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Chapter 1622: 1622

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Chapter 1622: The One and Only Soldier King

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But when she thought about Uncle Chen’s intentional evasion, she felt uneasy.

His identity was exposed… After so many years, it should be fine.

After shifting her gaze, Ye Jian asked, “Major Xia, I want to ask you something. Uncle Chen was an ace soldier. Do you mean the unique ace soldier or the only ace soldier in the military unit?”

“He was the one and only ace soldier. A legend of the sniper world. To this day, the throne of the sniper world still belongs to Uncle Chen. No one can replace him.” Xia Jinyuan’s expression couldn’t help but turn solemn when he mentioned his senior’s achievements. His voice was filled with respect. “Uncle Chen can be said to be a legend. A legend that many people can’t believe existed.”

Ye Jian was shocked. A unique ace soldier! A legend that many people didn’t believe existed!

Uncle Chen never told her about this!

Xia Jinyuan was shocked too. He thought that Ye Jian knew everything about Uncle Chen, but her expression told him that she didn’t know about Uncle Chen’s past achievements!

“Didn’t Uncle Chen mention to you that he was a soldier?” Xia Jinyuan frowned. Uncle Chen never mentioned it to her? Why did Uncle Chen not mention anything about his past when he was training Ye Jian?

Ye Jian shook her head gently. “I only know that Uncle Chen was one of ten ace soldiers who went on a mission in his seventies. In the end, only four of them came back alive. Besides that, Uncle Chen never mentioned it again.”

“Among the ten ace soldiers, Uncle Chen is the real deal,” Xia Jinyuan added.” In that era, Uncle Chen’s sniping skills and individual combat ability were excellent. The ace soldiers who followed him were all defeated by Uncle Chen.”

That was why he said that Uncle Chen was a unique ace soldier.

Ye Jian, who never knew about Uncle Chen’s personal achievements, was still shocked. “To this day, the throne in the sniper world still belongs to Uncle Chen. No one can replace him.” In 87, Uncle Chen retired from the military. Now, in 99 years, no one has been able to defeat Uncle Chen for 12 years!

It turned out that this was the origin of the ‘world-class sniper.’ However, when Uncle Chen mentioned this matter, he casually told her that it was just a reputation. From his tone, it seemed like everything was fake.

Xia Jinyuan’s gaze turned dark. Ye Jian was Uncle Chen’s only successor. Her sniping skills were taught by Uncle Chen personally. Why didn’t Uncle Chen mention his matter to him?

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Could it be…

Xia Jinyuan asked Ye Jian, “Do you know why Uncle Chen retired?”

“Yes, I know.” Ye Jian saw that his expression was a little dark and couldn’t help but lower her voice. “His identity was exposed. To avoid some trouble, the military retired Uncle Chen, and he was declared dead in a matter of three months.”

That meant that Uncle Chen’s identity was still a secret.

Xia Jinyuan’s expression softened a little. That meant that Uncle Chen still told Ye Jian a thing or two. However, he didn’t say much. He said, “Uncle Chen is a legend in the sniper world. Even after he retired, many people looked up to him. Uncle Chen’s matter is a little complicated. Since he didn’t tell you much, he must have his reasons.”

“As for you, you just need to remember that you are a sniper personally taught by Uncle Chen. Don’t embarrass Uncle Chen, understand?” Xia Jinyuan reminded her.. Then, he changed the topic and stopped talking about Uncle Chen.

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