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Chapter 1803: 1803

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Chapter 1803: Oh, I Have Been Abused

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Alice’s face slightly changed. The afternoon sunlight was mottled as it landed on the tips of her brows. There was an unexplained coldness. Alice used one hand to hold Ye Chu’s hand. “You… you remembered?”

Didn’t she lose her memory?

It was a life tragedy when two sisters met each other by chance and did not know each other.

Ye Chu broke away from her hand. Alice’s warm palm had a tinge of coldness. She looked fixedly at her. Ye Chu broke away from her protection. She also broke away from so many years of longing.

“There are a lot of matters that I cannot recall. I can only recall some matters consistently, but these matters are enough,” Ye Chu said. She held her tea and drank a mouthful gently. Perhaps, she had stayed for a long time with Ye Tingyun. She was also infected with Ye Tingyun’s impassiveness and calmness. “What about you? When did you know that I am your sister?”

Alice was dumbstruck. She was an overbearing CEO who had to deal with a host of problems every day and held multiple positions. If she did not know her identity, why would she waste time entertaining her? Regardless of the fact that she was a child who did not know anything, even if she became Ye Tingyun’s wife, Alice would also not necessarily waste time on her. Ye Chu was also not foolish. After some thinking, she could also guess her intention.

“Ah Chu…” Alice pursed her lips. “It’s Sister who has let you down.”

“Oh.” Ye Chu was indifferent. She thought in her heart that by saying a word of sorry, could these ten years of roaming around and mistaking other people be written off? But she was also very clear that she could not be angry. This matter had nothing to do with her sister. She was only a few years old. Her sister was also a minor back then, and she could not do anything. She only did not understand why she did not acknowledge her.

Ye Tingyun said that since she was young, due to her differently colored pupils, the Tang En family had thrown her to the little castle and did not care or look after her. They were afraid that she would bring disaster to the Tang En family. Her grandma had also died because of her. Her sister was unwilling to acknowledge her. Was it because she was different and they were afraid that she would bring them disaster? Hence, they rather acknowledged Emma as Emma had brought good luck to the Tang En family.

She thought indifferently, Since you are unwilling to acknowledge me, I will also not acknowledge you.

“How have you been all these years?”

“Not good.” When Ye Chu opened her mouth, lies came out. “Since I was young, I have been locked on the ship. I was the only woman on the ship. They all abused me. They handed whatever dirty and tiring work to me. They even bullied me. There were quite a number of times that I wanted to jump into the sea and kill myself. But I was lucky. I did not die. My luck was also not very good, and I was caught by them again.”

Alice believed her, and her heart hurt. Xiao Ju was listening behind, and her hair became numb. Miss Ye Chu really has a character of ‘if I am unhappy, everyone will be unhappy together’. These lies were really made up too much.

In Alice’s heart, she hated Emma even more. Emma was protected by them as she grew up. However, her real sister had been suffering. It was no wonder that even if she knew her identity, she was also unwilling to go home. She was also unwilling to acknowledge them.

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“Sorry.” Alice apologized. The past was already in the past. There was no point in looking back on the past. She also did not plan to be obsessed with the past. “Ah Chu, I will seek justice for you.”

“I lied to you.” Ye Chu pouted her lips. “You people on land are really good to deceive. You believe whatever I say.”

“Ah Chu!” Alice reprimanded.

“I have been well, and they also treated me very well.” Ye Chu still had a knot in her heart. “Why didn’t you want to acknowledge me? Because I’m an unlucky person and you are unwilling to get stained with bad luck?”

If this were the case, she would not acknowledge this sister again. I am originally not familiar with you. Humph. I am just not familiar with you.

Alice also understood why she had lied.. She was almost angered to the point where she nearly laughed.

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