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Chapter 1802: 1802

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Chapter 1802: You Are Not My Friend

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The intention to change a punishment had naturally been ignored. Ye Chu’s generosity troubled Xiao Ju. This was too tormenting for the Second Master. Every time she saw Emma’s shy look, she would feel unfair. How could she?

However, Ye Chu’s nonchalant appearance made Xiao Ju look like she had not seen the world before. Xiao Ju’s heart was very tired too. After Ye Chu returned, she was more attentive during lessons. She seemed to have been possessed by a top student, becoming extremely hardworking and studious. She no longer pulled pranks on the teacher and listened attentively. Whenever Ye Tingyun saw her studying diligently, his heart would hurt. Ye Chu was already nineteen.

She had lost too many things: education, nurturing, social adaptability. No one taught her any skills for her to stand independently in society. Her life, which should have belonged to her, had been snatched away by someone else too. She had nothing, yet there was no way to get anything back. Now, she was urgently trying to compensate for it. It was actually very tough for both herself and others.

Ye Tingyun thought to himself. As long as he was alive, Ye Chu would not be bullied. It did not matter to him what kind of person she would become. Her appearance was not important, and her culture was not important. He wished that Ye Chu could live her life happily without worries like a child. However, humans were social animals. Times had changed. When every couple married, the promises to not abandon each other in light of prosperity or poverty were real.

However, there would still be many men and women in life, who despite being deeply in love, ended up divorcing. The reason was that in marriages, some people strode forward while others stayed stationary or even moved backward. They became further apart as they moved. While his sincerity in his heart was determined and he was confident about himself, Ye Chu might not be confident about him.

Hence, no matter how much his heart hurt and how much he wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her, he never opened his mouth.

After Alice got Ye Chu’s number, she asked Ye Chu out for tea. She initially wanted to meet her in a restaurant outside, but Ye Chu suggested having the meeting in the afternoon tea restaurant in the MISS building.

The two of them met each other in the afternoon tea restaurant. Alice brought her a present. It was a lavender aroma diffuser. It was made very intricately. Alice heard that Ye Chu’s sleep was poor and specially looked for it.

“Two years ago, the Tang En family bought over an aroma diffuser brand. This is a new product and has extremely good effects on insomnia. You can give it a try. If it’s good, I’ll buy it for you again.”

Ye Chu received the gift without any feeling of guilt, nor did she follow the ways of the world and say thank you. She only thought that the box was pretty, and she liked it. She and Alice were not close, and they were not familiar with each other. Hence, they only talked about topics like what they liked to eat, wear, or do during their free time.

“Why did you ask me out for no reason at all? I’m not close to you,” said Ye Chu.

Alice smiled. “Because we are fated. Ye Chu, are you willing to be my friend?”

“I’m not willing~” Ye Chu looked at her fixedly. Alice had seen a lot of the world. Everyone she had interacted with were men and women who knew how to play the social game. She had never met such an honest girl like her, who did not give people a way out.

Nicely put, she could be called honest. Otherwise, she would be called insensitive.

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However, Alice was wearing a pair of filtered glasses and thought that she was cute.

Ye Chu’s next sentence made her expression change.

“Because you are not my friend.” Ye Chu looked at her, her icy-cold eyes revealing a hint of pain and distance. “When I was little, I lived in a small castle. My Mommy told me that I had an older sister whom I have never met before. One day, I fought with the kid staying next-door. He had an older sister who was older than me. I could not win against her. After I got home, I called my Mommy.. I wanted an older sister too.”

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