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Chapter 261: 261

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It could be said that the ores here only produced top-quality jades. If the quality of the jade was good enough, it would be very valuable.

“Damn it, why am I feeling so nervous? This rock isn’t mine anyway!” The stonecutter’s hand was full of sweat.

Everyone around felt the same way. It was just like playing poker—before the cards were all revealed, both the audience and the player would inevitably feel nervous.

This was actually the charm of stone gambling.

With one just one cut, the value of the stone might either rise from 400,000 to 4 million, turning into a phoenix from a chicken, or it might become a worthless stone justing take up space.

As everyone held their breath, the stonecutter’s face was full of nervousness. Finally, he set his heart, placed his hand onto the stone cutting machine and started to cut the stone.

As the saw gear of the machine sawed into the stone, everyone’s heart was in suspense, intently glaring at the spot that it was cutting.

“Pour water!” After cutting it for a while, the stonecutter immediately asked someone to pour water along the opening to wash away the debris so he could better observe if there was anything inside so far.

Very quickly, his assistant poured water down the opening and washed away the debris. The stonecutter took a small brush and carefully brushed away the debris still it stuck inside, then squatted down to observe it.

“This… I wonder if there is anything inside…”

“According to Young Master Dali’s luck, it shouldn’t be too bad, right?”

“That’s hard to say, stone gambling is a very incredible thing.”

The audiences discussed and gave their opinions, saying all kinds of things. Of course, the focus of their discussion was about Hong Dali’s luck.

“OK, it’s starting again. Look!”

This time, after the stonecutter turned on the machine, he didn’t hesitate any more and directly cut all the way down. With the screeching sound of the saw gear cutting the stone, the whole ore split into two from the center.

“Sigh, nothing.” The surrounding crowd sighed. It was obvious that there was no hint of green on either side of the ore. This showed that he had lost the gamble for this stone.

“Young Master Dali, you see…” 400,000 was gone with just one cut, the stonecutter felt a bit embarrassed.

However, this depended on who the buyer was. Being someone who could give away tips in the hundreds of thousands, just a mere 400,000 was nothing to Hong Dali. Therefore, his tone was quite calm. “It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing inside, aren’t there still so many more stones? Cut each of down one by one, choose any of them to cut.”

Then, Hong Dali found a chair to sit down and read his novel on his perfect-grade nouveau riche golden phone. As he read, he beamed with delight and said, “Hehe, the reception is really good. Look at this speed, it’s just like broadband… Ah, that who, call and tell me if something comes out. It’s really boring to watch the stone being cut…”

The surrounding people were really impressed with him.

It wasn’t like they had never seen people who didn’t give regards to anything before, but this was definitely the first time they saw someone with such a big heart.

That was an entire 10 million… ores that were rounded up into 10 million yuan worth of money! This fellow actually didn’t care about it and just went to one side to play with his smartphone!?

Lao Deming’s head was full of sweat as he asked, “Young Master, are you really not going to watch?”

“No, what’s interesting in watching the cutting of stones?” Hong Dali looked at his phone. “The novels that I am following have all been updated. You guys can cut first, just tell me if something comes out. Oh right.” Hong Dali didn’t even raise his head. “If you want to satisfy your craving, you can cut some of it too.”

Forget it, I better just watch. These stones are all worth a million or so, they are out of my league.

Lao Deming walked back to his original spot. At this time, the stonecutter was already preparing to cut the second stone—it was the one the bearded middle-aged man thought had something in it.

The stonecutter clenched his teeth, stamped his foot and the screening sound came again. Then, after he used water to wash it, an extremely loud voice sounded out. “I’m so angry!”

It was the bearded middle-aged man who shouted!

What happened was that this ore that he set his eyes on really had jade in it! A jade that had very balanced coloration.

Now, the originally noisy crowd suddenly went silent. They had never thought that these ores that Hong Dali bought would have jade on just the second one!

Originally, there were only one to two hundred people looking around this stall. Now, it was instantly packed with people, and the people at the back was still trying to squeeze inside to join in the action.

“Young master, Young Master, good news!” Lao Deming frantically ran over. “It’s a rise in value! Young Master, one of the ores that you bought had jade in it!”

“Oh…” As opposed to Lao Deming’s expression, Hong Dali just insipidly replied, then said something that caused him to totally breakdown. “If you like it, you can have it. Don’t disturb me reading my novel.”

You can have it if you like it, don’t disturb me reading my novel…

This was a jade worth millions of dollars! You are really just giving it away like that?

Lao Deming couldn’t believe his ears and nervously asked, “Young Master, you are really giving it to me?”

After he said this, he immediately regretted it…

“Ah?” Hong Dali lifted his head. “Did I said that I am giving it to you just now? Oh, wait a bit, let me check.” Saying so, Hong Dali stood up and looked at the ore with the jade and murmured, “It’s just average.”

In Hong Dali’s eyes, there were these few words written on the jade: “Reflexes +4!”

An attribute that added reflexes to it, this item didn’t have any use at all, so Hong Dali decisively gave it away. “You can have it if you like it.” Saying so, he continued to read his novel…

Lao Deming suddenly felt like fainting in happiness now—that was a jade! Definitely a top-grade jade, it could easily be worth 2 to 3 million!

“Young Master Dali really is…” At the side, Yang Chao’s eyes stared till his eyes went straight. “This is really not an ordinary large sum…”

Then, he knew how extra his words were…

After that, everyone present finally understood what it meant by time to witness a miracle!

The third piece had jade in it—Agility +3. Hong Dali directly gave it to Yang Chao’s girlfriend, Su Yan, as a gift.

The fourth, Reflexes +4, he gave to one of the female lackeys.

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The fifth, slag.

The sixth, Strength +3, he gave to one of the male lackeys…

Just in such a short while, there were six ores that had jade in it. Hong Dali gave all of them away and continued to read his novel after that.

The crowd all broke down into tears.

They were really convinced of him now… They had seen people squander before, but not to such an extent…

Until the 12th piece did Hong Dali finally beamed with delight. Health +5! Brouhaha! This is what I want, I shall give it to Mother after I am done processing it!

The 15th piece, Health +5, he would give it to his father!

The 22nd piece, Health +4, he would give it to his Xinxin!

The 24th piece, Health +4, he would give it to Sister Nianwei!

In just an hour or so, Hong Dali already had a large harvest. Even Yang Chao was totally dazed after seeing this. He continuously mumbled, “White based jade, golden silk jade, violet jade, he gave it all away just like that!?”

These types of jade were all quite valuable, each of them was worth several million. Yet, this prodigal, Hong Dali gave them away like they were potatoes…

Actually, he didn’t know that Hong Dali’s true purpose for coming here was to find gems with attributes. Naturally, he wouldn’t be interested in those normal gems and just gave them away to buy the hearts of his followers.

By now, the crowd was totally convinced of him…

After all of the ores were cut, Hong Dali had also finished reading all the new chapters of the novels. He got up, stretched his waist, smiled and said, “Ah, it’s really satisfying today. OK, let’s go home now!” Then, Hong Dali waved goodbye to Yang Chao. “Brother Yang, let me when if you come over to Tianjing. We can go out and play together!”

“Sure!” Yang Chao was really impressed with Hong Dali now. “I will definitely look for you if I go there!”

“OK, I shall be leaving first, hehe.” Now that he had the health attribute jades, it was time to go back and process them and increase the health of everyone!

Now that the Young Master had spoken, everyone naturally followed and instantly prepared to return.

“Young Master Dali!” Just as they were about to leave, the bearded middle-aged man chased out and nervously said, “Young Master Dali, can I have a few words with you?”

“Er… You have something to do with me?” Hong Dali was quite curious.

“It’s like this.” He started introducing himself. “I’m the Director of Tianjing Shenghua Housing Estates company. My name is Li Yuanshou, and this is my name card. Young Master Dali, please take a look.”

“Housing estates company?” Hong Dali looked at the name card. “But what has this got to do with me? I’m not into housing estates.”

To be honest, Hong Dali wasn’t wrong.

He really wasn’t into housing estates—he had never built any houses on those lands that he bought…

“It’s like this.” Li Yuanshou smiled in reply and said, “The business for housing estates is in a slump lately. I saw that Young Master Dali had quite a few pieces of land under your name and plan to develop them together with you. I’ll be in charge of the construction while Young Master Dali just has to provide the land. I can be responsible for the rest.”

“Oh…” Hong Dali touched his chin and asked Ling Xiaoyi, “Xiaoyi, how many lands are there under my name?”

“Young Master, you really have quite a lot.” Ling Xiaoyi smiled and replied, “They are all in the West Fourth Loop. Master bought them under your name last time. However, they are already being developed right now. Other than that, there are some lands in the outer area of Tianjing Mountain and Fengyuan Lake. There’s quite a lot of empty land there.” Speaking up to this point, she thought for a while and said, “Oh right, there’s a piece of barren land from Tianjing Mountain to the West Fourth Loop. Master is preparing to buy it and give it to you, Young Master. It’s still in negotiations now.”

“The land at West Fourth Loop is already being developed…” Hong Dali mumbled, “Than let’s not think about those now. The environment at Fengyuan Lake is quite good, we shall not touch there first. The land at Tianjing Mountain is OK for use, but we are still waiting for the blueprint…” Then, only that piece of barren land was left. “Then, let’s just choose the barren land. I think it will be quite good to develop the land there.”

Develop a barren land!? In his heart, Li Yuanshou shouted, I’m so angry!

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