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Chapter 1703: 1703

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Chapter 1703: Poor Little Emma

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Ye Tingyun held onto her shoulders and pushed it away lightly. Then, he walked away to get her some tissue paper to wipe her face. “I’ve been searching for you for ten years.”

“Then why won’t you acknowledge me?”

Ye Tingyun was silent.


He asked himself that countless times, and he could not understand it.

“What happened then?” Ye Tingyun asked.

Emma wiped her tears with her head down. She choked as she said, “Brother, I mentioned it to you when I was a kid. When I was born, something was odd. We went for fortune-telling, and the fortune teller said that I was born with a hard life and that I would be a jinx to my family and my parents. I would bring my family to doom. I had to experience a bloody disaster before I could escape this fated disaster and grow up safely. So, growing up, my grandfather and father did not like me, and they sent me to the castle to be raised. The small castle is my world. There were butlers, my playmates, and helpers. They were always the ones who had grown up with me, and my mother only came to visit me once a year. People in the family are reluctant to see me, for fear that I will cause disaster to them. One day, the castle caught on fire, and everyone in the castle, except me and the nursing mother who cared for me, were burned to death, including my mother…”

She seemed to have thought of something terrible, and she shivered. Indeed, Emma had spoken of this before. She said that she was a jinx and that nothing good would end up with anyone who was close to her.

So she was abandoned by her family to fend for herself. No one in her family was willing to contact her at all. They knew of her, but they would never see her. Even her own mother only visited her once a year, for a few days each time.

“After the incident, the fortune teller said that I have survived the disastrous ordeal. From then on, I would lead a prosperous and wonderful life. I would bring luck to the family. So Grandpa and Dad fetched me home. No one was allowed to speak of the incident at the castle either.”

Ye Tingyun thought of the conversation that he had with Ye Junchen that day. Although the European Ye Family doted on Emma and her elder sister very much, their family seldom interacted. This could be because of their aunt.

Ye Wen was a little princess of the European Ye Family at that time. She lived a carefree life, and she fell in love with a street artist whom she promised him to be with through life and death. The Ye Family did not agree to the marriage, and the street artist was indirectly killed by the European Ye Family. Since then, Ye Wen’s heart has changed, and she began dating several boyfriends continuously.

Then, she had Megan. This was absolutely scandalous to the European Ye Family. However, Ye Wen just did whatever she wanted, and she ignored how everyone would look at her. After that, Megan was sent away, and Ye Wen had an arranged marriage with the great prince of the Tang En Family.

This was a political marriage. Both of them had no relationship foundation. Prince Tang En criticized Ye Wen for her sloppy lifestyle, but for the sake of their families, they went ahead with the arranged marriage.

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After the marriage, Ye Wen changed for the better. After her eldest daughter was born, the husband and wife led a comfortable life for some time. Although they were not all lovey-dovey, they respected one another and got along well. This was so until their younger daughter was born. Everything changed.

When the younger daughter Emma was born, it was the most critical time of the Tang En Family. The older generation believed in Feng Shui. Fortune-telling said that Emma was a jinx to the family. Those who were close to her would face implications and die. By coincidence, on the day that Emma was born, Mrs. Tang En died in a car accident.

The men in the Tang En Family were deeply convinced by the fortune-telling. Young Emma was sent to the small castle without even having fed with enough milk. They also stopped Ye Wen from visiting her. The European Ye Family was furious, and they had several disputes with the Tang En Family. They even once brought Emma back to the European Ye Family to raise her.

No one knew if it was really fate or pure coincidence, but when Emma was at the Ye Family’s house, she brought great disasters to the European Ye Family as well.. Due to the helplessness, young Emma was sent to be raised in the small castle.

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