Red Packet Server - Chapter 1564

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Chapter 1564: 1564

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Chapter 1564: Unrecognition

Ever since the primordial era, Emperor Hades’ appearance had always been a mystery.

For instance, when Ye Zichen first met the prior Emperor Hades, there was always a cloud of smog obscuring his features.

Unless Emperor Hades deliberately dispersed the smog, only experts of comparably high cultivation could see through it. Without Emperor Hades’ consent, most rulers couldn’t even dream of getting a clear look at him.

Although Su Yan had condensed the Godhead of Life and become a master god, this was a very recent development. Even if she was highly suited for her godhead, she’d need quite some time to fully comprehend its mysteries and understand its true nature.

Of course, Su Yiyun had only recently taken on his predecessor’s mantle, but this was different from acquiring a godhead. 

Succeeding the title “Emperor Hades” was like being imbued with knowledge and deep enlightenment. The process had directly boosted Su Yiyun’s cultivation, letting him soar straight into the ranks of the era’s peerless experts. Although attaining divinity had boosted Su Yan’s cultivation by quite a bit too, the scale of the change paled in comparison to Su Yiyun.

Su Yiyun looked away from Su Yan, patted Ye Zichen on the shoulder, and prepared to leave.

“Wait!” Su Yan couldn’t help but speak up. Everyone could sense who she was addressing. The various experts of the Yao Realm were rather curious about the youth who’d just succeeded Emperor Hades’ position too. Su Yiyun instantly found himself the center of attention.

Ye Zichen, one of the few who knew his and Su Yan’s relationship, stood in the middle, his gaze flitting between them. 

It seemed brother and sister were about to reunite.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile straight from the heart. He was keenly aware of how much Su Yan and Su Yiyun cared for each other. Their bond had been deep even in the Modern Realm, and in the Lower Three Realms, Su Yiyun had always looked out for her, even while infiltrating the demons.

Su Yan had been immersed in grief over his passing for a long time. But now, it seemed like the two of them….

One had succeeded Emperor Hades’ mantle, while the other had condensed her godhead and become a master god, the Goddess of Life. 

 If they reunited, it would be a miraculous tale.

“Goddess of Life, do you have business with me?” 

Ye Zichen was stunned. Su Yiyun hadn’t announced his identity! And that wasn’t all; he treated her with the same coldness Emperor Hades had always reserved for strangers. When he turned to face Su Yan, his words carried no hint of emotion whatsoever. 

His flat tone stunned Su Yan, obliterating the last shred of hope left in her heart. “I apologize. Your manner of speaking resembled a brother of mine, so I …”

“No matter,” said Su Yiyun in that same flat tone as before. He turned to her and nodded. “If there’s nothing else, I am needed at the River Styx, so I shant stay any longer.”  

“Safe travels.” Su Yan forced a smile and nodded farewell. Ye Zichen stared intently, watching this play out. He could only watch in stunned silence as Su Yiyun left. He couldn’t for the life of him understand why Su Yiyun had made this choice. 

When Emperor Hades left, the great emperors looked away from him, but Xia Keke watched his departure. She tilted her head and pouted her lips. “Who is that guy? Why is he shrouding his face in mist like that? Could it be that he’s so ugly he doesn’t want anyone to see him?”

“Quit talking nonsense, you little brat.” A dragon race expert hurriedly covered Xia Keke’s mouth. “That’s the new Emperor Hades you’re talking about! If he hears you, you’ll be in for it!”

“Surely we dragons aren’t afraid of him?” Xia Keke put her hands on her hips and stuck out her jaw. She also glanced at the Dragon Emperor, as if hoping for his confirmation.

To her surprise, he merely cleared his throat. He didn’t dare confirm her words. 

The dragons naturally didn’t fear any other race, but Emperor Hades…

The other great emperors’ expressions were unnatural too. Even Xia Keke sensed that the atmosphere was rather off. She couldn’t help but frown. “Is he really that tough?”

She grabbed Su Yan’s arm and snorted, “Susu here is the Goddess of Life! In the future, she’ll definitely be way tougher than some stinky Emperor Hades! And my Big Brother Zichen too! He’s always been badass! I’ve never seen him hide like Emperor Hades, either!”

In the great emperors’ ears, Xia Keke’s words were like those of an innocent, ignorant child.

Perhaps it was because the Dragon Emperor spoiled her, but she showed no sign of fearing Emperor Hades. 

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Su Yan, meanwhile, had a heavy heart. When Xia Keke brought up Ye Zichen, she instinctively looked at him. 

But when he sensed her gaze, Ye Zichen looked away. 

If Su Yiyun had chosen not to tell her, he naturally had his reasons. Ye Zichen was rather afraid that if he stayed, he’d inadvertently let something slip.

Yang Jian and the Great Sage started moving, but Pu Jingwan frowned and muttered, “You’re leaving just like that? Have you really settled things here?”

“You talk too much.” Xiao Yumei glared at her, then took a few good looks at Su Yan’s face, but she showed no other signs of emotion. She simply walked back to Ye Zichen and stood behind him. “Goddess of life, you’ve only just acquired your godhead, so we shan’t disturb you any longer.” 

The other great emperors left too, then saw that Ye Zichen’s group was waiting for them outside.

“I humbly request that you don’t disclose Emperor Hades’ appearance,” said Ye Zichen. He cupped his fist in respect.

The great emperors were all clever, and they instantly understood what he was trying to say. Ye Zichen then continued, “When the Xuanwu and a few other clans left, they seemed rather displeased. I imagine there’s something amiss there. As for what specifically is amiss, I can’t tell. For now, I’ll simply request that you keep an eye out for it.”

“Of course.” Su Qingyan nodded.

Between that golden light and the surge of life force accompanying Su Yan’s acquisition of her godhead, Su Qingyan’s wounds had long since healed, good as new. Su Yan had fallen into a coma after attaining divinity, so several old experts had stuck around to look after her. Only the few from the Xuanwu Clan had left, obvious displeasure written on their faces. 

At the time, Su Qingyan and the others had been more concerned about Su Yan’s situation, so they hadn’t paid the rest much heed.

But this didn’t mean they couldn’t sense that something was amiss.

Tu Kuan had been causing trouble right from the start. When the Four Sacred Beast Clans rallied to reinforce the foxes, it was the Xuanwu Clan that took the longest to get ready, delaying the others. In terms of casualties, they’d lost by far the fewest clansmen. 

If, after adding up this series of events, they couldn’t see the problem, these great emperors would have truly lived all these years in vain.

“Since you’re already aware, Empress, I won’t meddle in your affairs. We generally stay in touch via the war prep chat group, so if anything comes up, please let us know as soon as you can.” Ye Zichen cupped his fist, smiled, and bade her farewell. His friends nodded their respects as well. “Well, we won’t trouble you any longer. Farewell! No, wait…” Ye Zichen paused, then turned to face Xue Yang’s true body. “Ocean Emperor, there’s a few things I’d like to discuss with you in detail.”

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