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Chapter 671: 671

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Mu Siyin was too far away to be sure who the person was.

However, the Silent Island suddenly became restless because of the arrival of the helicopter.

The men in black who were guarding the island took out their guns and fired at the helicopter without saying a word. Obviously, they recognized that the person who came was not one of their own.

Mu Siyin’s heart began to race uncontrollably!

That was Shi Beiyu!

She heard the sound of footsteps as she climbed up the stairs. She panicked and looked out the window, then at the tightly shut door. She could only grit her teeth and climb up the windowsill.

In order to enjoy the sea view, there was no protective net by the window, which made it convenient for Mu Siyin.

She must not fall into their hands now, or else Shi Beiyu would be threatened by them again!

However, after climbing onto the windowsill, her body immediately froze.

It was the first floor down there. If she fell from here, she would be either dead or crippled!

She gripped the windowsill tightly and carefully stepped on the air-conditioning installation machine. A gust of sea breeze blew over, lifting up her long hair and the hem of her clothes, causing her to shiver involuntarily.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. She looked up at the open-air balcony on the left and could only clench her teeth. She grabbed the pipe and carefully moved over.

Someone had already knocked on the door. Fortunately, she had locked the door and they could not enter at the moment.

The attention of all the men in black downstairs was on the helicopter. They fired at the helicopter with all their might. Fortunately, the helicopter’s equipment was good enough. Otherwise, it would have been destroyed by them long ago!

Shi Beiyu stood by the cabin and looked at the building below the island with his binoculars.

When he saw a petite figure hanging by the window on the second floor… His heart almost jumped out of his chest!

Was this little woman trying to scare him to death? !

Why didn’t she just stay there? !

However, when he saw that Mu Siyin was still able to climb up the window and climb over the wall, Shi Beiyu’s long-standing worry was also lowered. Fortunately, she was not injured! !

“Ze! Locate the direction of the second floor. Yin Yin is there!”

Yan Ze, who was piloting the helicopter, diverted some of his energy to look in the direction Shi Beiyu had pointed out. When he saw the direction, he was so frightened that he almost cried out. Even the helicopter suddenly plummeted.

Good heavens!

Wasn’t their young madam too fierce!

Wasn’t she afraid of falling? !

“But young master, the people below…”

If they flew over to Mu Siyin’s side, the firepower of the people below would definitely follow.

Shi Beiyu coldly curled his lips and took out the bomb that he had prepared beforehand. He set the timer for five seconds before throwing it down with a bloodthirsty expression.

Then, he coldly and emotionlessly opened his thin lips, “…”

With a loud bang, a blood-curdling scream rang out.

Mu Siyin, who was about to climb onto the balcony, was almost shocked by the loud bang and fell down. Fortunately, she had grasped it tightly enough.

Her body trembled slightly. She turned her head to look behind her

The flames below lit up the entire sky.

And above the flames, a tall and unyielding black figure stood by the cabin, looking down at the entire world like a king.

That Was… Shi Beiyu.

For a moment, she cried out in excitement

“Shi Beiyu! I’m Here! !”

Her cry caused Shi Beiyu, who had been watching him, to feel his heart clench.

He followed the spiral staircase down, like a soaring eagle, rushing towards her like the wind

Mu Siyin’s cry successfully attracted the survivors below, as well as those who had knocked open her door but did not see her.

The Man in black ran to the window and stretched out his head to take a look. As expected, he saw Mu Siyin!

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