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Chapter 1117: 1117

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At the door, Jun Shiling stood quietly. In front of him was Xia Wanyuan, who was holding a baton.

“Hubby, save me quickly. They hit me, Hubby!” Zhang Yi covered his arm and cried hysterically.

She looked at Xia Wanyuan in horror and tried her best to be afraid toward Mu Ting, not caring about her image as the matriarch of the Mu family.

She really did not expect Xia Wanyuan to be so bold as to hit her so directly at the Mu family’s door.

The trash bodyguards raised by the Mu family were useless. When Jun Shiling’s gaze swept over, the bodyguards deflated and did not dare to go forward.

“Jun Shiling, don’t go too far. My Mu family won’t allow you to behave like this. Have you never thought of the consequences of doing this in front of my Mu family with your woman?!” Mu Ting hurriedly walked over and helped Zhang Yi up. He looked at Jun Shiling angrily.

Jun Shiling finally turned around. His cold facial features looked even more mysterious in the dark night. His gaze landed on Mu Ting with a suppression that reached the sky. Mu Ting could not withstand the pressure and looked away.

“Consequences?” Jun Shiling’s eyes darkened. “Have you thought of the consequences when you abuse the Wei family?”

Mu Ting stood up. “CEO Jun, you also know that she’s from the Wei family? If she marries into the Mu family, she’s be my Mu family’s daughter-in-law. It’s our business how we want to treat her. CEO Jun, you’re stretching your hand too far.”

With Mu Ting’s support, Zhang Yi echoed, “That’s right. Those who don’t know might think that our daughter-in-law has an improper relationship with CEO Jun… Ah!”

Before Zhang Yi could finish speaking, Xia Wanyuan hit her shoulder with her stick. With a crack, Zhang Yi immediately slid down Mu Ting’s arm and fell to the ground.

“You’re too much!” Mu Ting had been in charge for so many years, but he had never been humiliated like this in front of others. His hand that was pointing at Xia Wanyuan was trembling.

Jun Shiling walked forward and protected Xia Wanyuan behind him, his gaze as cold as ice. “Take your hand back, or I don’t mind breaking it for you.”

Compelled by Jun Shiling’s aura, Mu Ting finally retracted his hand that was pointing at Xia Wanyuan. However, after thinking about it, he felt indignant. “Jun Shiling, your Jun family is powerful, but my Mu family can’t be bullied by you casually. Today, you brought people to cause trouble in my Mu family. You have to give me an explanation. Otherwise, even if it’s a life and death struggle, I’ll compete with you!”

Jun Shiling took the baton from Xia Wanyuan’s hand and threw it to the ground. It made a bang on the floor, scaring Mu Ting.

“I’ll accompany you to the hospital.” Jun Shiling held Xia Wanyuan’s hand and turned to look at Mu Ting. The corners of his eyes curled up slightly with arrogance. “I wait for you.”

With that, Jun Shiling hugged Xia Wanyuan and left the Mu family.

“Damn it!” Mu Ting’s hands trembled in anger as he watched the convoy leave.

“Hubby, I’m in so much pain. Help me call the doctor.” Zhang Yi sat on the ground. The coldness of the floor kept drilling into her body through her thick clothes, not to mention the places on her body that had been hit by Xia Wanyuan. It was even more painful.

“Where’s Wei Jin?” Just now, as Jun Shiling was around, Mu Ting wanted to protect the Mu family’s face and did not ask in person. However, as the head of the Mu family, he still had some ability. How could he not tell that Xia Wanyuan had come for Wei Jin?

At the mention of Wei Jin, Zhang Yi felt a little guilty. “Who knows where she went? Xia Wanyuan and the rest barged into our house indiscriminately and took Wei Jin away. Hubby, you have to stand up for us. What right does Xia Wanyuan have to be so arrogant?! If she slaps me, she’s slapping your face!”

“Alright.” Mu Ting waved his hand. “Come and send Madam to the hospital.”

“Hubby, what about you?” Zhang Yi reached out, wanting Mu Ting to hug her.

“I naturally have something to do.” Mu Ting strode in, not caring that Zhang Yi was still lying on the ground covered in injuries.

The servants hurriedly came over and wanted to help Zhang Yi up. However, when they touched her, she shouted loudly. The entire entrance of the villa echoed with ghost-like howls.

The servants turned around in speechlessness. They thought to themselves that it was a good thing that the Mu family had a unique villa. If this was another district, wouldn’t they scare other people’s neighbors to death? 

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