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Chapter 101: The Ripening of the Starcloud Fruit. A Wild Battle!

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Chapter 101: The Ripening of the Starcloud Fruit. A Wild Battle!


Chapter 101: The ripening of the starcloud fruit. A wild battle!

“Commander, are we just going to let this go?”

The guard on his hand asked.

The Crimson Commander frowned, glancing at the guard.

“Then what do you want? Don’t tell me you want to go fight that terrifying fellow Linley?”

Linley’s power was actually this terrifying.

It had to be said that Linley had already reached a high level of power!

In this Saint-level chess game, as a troublemaker, Linley could be said to have been extremely successful.

If the most powerful Tiger King didn’t make a move right now, there would be no one in the ruins who would be a match for Linley!

“It seems we have to hurry up and seek the Seventh Prince’s cooperation.”

The Crimson Commander frowned deeply. Turning his head, he glanced at the armory, then immediately led the people behind him and left.

The armory, within the secret chamber.

“Linley, is there nothing going on outside?”

Bud asked.

“Nothing. However, those three have already fled.”

At this moment, Linley was looking at his palm. He hadn’t received any damage at all.

He was extremely satisfied.

The spear which the Crimson Commander had used was a king-ranked weapon.

But even so, it hadn’t left any marks on Linley’s body.

He had actually been able to take on the king-ranked weapon with his bare hands!

“Wonderful. Fortunately, you were here this time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to protect these things by myself.”

The desolate Sword Saint, Bud, couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Linley couldn’t help but shake his head, indicating that it didn’t matter.

The hundreds of weapons in the secret chamber could be said to be extremely important to Linley.

Amongst them, there were five hundred master-level weapons, dozens of grandmaster-level weapons, and even five or six king-level weapons.

This was a huge profit!

Bud, upon seeing Linley’s appearance, seemed to understand that Linley needed a large number of weapons. He couldn’t help but hurriedly speak out.

“Kid, these weapons and magical weapons aren’t of much use to me. Just now, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to acquire a single treasure, and I might even have died.”

“How about this? I’ll only take one king-ranked weapon, and the rest will be yours.”

Hearing Bud’s words, Linley’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

To his infinite sword technique, this couldn’t be any better.

Linley didn’t intend to refuse. He just nodded.

“Since that’s the case, Uncle Bud, I’ll accept these items. You are right. These items are indeed of great use to me.”

“However, I will remember this favor. In the future, when I have the chance, I’ll pay you back even more.”

Hearing Linley’s words, Bud couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Very good. With your words, I’ll be content.”

After speaking, Bud randomly picked one of the five or six king-ranked weapons and placed it into his interspatial magic tool.

Linley then waved his hand, storing all the remaining weapons into the system’s interspatial space.

“It’s almost time for the starcloud fruit to bloom and bear fruit. Let’s get ready to set off.”

Seeing that Linley had finished, Bud said.

The starcloud fruit wasn’t in any of the manors.

It was in the center of the ruins.

Here, there was a towering tree.

And atop the tree, there were already five unripened fruits.

Within the fruits, it seemed as though there were upon thousands of stars circulating within them.

Waves of a heart-wrenching fragrance emanated from the fruits.

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Countless amounts of the power of the laws were currently concentrated within the fruits.

By the time Linley and Bud arrived at the center of the ruins, many people had already arrived.

Seeing the looks on their faces, some of them didn’t look good, while others were incomparably excited.

It seemed as though some of them had already gained quite a few benefits from the ruins, while others hadn’t gained anything at all.

Seeing that Linley and Bud had already arrived at the ruins, the distant Seventh Prince couldn’t help but let out a cold snort.

The Crimson Commander stood next to Princess Diana of the Melsas Empire. As he looked at Linley, he was muttering something in a low voice.

Linley didn’t plan to guess at all. In any case, it definitely wouldn’t be anything good.

No one would make a move right now. Everyone was waiting for the starcloud fruit to ripen.

Bud looked at the towering tree, his face was clearly quite unsightly.

“This time, only five of the starcloud fruits have been condensed.”

There were still fourteen people present, but only five starcloud fruits. Clearly, this wasn’t enough for them to be distributed.

As the fifth-ranked Sage of the desolate sword, Bud didn’t have any means to compete at all.

Linley frowned slightly, then said softly to Bud.

“Uncle Bud, about the starcloud fruit, is it possible to take the entire tree away?”

Bud was startled by Linley’s words, and Liu An hurriedly said.

“I don’t know, Kid. In the past thousand years, no one has ever done anything like this. After all, the reason why this starcloud fruit can mature is because this ancient relic contains a mysterious ancient energy. If you take it away, it probably won’t have such a good effect, right?”

Linley nodded. No one knew what he was thinking.

Just as Linley and Bud were chatting, the five starcloud fruits on the enormous tree had completely ripened!

The runes surrounding the towering tree couldn’t help but instantly disappear.

“Has it begun?”

Linley’s eyes flashed, and he immediately used the Dark Elf’s Evasion Spell, flying directly towards the five starcloud fruits!

Seeing that Linley had already made his move, the faces of the remaining ten or so people couldn’t help but change dramatically. They, too, flew towards the direction of the starcloud fruits.

At this moment, everyone was using their most powerful techniques, clawing towards the starcloud fruits atop the towering tree!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just an instant, the surroundings of the towering tree were filled with countless flashes of sword and saber light. All sorts of spells, divine abilities, and all sorts of weapons were unleashed.

The terrifying chaotic battle had finally begun.

There was no rules, no regulations, no designated opponent!

As long as someone was the first to approach the starcloud fruit, they would be attacked by everyone!

The chance to break through to become a Great Sage was right in front of them. Everyone was going crazy!

As for the local experts of the Beilageluoya Empire, they were going all out.

At this moment, Linley, who had been the closest to the starcloud fruit, slowed down slightly, allowing the most powerful Tiger King to act as a shield to draw the attention of the enemies.

Seeing the hundreds of terrifying attacks coming towards him, even the Tiger King couldn’t help but feel his scalp go numb!

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