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Chapter 674: 674

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Shi Beiyu nodded. “It’s possible.”

Mu Siyin thought for a moment before suddenly remembering an important question, “Oh right! Jing Yang’s true identity is actually the party involved in the car accident back then. He’s the child of the family that was involved in the accident. That’s why he’s doing all these things. He’s taking revenge!”

Mu Siyin’s words caused Shi Beiyu to be astonished. He furrowed his brows and looked at her. “Did he say that himself?”

Mu Siyin nodded. “Yes, he has another partner, but that person is very mysterious. I don’t know who he is wearing a mask.”



Shi Beiyu fell into deep thought. Previously, he had guessed that there was someone behind Jing Yang, but now it seemed that his guess was correct.

But, who was that person… and for what?

“You saw the masked man?”

Mu Siyin nodded, then told Shi Beiyu about how she and nameless met, hoping that Shi Beiyu could find out who nameless was as soon as possible.

Shi beiyu stared at mu siyin thoughtfully and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

Mu Siyin blinked. “I don’t have anything to do with him. I don’t think there’s a need to tell you.”

“He’s interested in you…”

When she said this, the entire cabin was filled with a sour smell.

Mu Siyin clicked her tongue. “You’re thinking too much, aren’t you? We’re discussing who he is now, Alright?”

Shi Beiyu secretly shook his big hand. This nameless… When I find him, I’ll skin him alive!

He actually dared to have designs on his wife!

After that, the jealousy in the cabin did not dissipate until the helicopter left the sea area. When everyone got off the helicopter, the strong sense of jealousy did not dissipate for a long time.

Looking at the tense Shi Beiyu, Mu Siyin felt very helpless. She tugged at his arm and said in a low voice, “Your jealousy is very irrational? I really don’t have anything with him.”

Shi Beiyu was extremely angry. He believed that there was nothing between Mu Siyin and nameless. However, when he thought about how nameless had feelings for Mu Siyin and how they had known each other for so long, he felt as if he had been knocked over by a pot of jealousy! It was unbearable!

“From now on, you are not allowed to have any contact with any man.”

After a long while, Shi Beiyu suddenly said this.

Mu Siyin:”…”

Shi Beiyu did not receive mu Siyin’s response immediately. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and stopped her, “Do you hear me?”

Mu Siyin had no choice but to nod her head, “Alright, except for work.”

Shi Beiyu wanted to hide her at home and not let her go out to see anyone.

Seeing that Shi Beiyu’s face was still dark, Mu Siyin could not help but laugh, “Don’t tell me you want me to not have any contact with men at Work? Then… how Am I supposed to work?”

Shi Beiyu snorted coldly and reluctantly squeezed out a sentence, “Only work contact is allowed!”

Hearing this, Mu Siyin held back her laughter and nodded. “Okay, got it!”

Just as the two of them finished whispering, Yan Ze, who had come to inquire about the situation, ran over with a slightly sullen face. “Young master, Jing Yang was seriously injured and ran away…”

Shi Beiyu frowned. “There are so many people, and he still can’t be killed? !”

Yan Ze lowered his head. “That bastard Jing Yang saw that something was wrong and jumped into the sea. Our men searched along the shore for a long time, but we still couldn’t find him. He probably won’t die.”

Shi Beiyu narrowed his phoenix-like eyes and snorted. “He’s Lucky!”

Shi Beiyu left a portion of his men here to search for Jing Yang and brought Mu Siyin back to China.

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