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Chapter 673: 673

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Actually, Mu Siyin’s thoughts weren’t wrong at all.

If she hadn’t climbed out of the window earlier, things might not have gone so smoothly.

Shi beiyu nodded lightly and kissed her forehead, saying in a low voice, “My yinyin is very smart.”

Mu Siyin lowered her eyes shyly and muttered, “Let’s go up quickly.”

Shi Beiyu saw that Mu Siyin was really afraid, so he chuckled and said, “Give me a kiss, and I’ll carry you up.”

Mu Siyin:”…”

This person was really something!

There was nothing he could do. Mu Siyin really couldn’t stand the darkness. It was really scary. She could only follow Shi Beiyu’s instructions and give him a kiss before he brought her into the cabin.

After the cabin door closed, Mu Siyin finally let out a sigh of relief with lingering fear.

Recalling everything that had happened just now, she felt as if she was in a dream.

Shi Beiyu, on the other hand, pulled her up and down to look around carefully.

Mu Siyin coughed lightly and said somewhat embarrassedly, “I’m fine, really.”

Shi Beiyu’s face was solemn. “Did they bully you?”

Mu Siyin held his hand and said in a low voice, “They really didn’t. They wanted to make a deal with me, so they naturally wouldn’t dare to do anything to me.”

After Mu Siyin said this, Shi Beiyu’s eyes immediately fixed on her forehead.

Previously, the sky was too dark and her hair was covering it, so he didn’t see it. Now that Mu Siyin’s forehead was exposed, shi beiyu noticed that there seemed to be a small pink scar on her forehead.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Siyin’s skin was thin and white, so Shi Beiyu naturally saw the faint pink scar clearly.

When Mu Siyin heard this, she hesitated, not knowing how to tell him.

If she told him the details of the incident, he would definitely be very angry.

Shi Beiyu’s face was so dark that it could rain

“Tell me, how did you get this injury? Was it Gu Yifan or Jing Yang? !”

Mu Siyin looked at him helplessly. “I, this, actually… it was from the day I was first caught by them, I knocked myself down.”

Shi Beiyu looked at her suspiciously.

She explained carefully.., “That day, Mu Xingyu had someone put medicine in my coffee, and then Gu Yifan came. When I was escaping, the electricity was suddenly cut off, and then Jing Yang knocked me out and took me away. Later on, I was afraid… that I couldn’t control the medicine in my body, so… I knocked myself down.”

The moment she said these words, Shi Beiyu’s face darkened again. It was very frightening.

Even if Mu Siyin didn’t say anything about the drug, Shi Beiyu understood.

Was Gu Yifan trying to force him?

Damn it!

He should have shot him at that time and gotten rid of him once and for all!

Seeing that Shi Beiyu’s face was still cold, mu siyin said softly, “Am I not fine now? You Don’t have to worry, but didn’t Jing Yang say that he called you? When did he ask you to meet him?”

Hearing this, Shi Beiyu forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and took a deep breath, “He asked me to meet him at the pier by the sea. At this time, our people should have already met him. As for the situation, we don’t know yet.”

Mu Siyin furrowed her brows and asked curiously, “What condition did he give you?”

Shi Beiyu paused for a moment, then hugged her and caressed her gently. “His goal is the military base. He wants all the blueprints.”

Mu Siyin immediately widened her eyes. Although she didn’t know much about the military industry, she knew how precious the blueprints were.

“He wants these? Could it be that he wants to build his own military base?”

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