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Chapter 428: 428

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The Jiang Family had had great influence in the imperial court for many years. The family had both good and bad children. Even in daylight, except for someone with a visiting card, no one dared to linger in front of the gate, let alone at midnight.

Just in two seconds…

The bodyguards around the sedan already pulled their arrows and swords out of their scabbards. The flickering cold light pointed directly at the shadow that ordinary people could easily ignore on the street corner. They would kill him or her immediately when something was wrong!

At the same time, the gate of the Marquess’s Mansion opened with a bang and two teams of fully armed bodyguards rushed out to surround the sedan, using their bodies as a barrier to protect the sedan and escorting it into the mansion quickly!

“Keep one alive and find out his or her identity!” Marquess Qin got off the sedan behind the screen wall and gave an order without looking back, and then he hurried to his wife’s yard!

But when he was halfway there, a trusted bodyguard came up with sweat dripping from his face and told him, “The woman on the street corner claimed that she was Qiu Qian, madame Qiu’s cousin from her maiden family. She said that she had brought the antidote that could expel the poison that the seventeenth grand young master got!”

“What?” Even Marquess Qin with such great shrewdness could not help exclaiming! Without hesitation, he immediately ordered, “Bring the woman and the antidote in quickly! Quickly! Detain the woman first and take the antidote to Dr. Lin to check out!”

This sudden turnaround made the whole mansion at a loss!

However, when Dr. Lin announced with a happy face that the antidote was true, everyone had no intention to care about Qiu Qian and waited for the latest news of Jiang Jinglang’s condition!

Perhaps it was because Jiang Jinglang inherited the physique of his parents better than ordinary people though he was young. Perhaps it was because that the antidote came in time and Dr. Lin also had good medical skills. At dawn, Jiang Jinglang’s temperature finally returned to normal!

Looking at the little face that was a little pale after the bright red faded in the swaddling clothes, Qiu Yelan wept with joy!

Jiang Yashuang’s eyes were filled with tears and silently stroked her back. The couple didn’t notice that even Marquess Qin, who was always firm and strong, turned his head quietly and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

At noon, Dr. Lin finally announced with confidence, “The grand young master has a deep blessing. Now he has turned the crisis into safety! There will be no more accidents!”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

At this time, Qiu Qian was mentioned, “Since she can bring the antidote, does she know the culprit?”

“Anyway, she has saved our child’s life!” Qiu Yelan didn’t close her eyes all day and night and was highly nervous all the time. Now she was like a spent arrow, but she still forced herself to see Qiu Qian and ask about the matter, “As long as she is not the culprit, I really have to thank her regardless of her identity!”

Jiang Yashuang looked at her tired face and wanted to persuade her, but he caught a glimpse of fear and resentment that had not dispersed in the depths of her tired pupils. It was clear to him. How could he not want to find out the culprit as soon as possible and revenge for his beloved son?

He was about to say something, but he heard the voice of Marquess Qin, “You two go together! I’ll watch Lang’er here!”

“Grandfather?” The couple was slightly surprised. Although they were exhausted because they were busy with their son until now, they were better at being young and could still hold on. Although Marquess Qin was old but vigorous, he mourned the death of Sir Jibei for two days. He also accompanied his great grandson all night yesterday. How could he still look after Lang’er?

Marquess Qin waved his hand and didn’t mind about it, “I’ll stay here and I don’t think anyone dares to harm Lang’er under my eyes! I’ll sleep here when I’m sleepy… It’s clear that the woman has been spying near the gate of the mansion for a long time. She showed up only when she saw me come back. You should know very well about it!”

The couple understood what he meant. Their hearts sank!

Although Jiang Jinglang’s poisoning was sudden, to be honest, it was reasonable. Not to mention the hatred that the fourth branch incited before, as for the super talents of his uncle and his biological father, the child had shouldered endless expectations since he was born from the two most important elders of the Jiang Family, Marquess Qin and Sir Jibei!

Only the expectations were enough to arouse murderous schemes out of jealousy!

So, whether the culprit was alone or not, someone from the Jiang Family must have been involved in it!

Otherwise, Mrs. Qu, Mrs. Zhou, and others took their lives to ensure that even a cat didn’t enter into the yard in the past two days, let alone a person. Jiang Jinglang’s condition was going as usual. Their yard was almost demolished totally but they didn’t find the source of the poison. It was so clear that no one believed that it was done by outsiders!

It was better to believe that the poison slipped into the yard and harmed Jiang Jinglang!

Now Jiang Jinglang was out of danger. It could be seen that Qiu Qian was sincere to save him. In that case, why should she wait and show up until she saw Marquess Qin’s sedan? After all, if something bad happened to Jiang Jinglang at this age, delaying treatment might cause an irreparable tragedy!

The reason why Qiu Qian delayed must be that she was afraid of being blocked by the traitor. If so, not only couldn’t she save the child, but she could be harmed!

If Marquess Qin had not come back to see his great grandson in person, the couple who tossed around in their backyard wouldn’t know that Qiu Qian outside the mansion had the antidote to save their son. And then…

Thinking of this, Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan both broke into a sweat with shock!

“For the sake of your youngest grand uncle, I’m not sure now. You’d better think over and tell me after you hear her words!” Marquess Qin stared at his great grandson in the swaddling clothes and said in a slow voice, “Your youngest grand uncle passed away suddenly, but there’s no one among you who can completely shoulder the responsibility… I have to hold on! Perhaps in this time, I can only keep away from it!”

“Grandpa, take care!” Jiang Yashuang whispered and comforted Marquess Qin with a pale face.

“The most important thing to pass down the fire is the firewood. The fire can be lit slowly. Even if the fire is weak at first, it is not difficult to flourish when the firewood is enough! But if there is no firewood, no matter how thriving it is, the fire will be extinguished sooner or later.” Marquess Qin smiled sadly, “Regardless of something far away from us, the Tao Family is a ready-made example. Therefore, the reason why I am willing to pay attention to you and Lang’er not only lies in my own preferences. I must do so and I should do so. Do you understand?”

Before Jiang Yashuang answered, he waved his hand again and whispered, “Go and leave me alone!”

The couple silently withdrew from the room and went to the outer corridor. Guessing that Marquess couldn’t hear them, Qiu Yelan whispered, “Is it the first branch or the third branch?”

“Ask Qiu Qian!” Jiang Yashuang’s thin lips closed tightly. Under the wind lamp, his eyes were bright and sharp like a blade, “She sent the antidote. How could she not know it?”

But Qiu Qian said that she really didn’t know!

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After Jiang Jinglang’s temperature reduced after taking the antidote she sent, Marquess Qin ordered people to treat her as a guest of honor. At the moment, after bathing and dressing, she looked like a young lady of a noble family when she was dressed in silks and satins, but her eyes were full of wildness and aggression, which showed her personality indirectly. When she saw Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan coming in, she said, “I bumped into it by chance and took efforts to steal the antidote. I don’t know the context of the matter! I don’t know who is the culprit!”

Qiu Yelan was about to say something, but Jiang Yashuang said first, “We now have only one son. If there is something wrong that happens to him, we can’t live anymore! No matter who saves our child, we won’t refuse any demands even a great reward.”

“What Sister Mei said is absolutely right!” Qiu Qian picked up the fruit from the silver plate in front of her and spit the core casually. She said lazily, “I sent you the antidote. Your first thought is not to thank me, but to doubt whether I’m the culprit.”

She looked at Qiu Yelan with a sneer, “Our power and ability can’t break the ‘Tianya’. Do you think your good brother will give us this kind of opportunity?”

“They grew up with my brother. Mr. Ren who accompanies my brother is their common mentor.” Qiu Yelan said to her husband after keeping silent for a while.

The implication was that she believed that Qiu Qian and the other two people would not be the person who harmed Jiang Jinglang, not only because they had no secrets for Ren Ziyong and Qiu Jinglan and they were impossible to be a threat to Qiu Yelan, but also because murdering Jiang Jinglang was harmful to them.

… A long time ago, when Qiu Qian and Mei Xue failed to get out of house arrest, they told Qiu Yelan that Qiu Jinglan still hadn’t paid remuneration! And Qiu Jinglan was in Shazhou until now. He would return to Jing City at the marriage of Ou Qinglan next year! Now if they were trying to kill Qiu Jinglan’s nephew, weren’t they asking for deaths?

Of course, Qiu Qian saved Jiang Jinglang, but as Mei Xue said, the Jiang Family would never treat her immediately as the life-saving benefactor of the Jiang Family’s children for the antidote! Unless she could prove that she didn’t make Jiang Jinglang poisoned!

“I left several important objects in that yard when I got away from there in a hurry. Later, I heard that all of those objects were taken by the first branch of your family.” Qiu Qian said the origin of the antidote slightly, “Although I was distressed, I could only feel lucky to get away from there in time when thinking of the Jiang Family’s power!”

“But later, you didn’t make great efforts to find us. The management of the Marquess’s Mansion has become looser and looser in the past six months!”

“Three months ago, I even risked to dress up as a servant girl and strolled around the yard of the first branch! Although I didn’t have a chance to go inside to find my objects. I don’t know if they are still there. Those objects are the relics left by my father. They may not be precious in the eyes of other people and be thrown away at random. But if I can find them back, I still want to find them.”

“I was scolded by Sister Mei seriously after I went back that time, and my brother almost beat me! They said I was too reckless and it would be terrible if I was found!”

Speaking of this, Qiu Qian pursed her lips, “And then I was locked up for three months! Two days ago, Sir Jibei passed away. People of the Marquess’s Mansion rushed to offer condolences and help. It was even more chaotic here. I sent two men to sneak in without much effort. Although it was difficult to enter into the rooms of each branch, no one asked them when they wandered around the garden or other places. Of course, I came to find those objects by myself! After all, I’ve always carried those objects close to me, and my men haven’t seen it before. They might not be able to find them accurately!”

“As a result, after sneaking into the first branch, I heard someone saying something about poison. Those old women wanted to simply throw away the antidote. You know that my martial arts were abolished before. It was hard for me to fight with them so it took me much effort to knock the two old women out and steal the antidote!”

“But I didn’t know where was the fourth branch and I didn’t dare to ask the way. So, I went back to ask Sister Mei for help.”

When Qiu Qian said this, she stroked her hair on the temples and said casually, “Sister Mei asked me to hide near the gate of the Marquess’s Mansion and stare at it. She told me never to appear unless I saw the couple of Marquess Qin, you, or your trusted subordinates! Otherwise, who knows if I may be caught by someone.”

She threw up her hands and said, “Well, my story is over. By the way, can you help me get my father’s relics back from the first branch?”

Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan did not answer her but remained silent for a long time.

After a long time, the two people shouted angrily, “What good-for-nothing Madame He is!”

If it were the time that He Shuijin was in charge of the family, let alone Qiu Qian who could sneak into the mansion and stroll around without being found, her men who wanted to sneak in would expect to have a burst of luck!

And what about Madame He? Qiu Qian simply took the Marquess’s Mansion as the backyard garden! And since Qiu Qian could do this, what about other people?

No wonder they didn’t find any results in their yard. The yard they lived in was in the mansion. They thought it was under heavy protection. How many precautions could they have? How much protection could they have? How could they think that the courtyard wall had long been penetrated by people?

“Since you heard about the poison matter in the first branch and got the antidote from there, why don’t you know who is the culprit?” After Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan scolded Madame He, they barely calmed down and asked Qiu Qian suspiciously.

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