chance he is mixed among demons.’ 

Baal’s consciousness turned toward the gate. It was the place where Asura’s head and the demons protecting it were fighting against the intruders. There were thousands of demonic creatures there. There was a high chance that Bunhelier had changed into the same appearance as them and mixed in with them. 

Laughter emerged. The demons who were escort demons usually took the form of ‘dogs.’ He was dumbfounded when he imagined that an Old Dragon had polymorphed into the shape of a dog. He almost felt sympathy. 

That’s right. Even the great Baal was limited to thinking about dogs. He never imagined that a dragon would polymorph into a mouse... 

“Evil Dragon Bunhelier... you are a cunning bastard who isn’t obsessed with pride. You are the only Old Dragon that has ever turned into a demonic creature and crawled on the ground, and you will be the only one in the future.” 

The eyes of the hell moon moved again according to Baal’s will during the provocation. Tens of thousands of eyes watched the demons at the entrance to Baal’s castle. 


Grid’s expression wasn’t comfortable as he quietly watched the situation. He realized the sacrifice of Bunhelier, who risked the humiliation of turning into a mouse to catch Baal off guard. He felt respect and gratitude for Bunhelier, who came up with and carried out the best method in the worst case situation. 

‘I have to do my best as well.’ 

According to Grid’s plan, Baal should’ve died at least 20 times by now. However, Baal became stronger than expected and Grid only managed to kill him five times. It wasn’t enough to shake Baal’s mentality. Then, as he was feeling nervous, Grid witnessed Bunhelier’s sacrifice. 

The weakest and the worst of the Old Dragons—in many ways, he didn’t think highly of Bunhelier, but Bunhelier was still an Old Dragon. In a new and unexpected way, he seemed great. 

Grid wanted to emulate him. He carefully calmed down his anxious mind. 

‘The sword dance below a five fusion one is meaningless.’ 

It might be different in the Overgeared World, but it was too much to rely on just a single six fusion sword dance. Basically, there were too many movements. He had to do all six sword dances to complete the six fusion sword dance. If it was blocked in the process, it would be judged to be a sword dance that was less than a six fusion one. 

Then Baal would be immune.

Grid recalled his skills other than swordsmanship. They were the skills obtained by completing various quests and from the Martial God’s secret techniques. He also checked the types and functions of the magic he learned from Braham and the skills attached to his items. 

Baal had been pressing Grid using the power of those killed by Grid. In other words, he was denying the path that Grid had walked. Ironically, Grid had to trust and rely on the path he had taken to fight and win against Baal. 

This wasn’t just a brawl. It was also a stage where Grid’s life was being put to the test. Above all, the future of humanity was at stake... 

An order to gather—hundreds of God Hands gathered around Grid. The swords and shields they were armed with were returned to Grid’s inventory. 

A golden sun rose. It was a sun made by the God Hands binding together to form a circle. It was brilliant, unlike the black sun created through Baal’s magic. Grid stood in the center of the sun and transformed Twilight. It was a greatbow resembling Trauka’s roaring head. It was the dragon weapon he made for Jishuka. 


[Fire Dragon’s Roar] 

[Rating: Myth. 

Durability: Infinite  Attack Power: 25,020  

★ Create a magic arrow every time the bowstring is pulled. The magic arrow’s attack power is affected by the user’s strength, agility, intelligence, and the total amount of invested resources. 

★ There will be additional attack power the fewer the number of arrows on the bowstring. 

★ The greater the number of arrows on the bowstring, the higher the absolute accuracy rate. 

★ The longer the time the bowstring is pulled, the more the attack power increases. 

★ The shorter the time the bowstring is pulled, the higher the firing speed. 

★ The absolute hit rate is always increased. 

★ The constant burst firing rate is increased.] 


Etc, etc. 

Originally, the basic effects of Fire Dragon’s Roar was optimized for archers. However, various effects were added to the Fire Dragon’s Roar that Grid reproduced with Twilight. It was because it was, as proven by its infinite durability, influenced by the material called ‘Greed.’ 


[★ There is an 85% chance of neutralizing the target’s defense skills, magic, and powers. 

★ Additional attack power is applied against Great Demons, Archangels, Gods, and Dragons. 

★ In dark places, the attack power of the weapon is increased by 80%. 

★ There is a probability of Disintegrate and Meteor occurring while attacking.] 


The weapon that Grid recreated with Item Transformation—its current form was more powerful than the original. It was the result of the growth of Greed. It was the result of his work with Braham. 

An arrow made of orange divinity—the fully pulled bowstring aimed at Baal and fired with a roar. The impact was huge. It was like a real dragon shooting a Breath. 

Baal snorted while the world was feeling shocked. “What are you going to do with a bow?” 

Basically, projectiles were bad against Absolutes. No matter how fast a projectile was, it couldn’t exceed the reaction speed of an Absolute. Of course, the Fire Dragon’s Roar had an absolute accuracy rate. The arrow shot by Grid chased after Baal like a guided bullet, rendering dodging meaningless. 

It was useless. In the first place, Baal didn’t dodge the arrow. He swung his demon sword lightly at it. The arrow of divinity failed to hit the target after it was cut in half by the sword. It scattered light and fell helplessly. 

『 This is the reason why ranged dealers have low success rates in a solo raid. It is a weakness that becomes more apparent as the level of the enemy increases. 』 

The experts who silently supported Grid throughout the battle started to carefully give an explanation. There were many viewers who sympathized. No one understood why Grid had to take out the bow weapon. 

Only one person—Jishuka was the only exception. 

“Isn’t this the best?” 


A light flashed at the edge of Jishuka’s vision as she contemplated the battlefield like a satellite. It was a trajectory created by the fall of a spear made of magic power. It was Disintegrate. It was the magic created by Grid’s attack. 


The spear of magic falling overhead—Baal easily responded to it. This was a tactic that he had already dealt with several times in previous battles. Baal was learning that Grid’s attacks had a chance of triggering Disintegrate and Meteor. It wasn’t easy for him to be hit. 

Of course, Grid didn’t think Baal would be easily hit either. Therefore, he took out a bow. Due to the combination of Weapons Mastery and Bow Mastery, Grid’s firing speed continued to accelerate. It was also the combination of the thimble that was based on the design that Jishuka personally obtained and Fire Dragon’s Roar. 

The biggest advantage of archery was that he could act freely from a distance. Unlike swordsmanship, where he had to swing after putting the target in a ‘distance’ that was within reach, he could fire at the target to his heart’s content even from a distance with archery. Unless he allowed the enemy to approach, it was possible to shoot dozens of arrows in the time it took to swing the sword ten times. Additionally, the probability of triggering Disintegrate and Meteor due to Greed increased exponentially as the number of attacks increased. 

A torrent of arrows rushed from all directions. The magic power spears and meteorites hurled toward the head of Baal, who slashed to block it. Finally, it covered the ground with shadows. There were just so many of them. It became physically impossible to dodge, so Baal focused his magic on his self-defense armor, rather than the demon sword. 

Even Disintegrate and Meteor failed to penetrate Baal’s defense. However, Meteor’s principle of operation was to bring down meteorites from space. There was a ‘weight.’ Baal’s body was unable to bear the overlapping weight and was crushed to the ground. 

This was the situation that Grid had been aiming for. He couldn’t use Shunpo due to the barrier blocking all types of movement skills, so he just rushed forward and reached Baal using pure speed. He completed the six fusion sword dance while Baal was raising himself up. 

The jet black self-defense armor was torn to shreds. The power of the six fusion sword dance wielded by Defying the Natural Order exceeded Baal’s defense. The high probability of a critical hit and weak point attack was particularly threatening. 


[The King of Hell fell after being struck by an arrow shot by God and died.] 


A sentence was added to the epic. 

Even his skill as an archer was the GOAT. 

The imposing sight of Grid decapitating Baal and then stepping back to once again load more arrows stirred the world.

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