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Chapter 555: 555

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Chapter 555 Priceless treasures?

Liam and the entire core part of the crimson abyss guild hurriedly dashed over to the nearby graveyard for this zone and camped out there.

Everyone knew what they were about to do.

Some people were happy about this, some people were anxious, but some were not quite pleased with outright killing someone. It was clearly written on their faces that they were uncomfortable.

However, Liam did not bother persuading these people.

When the apocalypse starts, even the kindest soul would turn a shade darker, so there was no point in him trying to 'convert' anyone. Moreover, it looked like there wasn't any need to do any such thing today.

The group had now camped around the graveyard for almost half an hour, but there was no sign of any of the four players.

They had either not respawned, or they had spawned somewhere else, both of which were highly unlikely and very difficult to accomplish.

However, there wasn't any other explanation. After waiting for a few more minutes, Liam kicked the rock near him and stood up. "Let's go. There is no point wasting time here. They escaped."

"Ah! Sorry, bro! We went through all of this trouble because of me, and we didn't even get anything in return." Rey ruffled his hair and mumbled.

"No." Liam shook his head, "We got some things and maybe… " He had seen the faces of the four when he had talked to them at the beginning.

That group dynamics was definitely on the rocks. If he was not wrong, the four should have some trouble sticking together after this.

"Well, I guess we have to wait and see about that," Liam murmured and then left the group along with Luna.

After he was by himself, he took out the white token from his inventory slot. "Stay in the guild residence until I return." He gave her a couple of instructions and then activated it.

Soon he was teleported to the same weird world where the ground one walked on was jelly-like, made of white satin threads. Everything was resplendent with a gentle luminous glow.

[Ding. You have arrived at the Milky Way Auction City]

[Ding. Your Milky Way Pass is now charging]

Liam looked around at the streets and the buildings, trying to recollect which way the main auction house was.

He had only barely been here for a couple of minutes, and the familiar melodious voice once again rang loudly in his ears. "Big bro! I found you!"

In front of him stood a young girl who was glowing brightly. She had a smile that could melt anyone's heart.

"Miss Itzel!" Liam was startled, to be honest. He didn't expect the little girl to find him once again, and that too, right after he set foot here. Was she waiting for him or what?

Feeling a shiver run down his spine, he gave her an awkward smile. "How are you doing, Miss Itzel? Your smile is as pretty as always."

The girl giggled immediately and then started pulling Liam away.

"Big bro, let's go to the auction house. Come with me. Mama and Papa gave me some money to spend. We can have some fun!"

"Eh?" It looked like Liam no longer had a choice in this matter. The little girl had abnormally strong yet tender hands, using which she dragged Liam away like a toy train to the main street.

The roads were so much more crowded this time around, and all sorts of creatures were walking around them. The huge auction house gates were also open.

"Do we need some sort of pass to get in?" Liam curiously looked around the space. He couldn't even recognize the material the building was built on.

But the little girl next to him again giggled, "No, big bro, you are with me." She gave a sweet smile and dragged him right into the auction house.

The interior of the place was huge, like a football stadium with booths instead of seats. This gave privacy to the respective beings taking part in the auction.

Of course, Itzel brought Liam over to one of the VIP booths at the very top, which gave a bird's eye view of the whole place.

"Ahem. Thanks, Miss Itzel. This place looks amazing." Liam smiled. At this point, he was simply going along with the flow.

"Oh right, I have some mana cores here with me. Can you tell me if this will be sufficient for any item?"

Liam took out the broken demonic cores that he had been carrying along with him all this time. He placed them in his palm and showed them to the little girl.

"Ah?" Itzel looked shocked. She stared at the cores and then at Liam. From the way she was looking at him, Liam had a feeling that he had stumbled upon something big.

Was this perhaps something priceless? An invaluable treasure? Maybe using this, he could get something good here? This could completely change the game.

Liam clenched his fists in excitement and looked at the little girl, who for some reason seemed a bit anxious.

Seeing this, Liam gulped. Was the thing he had perhaps too terrifying? Amazing enough to shock this mysterious girl?

However, the next second…

"Big bro, this thing is… How about I share some of mine with you?"

"Huh?" Liam's face changed.

Itzel saw this and hurriedly consoled him, "Papa gave me a lot of pocket money this time. You can use it, big bro. Don't worry. Don't worry. We can buy whatever you want."

"Then these cores?"

"They have gone bad, big bro. Don't worry. We can still have some fun with them. Here, give me one."

The little girl abruptly grabbed one of the cores from Liam's hand and threw it at a tall blonde elf walking into the auction house.

It was a brutal direct attack to the back of his head, and the elf turned to look in their direction with an annoyed expression, his eyes flaring up like volcanoes.

Liam immediately felt his heart stop, and he ducked down in reflex. However, the little girl next to him still giggled. "Big bro, don't worry. He can't see us. We are VIPs! Ha Ha Ha Ha"

"Say, who should we target next?"

Liam broke into a cold sweat. So the demonic cores he was grinding for that long were really useless? His heart ached at all that time he had wasted.

However, he didn't have a chance to dwell on that. The troublemaker was already preparing the next throw.

"Miss Itzel, how about we play something else with these stones?" Liam bitterly smiled, crying out tears of blood.

Though his time might have been wasted, he didn't want to let these broken demonic cores ruin his life further!

"Like what, big bro?" The girl tilted her head, and then as if a big realization had dawned on her, she gasped.

"That's right! We can throw these stones in greeny's pond and see who can make them fly on the water making small splashes. My papa showed me how to do it once. We can play that game."

"Sure. Sure." Liam nodded and continued to shed tears, but he was also eager to visit that pond again.

He had prepared huge vats before coming here, so this time if he got the chance, he was going to drain that damn pond dry, greeny or no greeny!

The two of them then silently watched the crowd filtering in and out of the building, and soon a couple of hours later, the huge doors at the entrance tightly banged shut.

The auction was about to begin!

"Big bro, I am so excited!" Itzel clapped her hands.

"Me too, Miss Itzel." With a smile, Liam nodded, inwardly praying for his safety. This little girl was a ticking time bomb!


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