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Chapter 1701: 1701

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Chapter 1701: The Lost Eleven Years

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However, the European Ye Family raised some conditions for the exchange. They wanted him to become the Ye Family’s heir and follow their orders. That statement drove him off the cliff. He refused the conditions raised by the European Ye Family while also losing the best conditions to find Emma.

Once he lost these conditions, he lost eleven years.

Shen Qianshu poked Ye Ling and gestured at him to look at Ye Tingyun. That child was so engrossed in it. She asked secretly, “Who’s the girl on the stage?”

Was this love at first sight?

He did not even move his eyes.

Ye Ling said, “I don’t know.”

Shen Qianshu thought that the brothers’ taste should be similar. She asked, “Is she pretty?”

She thought that she was quite pretty. Ye Ling looked intently for three seconds before saying, “You are pretty.”

“I’m asking if she’s pretty.” Shen Qianshu felt that her face reddened. Of course, she was pretty. He did not even need to compliment her. Ye Ling said blandly, “What does that have to do with me?”

Shen Qianshu was defeated. Okay, you win.

Ye Ling glanced at Ye Tingyun. “Useless.”

Shen Qianshu was pouring a cup of warm water for Ye Chu and let her hold it in her hands. She could not help but think that luckily Ye Chu was blind. Otherwise, how hurtful would it be for her if she saw this scene? Ye Tingyun was too careless about caring for a girl’s feelings.

Ye Chu saw him.

She saw Ye Tingyun’s obsessed gaze and reminiscing expression clearly. She held the cup and drank. She was planning to put the cup back, but she did not place it properly, and it fell to the ground.

The cup immediately shattered into pieces, making a sharp sound. Shen Qianshu turned her head around hurriedly. “Ye Chu, don’t move. Don’t move…”

Ye Tingyun also regained his senses. “Did you get scalded?”

He took a piece of tissue paper and wiped the stains off Ye Chu’s clothes. Luckily, it was warm water and did not leave any marks behind. There was also not much water that splashed onto her skirt. The waiters immediately rushed over to clear the pieces.

Ye Chu revealed a sweet and innocent smile. “I’m not scalded. I’m sorry, brother. I can’t see and caused trouble for you.”

The little pitiful girl’s voice was innocent and weak, performing what it really meant to be weak, helpless and innocent. Ye Tingyun’s heart softened, and he scolded himself for being distracted when he heard the song.

He missed this song too much.

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When he heard Ye Chu play it last time, his mood was already not calm.

“This song is so familiar,” said Ye Chu, pouting. “I know it too.”

“I know.” Ye Tingyun had heard Ye Chu play it. To be honest, he felt that Ye Chu’s musicality was inferior to Emma’s. However, she played this song better than Emma. While Emma’s playing did not have any mistakes, there were a few areas that were not as well handled as Ye Chu.

Ye Tingyun’s thoughts were pulled back from his memories, and Emma’s song had finished. There was applause from the audience, and Ye Tingyun applauded too. Tong Hua said loudly, “That was nice.”

Emma laughed gently on the stage and said, “Mi Er was supposed to perform for everyone today. It was my fault that Sister Mi Er could not perform, so I could only replace her. I hope that everyone is content with this performance.”

“What’s the name of the song?”

Ye Chu thought secretly, It’s called Nighttime.

Emma said, “This was a self-composed song from a big brother, called Nighttime. He taught me how to play this song in the past. It remains unforgettable till now. I hope that one day, he will be able to hear me play this song too.”

After saying that, her gaze swept past the main table, and she went down gracefully, letting the next performer up on stage. Ye Tingyun’s emotions could not be calmed down. After all those years of pursuit and reminiscing, everything was settled now.

Shen Qianshu lowered her voice. “Ting Yun is being a bit weird..”

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