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Chapter 139: Walton Becomes a Great Sage!

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Chapter 139: Walton Becomes a Great Sage!

Chapter 139 Walton becomes a Great Sage!

Walton indeed had a lot of questions in his mind.

However, on the way, Walton keenly noticed that there was a new abnormality on Ella’s body…

He discovered that the aura on Ella’s body was already that of a level-eight Enchanter!

He clearly remembered that eight days ago, when he had just become a disciple, Ella was only a level-five enchanter.

It had only been eight days, and yet, she had advanced to the eighth rank?

God d*mn it!

He thought back to how he had used ten years to advance from the fifth rank to the eighth rank.

This little girl had only used eight days!

It was truly infuriating…

Walton thought enviously.

However, he quickly thought of a new point. Was it because Ella’s cultivation level had risen so quickly because of her talent, or… ? Was it because she had accepted Linley as her master?

After thinking for a moment, Walton felt that it was the latter.

Because if it was because Ella’s talent was extraordinary, why hadn’t she revealed her talent in this area before meeting Linley?

Thus, it was still the reason of which she had acknowledged Linley as her master…

But if it was because of this reason, why hadn’t his realm improved?

Could it be that his realm was too high? With him comprehending this mystic ability, was simply useless to improve his realm?

Walton was worried.

At this moment, a strange feeling suddenly came from Walton’s core!

Soon, he felt a lot of magic affinity surging in his core.

In fact, the magic affinity emanating from his entire body began to leak out uncontrollably!

This was a sign that he was about to break through!

Walton’s heart skipped a beat.

It was the Great Sage.

The Great Sage, which he had been unable to find a way to break through, was actually beginning to show signs of loosening up!

“Walton, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Seeing how strange Walton looked, Ella asked curiously.

“Ella, I’m afraid I won’t be able to accompany you to visit Master Linley.”

“I have a feeling… that I’m about to make a breakthrough.”

Walton’s voice was trembling as he spoke.

At this moment, he gritted his teeth, using all his strength to control the balance of his magic affinity.

At this critical moment, if he lost control the magic affinity in his body, he would very quickly suffer a backlash from it.

If it was light, his magic affinity would run out. Not only would he not be able to break through to the Great Sage Realm, he might even have the risk of dropping his realm.

If it was heavy, his core would explode, and his cultivation would be crippled…!

The last time he had this feeling was when he was promoted from an Enchanter to a Sage.

Therefore, Walton knew that he could not be careless.

After quickly bidding farewell to Ella, he returned to his room as quickly as he could, entering a state of seclusion.

Before entering seclusion, he had done one small thing.

That was, he had chosen to enter seclusion within the Mageforce Formation which Linley had set up.

Subconsciously, Walton had developed an indescribable trust in Linley…


Letting out a long sigh.

Walton held his breath, adjusting the magic affinity within his body.

He closed his eyes and focused on his core.

He discovered that the previously calm magic affinity was now surging wildly like a boiling volcano!

Without any hesitation, he immediately focused all of his energy into controlling his magic affinity!

Because of Linley’s Mageforce Formation, Walton was now able to control his magic affinity like a tiger with wings!

Very quickly, he calmed down all of the boiling magic affinity.

And then, he began to gather his magic affinity, attempting to use all of his power to break through the bottleneck which he had been unable to break through for so long…

This process was very long.

But compared to before, when he had advanced without any clues at all.

Walton had a feeling that this time, as long as he worked hard and made a breakthrough, it was only a matter of time!


At the same time, Ella arrived outside Linley’s door.

Knock Knock.

She gently knocked on the door.

There was no response from within the room.

“Master, it’s me, Ella…”

Ella said softly.

Only, this time, she didn’t hear Linley’s reply.

And then, she repeated it many times.

There was still no response from within the room.

“Did Master go out…”

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Ella thought to herself, somewhat dejected.

However, in the end, she didn’t directly push open the door and enter.

Instead, she obediently turned around and went back to her room.

Without her Master teaching her new mystic ability, Ella didn’t know what to practice next.

She decided to focus on improving her magic affinity cultivation first.

That’s right. Previously, Ella had always been practicing on her magic affinity.

Now, after putting all her energy into improving her magic affinity, Ella was confident that she could quickly advance to the Sage level!

“After all, Walton is about to break through to a new realm. I can’t fall behind him…..”

Thinking so, Ella took small steps and ran to her room…

While Walton was still trying his best to break through to the Sage Realm.

Two hours…

Four hours…

Six hours…

The stars hung high in the night sky and were hidden layer by layer…

When the rooster crowed for the second time in the Li Fire Sect.

In the Walton’s room.

A beam of green light rose!

After, countless brilliant lights scattered in all directions.

Then, a sound of magic affinity boiling sounded, like the cry of a beast!

Soon, the entire sky heard this magic affinity chant.

In the Li Fire Sect, countless people raised their heads to look at the horizon.

Under the stars, in the just-whitened sky, rays of bright light scattered around like rainbows, magnificent and breathtaking!

“This is… The Great Sage’s aura… ?”

The Li Fire Sect’s Patriarch, Roderick, was the first to sense the difference in this aura and immediately cried out in surprise!

Following that, all the members of the sect, big and small, came out to watch this strange scene.

Enchanters with high cultivations could sense that there was a terrifying aura within this dazzling scene.

Although enchanters with low cultivations weren’t able to sense the strangeness of this scene, they were still able to sense that this was a scene of an Enchanter breaking through.

“Who broke through again? Could it be Linley?”

“It can’t be. I feel that this aura is very strange. It doesn’t seem to be the aura of an Enchaner of our Li Fire Sect… it’s possible that it is one of the few people that Linley brought back.”

“It definitely isn’t from our sect. This is a phenomenon that only happens when a Great Sage ascends. Right now, our Li Fire Sect has very few experts at their Great Sage Realm, and are at the beginning stage. There’s no way they can become a Great Sage.”

Quite a few people walked out of their rooms, whispering to each other as they analyzed the situation.

It was at this moment that a figure suddenly appeared from the horizon.

Walton, whose entire body was emitting a golden light, appeared in everyone’s sight.

Everyone noticed Walton’s appearance.

Then, everyone widened their eyes.

At this moment, everyone clearly felt the terrifying aura on Walton’s body…

That was…

The Great Sage’s Aura!!

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