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Chapter 668: 668

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In fact, he had his doubts about the previous Internet incident.

Moreover, Yan Ze had been investigating for so long, but he still couldn’t find out who the other party was. From this, it could be seen that the other party’s identity wasn’t ordinary.

It was obvious that Mu Siyin’s act of spreading the news that she wasn’t of the Mu family’s bloodline on the internet had worked. Her biological father had already appeared, but… due to certain factors, he couldn’t appear and could only help in secret.

Hearing this, Leng Jiuchen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“Biological father? Ha… how interesting.”

Shi Beiyu took a deep breath and looked at Leng Jiuchen. “We’ll talk about this later.”

Then, he looked at Yan Ze. “To avoid alerting the enemy, no one can tell anyone about this. Even if someone asks, just say that you received a call from the other party and went to Xia country first.”

“Yes, young master. I’ll go down and prepare now.”


Meanwhile, Mu Siyin, who was far away on the island, started to become anxious and impatient. In half a month, she had already stayed on this island for half a month.

On this huge island, other than Jing Yang, who would come and visit occasionally, the only regular staff was the nanny from that day. She was from China, and her name was nanny Zhang.

There were also two maids and a chef.

Mu Siyin really liked the sea, but in the past half a month, she didn’t have the mood to enjoy the scenery at all. Every day, she listened to the sound of the waves and felt extremely annoyed.

“Miss, it’s time for lunch.”

Nanny Zhang looked at Mu Siyin on the observation deck and said respectfully.

These people were all very respectful towards Mu Siyin. They couldn’t tell that she was a hostage at all. Instead, it was as if she was the mistress of the place.

Mu Siyin got up from the couch, gave a soft grunt, and walked inside.

These past few days, she had been trying to get information out of her mother’s mouth, but her mouth was also very tight. She only said that she didn’t know anything and that she had followed her here to serve her two days ago.

She was very helpless..

Sitting alone at the long dining table, looking at the dazzling array of delicacies, she really didn’t have much of an appetite.

“Miss, the fish soup made this afternoon is very fresh and tender. It was just fished out from the sea. Please try it.”

As mother Zhang spoke, she picked up the Soup Bowl and served it to Mu Siyin.

When Mu Siyin saw this, she said somewhat helplessly, “Mother Zhang, there are so many dishes. You guys should sit down and eat together. After all, there are only a few of us on this island. What’s there to be polite about?”

Nanny Zhang smiled and placed the soup bowl in front of Mu Siyin. “Thank you for not disliking us, miss. However, servants are still servants. How can we sit down and eat together with you?”

Putting aside the fact that nameless had specifically instructed nanny Zhang to take good care of Mu Siyin, they were not qualified to sit down and eat together with Mu Siyin due to her status as the young madam.

Mu Siyin sighed softly. “Alright, Alright. Then don’t just stand there. Go and eat.”

Only then did nanny Zhang nod. “Alright, miss, enjoy your meal. Call us if there’s anything.”


Nanny Zhang led the two servants downstairs. Mu Siyin sighed softly again and stirred the bright-colored soup in the bowl with a spoon in a disinterested manner.

She had lost her appetite recently and wasted so much food on such a big table.

Although she had told them not to cook so much, she couldn’t do anything if they didn’t listen to her.

After thinking about it, she picked up the spoon and took a sip.

After just two sips, she felt extremely fishy.

In the past, she didn’t think that fish soup would be fishy, but today..

She took another sip and immediately felt nauseous!

She held the handkerchief and retched twice. Then, she raised her hand and moved the bowl of soup to the side. The smell made her want to throw up even more.

“Miss, What’s wrong? Are You Okay?”

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