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Chapter 675: 675

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Mu Siyin looked at the time. It was already three o’clock in the morning. She was really sleepy. Not long after she got on the private plane, she fell asleep in Shi Beiyu’s arms, she didn’t even have the time to mention that Shi Beiyu might be going to be a father.

Shi Beiyu looked at Mu Siyin, whose breathing was light, and his heart finally felt at ease.

She didn’t know how he had spent the past half a month.

He was so worried, so worried that something had happened to her.

Right now, he was actually somewhat glad that that damned nameless had feelings for her, so he didn’t let her suffer any harm.

When Mu Siyin woke up again, she felt refreshed. When she opened her eyes, she saw the familiar bedroom. At that moment, her heart felt warm.

She was so worried that she would wake up on that Damn Island.

That was great. Everything that happened last night was not a dream. She was really back!

She hugged the blanket and turned around. The blanket still seemed to have his unique aura.

She closed her eyes and curled her lips into a smile. With him around, she was really happy.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

She was shocked and looked up.

Shi Beiyu, who was dressed in black, walked in elegantly.

He did not expect Mu Siyin to have woken up. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. Doting. He walked in dotingly

“You’re Awake?”

Mu Siyin smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

When Shi Beiyu saw this, he immediately lifted the blanket and got in. Mu Siyin was speechless

“What are you doing? I’m going to get up!”

Shi Beiyu hugged her soft body and looked intoxicated. “What are you getting up for? Let Me Hug you properly.”

Mu Siyin curled her lips and blinked. “Didn’t you hug me to sleep last night?”

Shi Beiyu stared at Mu Siyin and said in a low voice, “How can a hug relieve the pain of longing for me for so long?”

The deeper meaning in his words suddenly made Mu Siyin Blush.

She asked despite knowing the answer, “Then… What do you want?”

Shi Beiyu lowered his head and kissed her lips. He said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Is there a need to ask?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his big hands became disobedient.

Mu Siyin immediately raised her hand to stop him. “No.”

Shi Beiyu thought that Mu Siyin was shy and pretended to reject him as usual. He laughed evilly, “Why not?”

Mu Siyin stuttered for a while and said softly, “It’s not convenient for me.”

When Shi Beiyu heard this, he bit her ear as punishment, “Don’t lie to me. Your period isn’t here.”

Mu Siyin’s heart skipped a beat. She coughed softly, lowered her eyes and said shyly, “I… Have a baby…”

Her words ‘have a baby’immediately stunned Shi Beiyu.

He frowned suspiciously and looked at Mu Siyin. “Have a baby?”

When Mu Siyin heard this, she was speechless. She raised her hand and pinched his face in frustration. She gritted her teeth and said, “Have a baby! You’re going to be a father, silly!”

Shi Beiyu was stunned!

He stared at Mu Siyin as if he was dumbfounded. His beautiful amber eyes were filled with shock!

Mu Siyin knew that he would have such an expression. She chuckled and said, “Scared silly?”

Shi Beiyu finally regained his senses. The shock in his eyes turned into overwhelming excitement and surprise!

He looked at Mu Siyin in disbelief and said, “Yin Yin… Are you serious? We… have a child?”

Mu Siyin curled the corners of her lips and nodded. “Yes, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I think it is.”

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