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Chapter 1805: 1805

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Chapter 1805: Won’t Be Coming Back As He Is Sad

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When Ye Chu and Alice went back after their afternoon tea, she kept pondering about what Alice said.

What is Ye Tingyun sad about?

He won’t be coming back as he is sad?


I don’t understand!

She did not think too much. When she met Emma, who was radiating with happiness, her mood became better in a short while. Emma was carrying a small cake. She looked so sweet, and it was as if she was smeared with sweet sauce. The young girl was always filled with poems. She was as beautiful as a painting. Ye Chu slightly tilted her head. The back of her teeth slightly tightened. Suddenly, she was a little unhappy. Emma raised her head and saw Ye Chu. She was somewhat alarmed.

In this world, besides those who were especially anti-human, there were not many thieves who felt at ease. Even if they had stolen a sum of money from others, they would still feel nervous and uneasy. Moreover, what she had stolen was 11 years of a person’s life and all her kinship. Since she was young, she had been Ye Chu’s shadow and playmate. She was hidden by her radiance until there was nothing left. Things had changed completely now.

In the eyes of the world, she was already more outstanding than Ye Chu. She was more remarkable than Ye Chu in all areas and was considered half a successful person. However, the means of obtaining this success was, after all, not honorable. It made her feel extremely worried and troubled for many years. When she saw Ye Chu, she would inevitably feel guilty.

Ye Chu slightly tilted her head. She was actually a girl who loved to smile a lot. When she smiled, her two little dimples were exceptionally charming, harmless, pure, and naive. “I heard that you and my brother are in a relationship?”

Emma avoided her gaze and did not want to make contact with her. Ye Chu said a sentence again, “The cake looks delicious. Don’t you plan to please me?”

Emma raised her head and looked at her. She was hesitating as she carried the little cake box. Ye Chu said regretfully, “I just had afternoon tea with Sister Alice. I am not interested in your cake. You don’t have to put on an expression that makes it look like I have stolen your money. It is ugly.”

The word ‘Alice’ seemed to have pressed on one of her acupuncture points. Emma’s whole body was stiff, and her fingers trembled until she nearly threw the little cake out. She began to panic. “Why did you look for my sister?”

“Right. Why did she look for me? I am also not familiar with her.” Ye Chu smiled and revealed the little white teeth in her mouth. “It’s really quite vexing.”

Emma did not have the heart to work in the afternoon. There were a number of times that she wanted to call Alice, but she controlled herself. Why did Sister look for Ye Chu? They are indeed not familiar with each other.

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There was a demon hidden in her heart. She was guilty and fearful. She was dressed in a magnificent but unrealistic coat, and she was deeply afraid that someone would expose her. She had been playing up to people of power and influence for many years. She could be destroyed in one day. If Sister knew that she was fake, she would not let her off.


What exactly did Ye Chu recall? How much does she remember?

Ye Tingyun also had a little internal injury recently. After work, he still had to put up a show with Emma. He acted in this show without being mindful. He kept thinking of the little ancestor at home. There were a number of times that he had stayed longer and gone back late. She also did not have any reaction. He was simply being completely foolish for longing for her to be a little jealous. The girl whom he liked simply did not know what love was at all.

She simply did not know what jealousy was at all. He himself had held in until he had internal injuries. However, she was bewildered. He could even understand Bruce’s anxiousness and violence. Falling in love with someone who really treated you as a brother would perhaps bring out a demon occasionally.

After one week, Ye Chu’s arm, which was plagued with misfortunes, finally had its stitches removed. However, Ye Tingyun’s injury was somewhat recovering slower. He tried to choose to have his dates at the MISS building as much as possible. The people in the MISS building discussed wildly and spread rumors. Even Ye Junchen was alarmed. He also did not know where he had heard the news from. He purposely came to verify with him.. Ye Tingyun said, “Brother Junchen, you cannot believe those rumors.”

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