Overgeared - Chapter 262-264

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Chapter 262-264

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Chapter 262

After accepting Damian's request, Grid received administrative reports from Rabbit and the Overgeared Guild. It couldn't be helped. It was the least he had to do as the lord. As a result, one hour passed.

'I'm tired.'

The fatigue accumulated over his five week quest was too high. The problem was the lack of sleep.

“Grid, are you departing for the Vatican?"

Outside the meeting room. Damian came up to him and asked. His eyes shone brightly and Grid waved his hands at him.

“I have to rest first. I will contact you later, so head to the Vatican first."


Frankly, Damian wanted Grid to go to the Vatican right now. His heart hurt when he thought of Isabel, who was suffering at this moment. But he couldn't rush Grid and obediently stepped back. He had been waiting a few months, so couldn't he wait a day or two?

He bowed politely to Grid who logged out. Then Grid headed straight to bed.


Since the National Competition.

10 months of Satisfy time had passed and Yura had dedicated herself to only one quest. 

[Path of Penance]

Difficulty Level: SS

Meet the First Servant unharmed.

Quest Clear Rewards: ???

It was a quest that didn't give her any clues. During the quest, Yura had to face countless adversities. She had experienced frustration several times. But she didn't give up. If she was a person to give up easily, then she wouldn't have become 5th in the unified rankings. Her tenacity and obsession exceeded the category of ordinary people.

'I finally found it.'

The dirt and blood didn't cause Yura's beauty to fade. She was still beautiful at the end of the long struggle, when she finally reached her destination. It was hard to find one flaw with her beautiful white skin and ebony hair.

Step step.

Deep in the cave. Yura climbed onto the altar in the middle of the cave. There was a pure white flame on the altar.

[Lovely child, you have reached this place with your weak human body.]

Was this the voice of an angel? A very sweet and beautiful voice came from the flame. Yura's eyes trembled. Her long eyelashes quivered.

'My guess was right.'

Everything about Yatan's First Servant was veiled. He wasn't a human. The evidence? The white flame in front of her. The identity of this flame was the soul of a demon.

[You are entitled to receive my, Amoract's, power.]

The demon of conflict, Amoract. One of the 33 great demons was Yatan's First Servant.

Demon, demonic views, religion founded by a demon. That was the Yatan Church. There were many hints.

The aim of the Yatan Church was to bring the 33 great demons to the earth. Yatan's servants included the demonkin Balak and others. Legend said that the 33 great demons were creatures of God Yatan.

Combining all these features, it wasn't a religion that existed for humans. It was obvious that the Yatan Church was the enemy of humanity.

[Child, I will give you infinite power.]

Amoract enticed her.

[I will help you break away from that weak human body.]

Then a notification window popped up in front of Yura.

[The quest 'Path of Penance (SS)' has been cleared.]

[If you accept Amoract's magic power, you will be changed from human to half demonkin. Demonkin can evolve into demons.]

[Will you accept Amoract's magic power?]

'I'm being given a choice?'

She could choose if she wanted the compensation or not. It was unheard of for the quest to leave it up to the user. What did this suggest? Yura's brain was activated. Based on the information and experience that she had accumulated over the years, her high intelligence quickly analyzed the situation.

Yura found the answer.

"I'll refuse."

Amoract's soul was shocked. It shook at the unexpected choice.

[Child, why? Why are you refusing my power?]


[Child, do you intend to betray God Yatan?]

After becoming a black magician and joining the Yatan Church. Yura had committed many wrongdoings. This was the fate of a black magician. The quests given to black magicians always required causing conflict or harming people.

Did she feel guilty? It was uncomfortable, but it was a level that she could endure. Satisfy was essentially a game. It was different from reality. She had a clear distinction between good and evil, and she wasn't evil. Yura just faithfully played her role as a user who chose the path of evil. The result was that she became Yatan's Servant.

But now she felt irritated. Was she belatedly feeling guilty? No. There was a reason.

"Yes, I intend to betray you. If I accept your strength and remain God Yatan's Servant forever, I will eventually become the enemy of that man."

[Man? Who are you talking about?]

"Grid." Yura's clear eyes pierced into Amoract's soul. "The Yatan Servants' Slaughterer."


Not long ago, Yura received the news that Grid killed Dark Bus, making it a total of three Yatan Servants. It had been a long time since the Yatan Church designed Grid as an enemy. Yura didn't want to support the Yatan Church anymore. But she couldn't leave the Yatan Church. It was a foolish act, since she would lose everything she obtained so far.

Now the situation changed. Why did a choice exist for a SS-grade quest reward? It was easy to guess. If she refused the compensation, she could get a corresponding 'hidden reward.'

“Yatan's Servant, I will quit. In fact, I didn't like Yatan from the beginning."

She just chose a black magician because it seemed interesting. If she knew that she had to unconditionally serve God Yatan, she wouldn't have become a black magician in the first place.

[Disgraceful girl!]

Amoract's warm and gently voice changed to something terrible. The momentum alone seemed like it could kill Yura. But Yura didn't shrink back. She was well aware that it wasn't possible for Amoract to appear on the earth at this time.


[You have refused Amoract's magic power.]

[You have been deprived of your position as Yatan's Servant.]

[You are expelled from the Yatan Church.]

[You have lost your black magic power.]

[The Yatan Church will be forever hostile to you.]

[The legendary class, Demon Slayer, has been obtained.]

[Your level has dropped.]

[You are now level 1.]

"Oh my."

She had expected to get a legendary class. However, she had no idea that she would drop to level one. The list of newly acquired skills appeared in front of the surprised Yura.

On this day.

Yura's name disappeared from the list of rankers. Of course it was a big topic. All types of speculation occurred across the world.


He woke up at 4:30 in the morning. He had slept for 13 hours. Youngwoo exited his room with a blank expression, where his parents greeted him.

"Son! Why is it so hard to see you when we live in the same house?"

“It has been 10 days."

Youngwoo's parents were farmers who grew crops and sold them at their vegetable store. They went to work early in the morning and came home late at night. On the other hand, Youngwoo spend most of his day in the capsule. In particular, he had been playing for an exceptionally long time during the past 12 days because of the quest. It couldn't be helped that it was hard for the three people to see each other.

"I heard Youngwoo's story on the news a few days ago. I know that you are busy doing big things, but don't overdo it."

“Take care of your health. I'm concerned because you haven't been exercising recently. If you get sick, we won't be the only ones who will feel sad."

'A big deal… The nation…'

Youngwoo was treated as a hero after raising the status of South Korea in the National Competition. To be honest, he still hadn't adapted to it. It was too big of a gap from when he was taunted as a game obsessed loser. 

'I have become successful in my field.'

It felt good. He was very proud of it, especially when he saw how proud his parents were of him. Youngwoo was stretching while listening to their words, when he suddenly wondered.

“I appeared on the news?"

“Yes, there was something about how the seven or eight guilds invaded your city?"


“Youngwoo, you and your colleagues repelled them without any damage?"


"Asura? Ashur? Some unbelievably great earl helped you?"


“The experts who appear on TV praise our son every day. Ohoho."


Youngwoo was confused as soon as he woke up. He couldn't understand anything the two people were saying.

'Roughly speaking… An alliance of seven guilds tried to invade Reidan and it seems like they were defeated by Earl Ashur.'

Why didn't he know about this?

'That Lauel.'

The 'little thing' he talked about was referring to this incident.

'It was trivial.'

Youngwoo laughed. He was able to guess why the Overgeared Guild didn't report this incident to him.

'There was no damage, so it wasn't important.'

They didn't want to disturb his quest. Then when he returned from completing the quest, he was too tired to stay connected for long. He could feel that his companions' thoughts towards him were growing.

‘I reap what I sow.'

In the past, Shin Youngwoo was filled with poison and only concerned about himself. At that time, he was always alone. He didn't respect anyone. He didn't care for others. But not anymore. After he succeeded, he could afford to care for others, and as a result, he was respected. Now he could call them 'friends.' These were truly happy days.

"Hasn't it been a while?"

He finished eating breakfast with his parents. Then Sehee greeted him as she came out of the bath. Her sister had become prettier in the short time they hadn't seen each other.

"You have grown…" Youngwoo said as he looked at her from head to toe, causing Sehee to blush.

“Where are you looking like a pervert?"


Why should he be called a pervert when he was just confirming his sister's growth? Sehee threw a white sweatshirt towards the bewildered Youngwoo.

“Now that you have some time to relax, shouldn't you go exercising?"

“Is that so?"

In the last 12 days, he hadn't moved his body except when he was doing some light stretches and push-ups.

It was frustrating, so Youngwoo was pleased that his sister offered to go running with him. He went out after a long time and ran excitedly. Youngwoo's body and spirit felt refreshed from the clean air entering his lungs.

Then they returned home. A man was waiting at their house for Youngwoo..

"It's the first time that we've met in reality."

Peak Mine… No, Peak Sword.


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Chapter 263

"It's the first time that we've met in reality."

Youngwoo returned home after jogging with Sehee. Youngwoo encountered a man in his mid-30's in a nice suit.

"Peak Sword?"

He gave off a stronger feeling in the game, but it was definitely Peak Sword. He was a South Korean who always asked foreigners 'Do you know?'

"Hahaha! It's an honor that God Grid recognized me."

“It isn't unusual."

In fact, Youngwoo had a close relationship with Peak Sword. A friendship formed after they raided Hell Gao in Cork Island Dungeon together, as well as the Sakura Guild. Youngwoo didn't feel uncomfortable despite Peak Sword visiting without any notice. Rather, there was a pleasant feeling. But he was confused.

"I heard you're usually jogging around this time, so I came to find you in the morning. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to meet you, but luckily, I got the timing right.

Peak Sword extended a card.

[Korean Patriotic Association]

President Kang Daehan.

Kang Daehan. It was Peak Sword's real name.

"Korean Patriotic Association? What is that?"

“Our task is to spread South Korea to the world. For example, if we encounter a foreigner…"

“I understand.”

He didn't want to hear a more detailed explanation. He could guess it was something absurd just from the description.

"For reference, my sibling's name is Minguk." (TL: South Korea pronounced in Korean is Daehan Minguk.)

Daehan and Minguk. It was clear that Peak Sword's unique patriotism came from his parents.

"It's a cool name."

“Right? But my sibling hates the name."


"She's a girl."

"A girl is called Kang Minguk?"


“…I would hate it as well."

“Yes, I am the same. But she can't change her name. If the name of Minguk disappears, the meaning of my name won't be shown. In the first place, does it make sense to change the names our parents give us?"



'Why are we having such a pointless conversation?'

He was dragged into Peak Sword's pace. Peak Sword seemed to have a lot of talent as an insurance salesman. Youngwoo raised his awareness and asked.

"Why did you come to find me?"

"That…" Peak Sword was about to explain when he suddenly saw Sehee. He greeted Sehee with a heavy 90 degree bow. "It is an honor to meet God Grid's sister and Saintess Ruby. This brother and sister are truly the treasure of South Korea."

Sehee turned red. She was embarrassed by the excessive formality and praise.

"Oppa, I will enter first. Talk to each other."

She hurried into the house while Peak Sword looked after her with a warm expression.

"She is pretty and polite. My sister Minguk is also pretty."


“Well, won't do we go drink coffee and have a talk?"

Youngwoo was thirsty after jogging so he nodded.


The two men found a nearby cafe.


The end of June. Thanks to the university students who had already finished their final exams, the Tomorrow Cafe had a few empty seats.



The employee said as the door opened. Some of the guests reflexively gazed towards the entrance and were shocked.

"Peak Sword?"

"Wow, it really is Peak Sword."

Peak Sword, the other South Korean ranker apart from Yura. He was a top star of Korea.

Snap snap!

People started taking photos of Peak Sword with their phones.


Another guest entered the cafe after Peak Sword. Youngwoo.

"G-God Grid!"

"Wow! Grid! We live in the same neighborhood, but this is the first time I've seen him in real life!"

“Kyaaak! Youngwoo-ssi is so cool!"

“What is Noe doing?"

The attention of the people instantly concentrated on Youngwoo. Youngwoo was the trend right now. It was enough to make Peak Sword seem like a third-rate celebrity. Peak Sword watched Youngwoo proudly before giving his order to the employee.


His voice was shaking. He appeared to be sad. Youngwoo ignored the people and ordered a banana shake. The two people were seated at a table in the corner. Finally, Peak Sword cut to the chase.

"I want to merge the Silver Knights Guild into the Overgeared Guild."


“We want to become members of Overgeared."

The scale of the Silver Knights Guild was huge. There were more than 200 guild members and they were the owners of Cork Island, famous for their gold mines and sightseeing spots, so they were well funded. It was enough to put their name on the list of top 50 guilds. This great guild wanted to be merged into Overgeared. It didn't make sense.

Youngwoo questioned it. "The Silver Knights Guild is enjoying great glory, so why you you want to enter the Overgeared Guild?"

Peak Sword replied honestly. "Our guild's growth is up to here. There is nobody in the guild with a unique talent, and Cork Island has a geographical limit as an island. It's difficult to expand our forces, and we will eventually be left behind."

Then they would be culled.

"In addition, I want to add strength to the team that you are leading, the pride of South Korea. I want to build the strongest guild together and raise the status of South Korea."

Peak Sword never dreamed that Youngwoo would refuse the offer. Who would refuse the chance to devour a huge guild? But Youngwoo showed a surprisingly cold reaction. The reason was simple.

"You seem to have misunderstood something. I didn't establish Overgeared for my country. The only reason I made Overgeared is so that my colleagues and I can earn money and live better."

That's right. Youngwoo was completely different from Peak Sword. He had an entirely different nature.

"Increasing South Korea's status? Don't even dream of joining my guild if it is for such a reason. The Overgeared members and I don't care about that. Don't you know that Overgeared is a multinational guild?"

Honestly, it was a waste. Youngwoo wanted to close his eyes and swallow up the Silver Knights Guild. However, if he allowed them to join while still thinking this foolishness, it could cause a crack in his guild in the future.

He had now broadened his view. It was one of the virtues infused in him by Lauel.

'Above all, I like this guy.'

If he had no affection for Peak Sword, he might've merged the guild without hesitation. Then once he took full advantage, he would've discarded them. This was also the specialty of Lauel and Rabbit. But Youngwoo liked Peak Sword. He didn't want their relationship to be broken.

Peak Sword was embarrassed after reading this.

"Thank you for speaking honestly. My thoughts were too selfish."

"I'm thankful that you understand."

A waitress brought over the drinks they ordered. She brought the drinks directly because she wanted to see Youngwoo close up.

'He is okay.' He had sharp eyes and an impressive physique. It was hard to call him handsome at first sight, but he became more charming the more she looked. 'He is constructing a 10 billion won building?'

Her life would be easy if she caught this man. These were the thoughts revolving around the waitress' head. She tried to get his attention, but Youngwoo wasn't interested. His lack of experience with popularity was the cause. Youngwoo couldn't grasp the meaning of the gaze that the female sent him. It might've been different if the employee had a D cup.

Youngwoo drank his banana shake. Peak Sword waited for the waitress to withdraw before speaking again.

"I still want to merge the Silver Knights Guild into the Overgeared Guild."

What? Youngwoo frowned as Peak Sword repeated his words. Peak Sword bowed his head. “I am also a ranker. I want a better environment. I want to belong to the best guild and play in a better environment. It is the same for everyone else in the Silver Knights Guild."

Overgeared Guild. The synergy between the legendary blacksmith and top talents was sure to explode, resulting in the strongest force in the future. Peak Sword's personal greed made him want to join. This decision was solidified after he actually met Youngwoo.  From his point of view, Youngwoo was a good person.

"More than anything, I want to be with you. I still can't forget that Hell Gao raid. It was the most enjoyable day of my gaming life."

“Hrmm.” Youngwoo remembered the swordsman who mined the fire stones and gave a strange smile. “Are you mining these days?"

During the Hell Gao raid, Peak Sword awakened to the fun of mining. He felt an addictive pleasure every time he obtained a fire stone.

"I often enjoy it. When hunting in the dungeon, I will mine while waiting for my health to recover. It's much better than just sitting down and resting. I have fun, earn money, and my stats go up."

“What's the level of your mining skill?"

"Beginner level 9. I will master the beginner level soon."


Youngwoo thought Peak Sword had some talent when watching him mine the fire stones, but his growth was faster than expected. It would be good to get more miners. 

"Aren't there a lot of mines on Cork Island? Miners as well?"

"Of course. Most of the residents of Cork Island are in the mining business. In addition, there are a few miners in the guild."

Youngwoo's smile widened further.

"Okay. I will accept the Silver Knights Guild."


Peak Sword's pleasure couldn't be described. Youngwoo added a condition. “However, you must promise not to force the other guild members to love South Korea."

Youngwoo was also Korean. It was a rotten country in many ways, but he still loved South Korea. However, he didn't want to force the guild members to feel the same way.

Peak Sword agreed. "I understand."

With this, it was finished. Youngwoo finished the banana shake and rose from his seat.

“Let's go. I need to connect to Satisfy and share this guild merger with Lauel."


Peak Sword cried out jubilantly. Did he abandon his patriotism to join Overgeared? No. Not at all. He knew. Even if he didn't taken any actions for South Korea, as long as Koreans belonged to the Overgeared Guild, the status of South Korea would naturally increase. There were many benefits to joining Overgeared.


Youngwoo left the cafe with Peak Sword. Peak Sword called out to a foreign couple passing by. He pointed to Youngwoo and asked.

"Do you know Grid?"


Youngwoo was embarrassed. Peak Sword was paying attention to his actions, but there seemed to be a limit. He was worried that the Overgeared members wouldn't be able to adapt for a while.

'Well, those parts will be handled by Lauel.'

It was fortunate that he had Lauel. Youngwoo said goodbye to Peak Sword and went home. Then he entered his capsule.


There was a mountain of work to do. After accepting Piaro and Asmophel, he had to create a knights division. After that, he had to observe and seal Lifael's Spear, acquire the design for a myth rated item, and save Isabel.

'I also need to make more of the Grid set.'

Youngwoo's vision darkened as he planned many things.


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Chapter 264


{You came!}

{Are you rested?}

The Overgeared members welcomed Grid when he connected. Grid looked at the guild members list and questioned.

{Where and what are Pon and Regas doing?}

They were connected, but their location was marked as 'unknown.' This was the first time.

{They have been like that for a fortnight already. I can't get in touch with them, so it seems like they're trapped in an unusual dungeon.}

{Should we organize a search party?}

{Search party? Grid, are you worried about those two?}

{There's no need to worry about them. Look at their levels. It went up by one in just a fortnight.}

{I think they found a huge hunting ground}

{We don't need to worry about those monsters. It's a waste of emotions.}

'Really?' Pon and Regas were level 307. It was two levels higher than Faker. It was a rapid growth, considering there had only been a one level difference between them. 'Where did they discover such a great hunting ground?' 

From level 299, the amount of experience needed to gain one level increased exponentially. But they were level 306 and gained one level in just a fortnight… The stunned Grid recovered his mind. Then he delivered the news.

{By the way, the Silver Knights Guild will merge into the Overgeared Guild.}

{The Silver Knights Guild? What about Peak Sword?}

Currently, the members of Overgeared were rapidly raising their level and causing an upheaval in the rankings. The existing rankers dropped at least 5 spots, 20 if it was severe. They were stolen by the Overgeared members.

On the other hand, Peak Sword rose in the rankings. 15th on the unified rankings. It was in the absence of the best hunting ground called Reidan. This meant that his level of skill was the same as Pon and Regas.

The Overgeared members were interested.

{Hey, Peak Sword will become our companion? Isn't this encouraging?}

{Peak Sword is the master of drawing a sword. I watched his war video against the Sakura Guild one year ago.}

{I also saw that video. Peak Sword was so great at that time. A Sakura Guild member died every time he drew the sword.}

{Did you see that lump of pride, Yoshimura, run away?}

'…Is Peak Sword that great?'

Grid liked Peak Sword. He liked and respected Peak Sword's personality. However, he didn't acknowledge Peak Sword's combat ability. At the time of the Hell Gao raid, Peak Sword had just been a miner and wasn't helpful in combat.

'He helped once when I was in danger.'

Peak Sword had grabbed Hell Gao's attention. Thanks to that, Grod could get one fire stone unharmed. That's it. After that, Peak Sword didn't play any offensive role.

'Well, at that time, Peak Sword was only a second class.'

The abilities of a 2nd advancement class couldn't afford to take on Hell Gao. Now Peak Sword would have a third advancement class and be much stronger than he was in the past.

{But why is the Silver Knights Guild trying to merge with us?}

{The Silver Knights Guild rules Cork Island. The scale of their guild is huge and they have tremendous financial power. So why the merger?}

Grid explained to the puzzled Overgeared members. After listening to the story, the Overgeared members recalled what they knew about Peak Sword and were convinced.

{Ah, that makes sense if it's Peak Sword.}

{It isn't strange if he builds a religion to Grid.}

{Lauel, the matter of the guild merger…}

{Leave it to me.}

Lauel was very happy. Piaro, Asmopehl, Rabbit, and the Silver Knights Guild… It was amazing that Grid was constantly rallying the best powers. Grid truly was great.

"They seem to like it."

The guild chat window was in a frenzy. Everyone was excited because the Silver Knights Guild would merge with them. 

The Overgeared Guild was in a difficult situation. The Overgeared Guild had too little manpower. They might be the top rankers, but including Grid, there were only 28 people in the guild. It was hard to include two of them(Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl), as they didn't play often. In this situation, absorbing the Silver Knights Guild was huge.

Then Piaro and Asmophel approached Grid.

"Duke Grid."

Piaro. A man who respected Grid but didn't yield to him. He bowed towards Grid. It was the same for Asmophel.

“Give us an opportunity to serve you.”

Finally, the moment had come. Grid smiled widely.

"It's my pleasure."

The sunshine through the window shone on Grid's face. It was a bright and dignified face. Piaro recalled the day he first met Grid in Kesan Canyon. Grid had been a dark and depressed young man. He was really ugly. 

'But his potential is excellent.'

Piaro never realized that Grid would grow to this point.


The great hall was wide without any decorations, and it reflected Reidan's financial condition. In short, it was pitiful. Piaro and Asmophel vowed allegiance to Grid in this place as the Overgeared members watched.

Grid experienced a new system.

[You have accepted Piaro as a subordinate. The effect of Reidan's barracks will increase by 30%. The probability of a good harvest will increase by 100%.]

[You have accepted Asmophel as a subordinate. The effect of Reidan's techniques research institute will increase by 30%.]

[You have people who are qualified to lead a knights division. Would you like to establish a knights division?]

There was no reason to hesitate.

"Form a knights division."

[Appoint a leader for the knights division that will be created.]

-List of people who can be appointed as leader of a knights division-


Piaro can lead a total of 50 knights.

Piaro's knights will have their physical attack power increased by 10%, attack speed by 3% and movement speed by 5%. 

The effect is permanent as long as the person belongs to the knights division.

Knights Division's Passive Skills: Increased Health Regeneration (High), Decreased Stamina Consumption (Medium).


Asmophel can lead a total of 35 knights.

Asmophel's knights will have a 5% increase in physical attack power and magic power. Skill cooldown time will be reduced by 8%. 

The effect is permanent as long as the person belongs to the knights division.

Knights Division's Passive Skills: Increased Mana Regeneration (Medium), Decreased Stamina Consumption (Low)

It seemed that classes that depended on skills were better suited to Asmophel's knights division.

'Huge buffs.'

Only admiration emerged. Grid formed two knights divisions.

“Piaro and Asmophel."

[Piaro and Asmophel's knights divisions have been created.]

[Please name the knights division.]

"1st Overgeared Knights Division. 2nd Overgeared Knights Division."

"Wait! Wait a minute!” Lauel hurried out from where he had been watching nervously. Then he trembled as he begged. "Please! Please give it a fantastic name!"


Was it too shabby to divide it by one and two? Grid felt some remorse after seeing Lauel's tears. Therefore, Grid renamed it.

"Overgeared Knights Division. Overgeared Magic Knights Division."


Lauel was at a loss for words. He couldn't help resenting Grid's naming sense.  But when he thought about it, hadn't the boat already sailed after the guild was called Overgeared?  Given the name of the guild, Overgeared Knights Division and Overgeared Magic Knights Division wasn't so bad.

'It doesn't feel good.'

Was his taste increasingly becoming like Grid? It was like a nightmare for Lauel. A notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[Congratulations! You have become the first owner of a knights division!]

['Ruler's Cloak' has been acquired.]

A bright red cloak. There was the golden insignia of a dragon on the shoulder. It was a gorgeous and elegant cloak that caught everyone's eyes.

[Ruler's Cloak]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: None

* Skills 'Charge Command,' 'Military Command,' and 'Ruler's Voice' will be generated.

It is a cloak that symbolized the monarch who is qualified to rule over an army.

Weight: 33

[Charge Command]

Grants the 'Charge' skill to your soldiers.

When the soldiers advance in the direction of the enemies, movement speed and damage will increase by 200%, depending on the distance.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.

Nothing will be consumed by the skill.

[Military Command]

You can change the direction of the marching soldiers immediately.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 minutes.

Nothing will be consumed by the skill.

[Ruler's Voice (Passive)]

You can deliver a clear voice to soldiers at any location.

'These are skills to be used in a war.'

They were simple but effective skills. Considering that most of Satisfy's users were ordinary people who hadn't commanded an army before, the value of this item was astronomical.

Grid was in the army, so he could recognize the value of the cloak.

'Sure and swift commands will make an army stronger. Unfortunately…'

There were no separate features. It would've been better if it had the option of raising defense, resistance or stats. He used the Legendary Blacksmith's Appraisal skill, but there were no hidden functions. Maybe if he used the Legendary Blacksmith's Disassembly skill?

'Maybe there is something.'

Grid wasn't perfect yet. It was still only Pagma’s Descendant. It was difficult to see himself as a true legend. If he mastered the skills of a legendary blacksmith or completed a quest…

'At that time, my current self will be no comparison. Maybe I will learn modification skills.'

If he wanted that day to come, he should play the game harder. Grid made up his mind and put the Ruler's Cloak in his inventory. Then he spoke to those who were gathered in the great hall.

"Each of you should join the knights division and then continue with your missions. Lauel should coordinate with Rabbit to give Piaro and Asmophel separate areas. Ah, and please handle the guild merger."


'I will take care of it. Believe in me,' he wanted to answer.

But he somehow wasn't feeling motivated today. It might be due to the 'Overgeared Magic Knights Division' floating in his status window.

"Sob sob."

Lauel could only cry. At that time, Grid approached Piaro and asked an absurd question.

“Piaro, can I join your knights division?"

He wanted the buff. Unfortunately, the lord couldn't join the knights division.

"…That isn't possible."


Grid wanted to cry like Lauel.


Grid left the rest in Lauel's hands. Huroi joined him as he left.

“I will accompany you, My Lord."

The red drake was waiting for Grid in the garden. Huroi was to be Grid's driver. They were ready to go to the Vatican.

‘In any case, this is great.'

Huroi was the colleague who followed Grid before anyone else, so he was a special existence for Grid. Grid got on the drake with a willing heart and confirmed Huroi's level.



There was a meaningful smile on his face. Huroi couldn't help feeling curious as he saw it.

'What is he thinking about?'

Grid asked the puzzled Huroi. "You heard about what happened between me and Damian?"

“Yes, I was impressed after hearing that you raided Pope Drevigo alone."

"The Rebecca people know me well. Right?"

“Of course. They all praise My Lord. Just…"

There was one point. Damian was fighting the other candidates to become pope. Maybe those candidates would be hostile to Grid. Saving Isabel meant being Damian's guardian. Huroi got an eerie feeling.


The pope candidates who were hostile to Lord Grid…

“Why aren't you starting? Aren't we going to the Vatican?"


It was certain. His lord was ready to provoke a bloodbath in the Vatican.


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