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Chapter 2587: 2587

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Chapter 2587: Sacred Phoenix Reflection (1)

Once Huang Yueli became serious, her cultivation speed was extremely astonishing.

She would cultivate early in the morning in Bai Liufeng’s courtyard. She did not only train with but also many other Profound Skills that Bai Liufeng had imparted.

In this way, she spent the entire day in his courtyard, and sometimes even spent the night cultivating there, not returning to her courtyard at all.

Seeing her working so hard, Bai Liufeng was comforted and also a little delighted.

This time, his Lass Li’s attention had finally shifted away from that stinky brat, so he wanted to see how smug would that stinky brat be!

Li Moying could more or less guess what was on Bai Liufeng’s mind, but he still coordinated with them well.

Although he wanted to stick with Huang Yueli badly, he knew what was more important when it came to matters related to her cultivation and ability.

Moreover, he had to grab this last chance as well, to cultivate hard. Hopefully, he could raise his ability within this limited time.

Li Moying cultivated for the same amount of time as Huang Yueli, who went into closed door cultivation.

But as time went by, he realized one problem. The matter which Liu Buyan had warned him before was totally accurate. Although he kept on absorbing Profound Qi into his meridians and his ability did increase, but he was still unable to advance to ninth stage realm peak.

It seemed as though there was an invisible hand, which was suppressing his cultivation.

Li Moying’s character was aggressive and overbearing, so he naturally wasn’t willing to give in to fate so easily. He came up with different ideas and attempted to learn different cultivation methods but this invisible barrier just started to extend horizontally. It couldn’t be seen, nor could it be felt, and it made one felt powerless.

“Does this mean that my ability is now at its limit?” Li Moying asked in a low voice after Liu Buyan took his pulse.

Liu Buyan retracted his hand and sighed, “That’s right. Your primordial spirit’s intensity is limited so the amount of Profound Energy you can absorb is also limited by that. In terms of cultivation, no matter how hard you try, it would practically not bulge. But cultivation does not necessarily equate to battle power. You can consider cultivating some higher leveled Profound Skills to raise your battle power so that you can surpass the rank to defeat the opponent during actual combat. Didn’t your Father-in-law give you several God grade ancient records?”

Li Moying felt rather disappointed from what he heard. Although he already knew about this a few months ago, before he met with the unbreakable bottleneck, there was still a slight hope in his mind.

But now, whatever little hope he had, was completely shattered.

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However, he didn’t reflect any expression on his face as he nodded, “I understand. I have one more request, and that is to help me keep this secret.”

Liu Buyan nodded his head, “No problem. I don’t wish for Junior Sister to worry as well.”

He stood up and kept away his golden needles and medicinal pills and was just about to leave when he stopped and took at Li Moying again.

Liu Buyan hesitated for a moment and said, “I’m starting to admire you now. I did not expect that you to endure for such a long time. You had not consummated with Junior Sister, allowing her to misunderstand that you are impotent, and you willingly accepted it all. You’re even…. even willing to maintain the current state, to never be able to return to the position of Number One Top Expert. Other than you, very few people would be so harsh on themselves!”

To a practitioner, a drop in ability was much more unbearable than death.

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