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Chapter 1575: 1575

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Chapter 1575: Big Sister Xiang

The second layer of the Xue Family dungeons.

The light barrier around Venerate Spirit Treasure had already dispersed. He, Ye Zichen, Pu Jingwan, and the Ocean Emperor all stood at the center of the room, but there was now one other person in their midst…

Xuan-Yuan Xiang. 

The formerly arrogant Venerate Spirit Treasure’s behavior had changed dramatically; it was like night and day.

“Alliance Head Ye, I’ll keep an eye on the guy downstairs for you. If there’s any news, I’ll use the treasure you gave me to let you know right away.” Venerate Spirit Treasure then turned to Xuan-Yuan Xiang and said meekly, “Big Sister Xiang, are you satisfied with this?”

“Why are you asking me? Ask him!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang glared at Venerate Spirit Treasure and pointed at Ye Zichen. “If he’s happy, I’ve naturally got no problems with this arrangement either.”

“Alliance Head Ye?” Venerate Spirit Treasure smiled obsequiously. 

Honestly, Ye Zichen was having a hard time understanding what was happening. He hadn’t liked it when the Ocean Emperor’s avatar had him call Xuan-Yuan Xiang out, but he’d obediently done as he was told anyway.

It was then that the unexpected happened!

When Xuan-Yuan Xiang saw Venerate Spirit Treasure, she addressed him by name. He then reacted like a mouse seeing a cat. His arrogant confidence disappeared into thin air.

“Al-…Alright.” All of this felt somewhat surreal, and Ye Zichen was still having trouble believing it.

As soon as Ye Zichen agreed, Venerate Spirit Treasure turned back to Xuan-Yuan Xiang. She crossed her arms and snorted coldly, “You should have just agreed earlier. Why go out of your way to summon me?”  

“Yes, of course.” Venerate Spirit Treasure’s face was nothing but smiles. He turned to Ye Zichen and said, “Alliance Head Ye, I treated you improperly earlier. If you’d told me earlier that you were traveling with Big Sister Xiang, I wouldn’t have…”

“Hm?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang looked askance at him.

“It was all my fault.” Venerate Spirit Treasure grimaced.

“Hmph!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang snorted and tugged at Ye Zichen, leading him away. “Going forward, you can order Spirit Treasure around as you see fit, but let’s not hang around a little yao like him. It’ll only lower our caliber.”

A little yao!

Based on the aura Venerate Spirit Treasure had just released, even the likes of the Yao Emperor, the Eastern Monarch Taiyi would struggle to contend with him.

He was a little yao!?  

In that case, which member of the yao race would dare proclaim themselves a big yao? 

Venerate Spirit Treasure didn’t dare voice any objections. He nodded, bowed, and watched as Xuan-Yuan Xiang led Ye Zichen out of the dungeons. 

As soon as they were outside, the Ocean Emperor’s avatar said he had business to attend to and left.

Ye Zichen stood outside the dungeons for quite some time, unable to recover from the shock of all that had just transpired. He looked through his contacts, then recalled how Venerate Spirit Treasure had acted in front of Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

“Big Sister Xiang.”

“What is it?” She narrowed her eyes at him, then grabbed him by the ear. “You little rascal, how long has it been since you last contacted me? You only remember me when you need me. When you don’t, you don’t even want to chat!”

“Ouch! Big Sister Xiang, it hurts!” Ye Zichen cried out as if he were in pain, but how could Xuan-Yuan Xiang actually hurt him? She was fully aware that he was just pretending. 

Even so, she relaxed her grip, crossed her arms, and snorted. “You wanted to ask why Venerate Spirit Treasure is so afraid of me, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded, then heard her explain, “Actually, it’s rather simple. In the past, ‘Venerate Spirit Treasure’ was known as ‘the Treasure-Eating Fanatic’. His true form is actually just a toad, but he can eat magic treasures to increase his cultivation. Back in the day, he swallowed me, but my power filled him to the point of bursting and, well… You can imagine the rest.” 

“He swallowed you?” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. Only five thousand years had passed since the era of the Yellow Emperor, which naturally meant Ye Zichen and his reincarnations had only obtained the blade around five thousand years ago. But Venerate Spirit Treasure had been in the Xue Family dungeons for at least ten thousand years. How was this…?  

“The sword the Yellow Emperor obtained was actually the second generation Xuan-Yuan Sword.”

“Then were you called Xuan-Yuan Xiang back then, too?” asked Ye Zichen.

“Of course not.” Xuan-Yuan Xiang shrugged. My memories of my first incarnation are rather vague. I only started recovering them after you fused your godhead with me, but even then, I only remember a little. I seem to recall that I was once called Shangguan Xiang. In any event, the Yellow Emperor gave me the name Xuan-Yuan Xiang. If you want, I could start calling myself ‘Ye Xiang.’”

“There’s no need for that, is there….?”  

“What, you won’t be happy even if I change my family name to Ye?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang arched her brows.

“That’s not what I mean.” Ye Zichen smiled bitterly. “The Yellow Emperor and I are the same person to begin with. Calling yourself Ye Xiang or Xuan-Yuan Xiang doesn’t really make much of a difference. But I’m rather curious about that Venerate Spirit Treasure guy. Are there really people out there who can increase their cultivation by swallowing up magic treasures?”

“He’s just an unusually lucky toad is all. Don’t spend too much time with him; it’s beneath us.” Xuan-Yuan Xiang pursed her lips.

Ye Zichen was speechless.

She called him a toad so casually, but most likely, only she would dare do such a thing!

Suddenly, Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed. 

“Hey, you aren’t thinking of granting him amnesty and recruiting him, are you?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang could see through him at a glance.

“Heh, I was thinking about it. Could you help me, Big Sister Xiang?” asked Ye Zichen.

Although she slandered him, there was something neither of them could deny: Venerate Spirit Treasure’s cultivation was terrifyingly powerful. 

He’d been imprisoned for ten thousand years, which meant there was a blank space in his history.

If Ye Zichen took him as his subordinate, he’d be quite useful. He might even be enormously useful.

“Don’t ask me to do that. I have absolutely no desire to join forces with this filthy toad. Besides, even if you wanted to take him as your subordinate, are you sure your allies would agree?”

“Why wouldn’t they?” Ye Zichen didn’t understand.

“If you don’t believe me, go ahead. Contact the great emperors and see how they respond. See how they respond when you bring up the dirty ol’ croaker.” Xuan-Yuan Xiang shrugged.

Ye Zichen saw no reason to delay. He pulled open the chat, and, by coincidence, he saw that Bi’an was currently active.

Seventh Dragonborn: It’s been rough as hell out here. How are things on your end?  

Third Dragonborn: We’ve long since settled things here, but I was afraid of hurting your confidence, so I didn’t dare announce it here.

Hermit Emperor: We’re finished on my end, too.

Jade Pool Palace Master: We finished three days ago, sorry.

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Seventh Dragonborn: ??? You’re not just talking nonsense, are you?

Jade Pool Palace Master: Ask your subordinates. Don’t tell me you don’t have informants on our Divine Mountains.

Seventh Dragonborn: Heh heh….

One look at Great Emperor Bi’an’s silly laughter and it was clear that the Jade Pool Palace Master was right. About ten seconds later, Bi’an got a response from his informants.

Seventh Dragonborn: I really am the slowest. No way!

Invincible Adorable Beauty: They’re not done on the Northern Divine Mountain yet either. The Ocean Emperor only just said he had some matters left to attend to.

Lord of the Big Dipper: @ Only Idealism

Lord of the Big Dipper: You’ve arrived at the Northern Divine Mountain, right? How are things over there? Zichen isn’t hurt, is he?

Only Idealism: I’m doing just fine, mom. Don’t worry about me.

 As soon as they sent these messages, the other great emperors started making fun of Xue Yang’s inefficiency and poor management. They even jokingly suggested he clear out and let them take over.

As he watched the endless stream of messages roll down his screen, Ye Zichen scratched his head and hesitated for a moment before…

Only Idealism: There’s something I’d like to discuss with you.

Seventh Dragonborn: Emperor Star, what need is there for discussion? 

Third Dragonborn: The Star Altar is currently under your mother’s command. As the nominal great emperor, I’m feeling awfully stifled.

Jade Pool Palace Master: My daughter’s life is in your hands. What is there to discuss? It’s all up to you.

Hermit Emperor: I have no objections. 

Only Idealism: I…. Do you know Venerate Spirit Treasure?

The discussion instantly died down.

Then, after a brief silence….

Seventh Dragonborn: Spirit Treasure? When did that bastard show up? @ Only Idealism, Did you see him? Tell me where he is! I’ll kill him!

Third Dragonborn: I’ll second that.

Jade Pool Palace Master: Me as well! (A row of angry emojis)

Fox Empress: ??? Send coordinates!

When he saw these messages, Ye Zichen…



What… What was going on? 

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