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Chapter 667: 667

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Jing Yang had probably sensed Shi Beiyu’s cold killing intent, so he restrained himself and said, “It’s simple, I want all the blueprints of the weapons base.”

As soon as he said that, the atmosphere froze!

Leng Jiuchen curled his lips coldly. This Jing Yang really had a big appetite!

Yan Ze also clenched his fists in anger. He wanted nothing more than to drag this B * Stard in front of him and shoot him!

Shi beiyu sneered, “Why don’t you just say that you want the entire military base?”

The military base in Africa was the most important business of the imperial time group. Many people were envious of it, but who would have thought that Jing Yang would actually want all the machinery blueprints?

Although the affairs of the arms base were usually handled by Jing Yang and Tian Ying, the machinery manufacturing was handled by Tian Ying while Jing Yang was responsible for shipping the goods. Otherwise, the secrets of the arms base would have been taken away by Jing Yang long ago.

Shi Beiyu was glad that he used Zhong Bo’s son, Tian Ying, instead of this thankless ingrate! !

Jing Yang hated this too!

He had followed Shi Beiyu for so many years, but he had never been able to reach the most important position in the military base. Thus, he felt no guilt for betraying Shi Beiyu!

“Do you only say yes or no? !”


Shi Beiyu agreed without hesitation.

Jing Yang was surprised. “I didn’t expect master Shi to be so straightforward. is she really willing to do anything for a woman?”

“Cut the crap, where is she? !”

Jing Yang beat around the bush again. “You answered so straightforwardly that I have to doubt your intentions. If you dare to play any tricks, I guarantee that you’ll never see that kind of shrewdness in your life!”

Shi Beiyu sneered. “My Shi family isn’t at the point where we can’t even move an inch after losing our military base!”

Jing yang clicked his tongue, “That’s right, the Shi family is rich and powerful, losing an arms base isn’t even a problem!”

Shi Beiyu furrowed his brows tightly, emitting a cold air.

Jing yang then said, “Alright, you go to Xia country first. I’ll tell you the exact location of the transaction when you arrive. Also, don’t bring anyone along, or else I’ll kill you!”

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes and tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart. He raised his hand and directly hung up the phone.

Leng jiuchen immediately said, “Ah Yu, this message might be true.”

Leng Jiuchen pointed at the message sent by a stranger and looked at Shi Beiyu with a serious expression.

If it was sent by Jing Yang on purpose, then why did he make this call.

From this, it could be seen that there were two of them, two different matters.

Yan Ze also looked at Shi Beiyu in confusion, “Young master, someone had secretly helped young madam clear the scandal on the internet. Could it be… that person is also helping her this time?”

Shi Beiyu’s frown deepened, “We can’t rule out this possibility.”

Leng Jiuchen raised his eyebrows in surprise, “So this means that 80% of this news is true?”

Shi Beiyu nodded. “It’s possible.”

Leng Jiuchen was even more surprised. “Who could be faster than us? Ah Yu, this person must have a powerful background.”

Shi Beiyu thought for a moment and said, “He must have some background. Otherwise, it’s impossible to find out where Yin Yin is.”

“But if he wants to help, why didn’t he leave his name? Do you know who he is?”

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes, paused for a moment, and said, “If I’m not wrong, he might be yinyin’s biological father.”

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