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Chapter 37: My Treasure Is Gone???

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A dilapidated five-colored altar was placed in the desolate forest.

This five-colored altar seemed to have been here for countless years. It was ancient and dilapidated. Looking around, this altar was not big, only about a hundred meters in radius.

The surroundings were covered in weeds, withered trees, and fallen leaves. It was gloomy and desolate. It had been a long time since any living beings had come. The entire altar was suffused with a layer of faint gray airflow. Moreover, there were no fluctuations or auras. It was truly too ordinary.

“This is what Little Xuan wanted?” Lin Bao was in disbelief.

He subconsciously walked forward, wanting to ascend the altar to see what it was. However, before Lin Bao could approach the altar, Xuan Yanran suddenly cried out in surprise!

Hu! The purple qi on Lin Xuan’s body suddenly contracted and was sucked into his body! Then, the dual-pupils expanded and the divine eye opened!

Crack!!! Crack! Endless divine light suddenly erupted from Lin Xuan’s eyes and head! Stars circulated! Dazzling divine light gathered!

Fierce light gathered. In this instant, Lin Bao and the others felt as if they had arrived at the most ancient era, the era when all things were first born. There was a world that was created, primal chaos swirling about!

The world spun. In an instant, the light emitted by Lin Xuan’s eyes made the entire space distort!

“What… the f*ck!!”

Lin Bao had only spoken halfway when his eyes widened in shock, and he practically did not dare believe everything that had happened before his eyes!

Because as Lin Xuan’s dual pupils and divine eye erupted, an extremely gorgeous pattern also suddenly appeared on the ancient five-colored altar in front of him!!

Looking at those patterns, before Lin Bao could observe them carefully, three lights appeared in the divine light! It was a pair of mysterious dual-pupils and a brilliant Innate Divine Eye!

The infant Lin Xuan’s eyes flickered with complicated patterns.

With the help of the dual-pupils and the power of the Innate Divine Eye, he used a technique that overturned the chaos to break through all the array formations around the altar to fully activate it!

The dual-pupils and divine eye shone on the five-colored altar in a brilliant and dazzling manner. Black and white qi flowed down one after another, brazenly suppressing the five-colored altar!

Then, the swaddled Lin Xuan took a deep breath and pulled with all his might!


In the next moment, a huge hole that was more than a hundred meters in radius appeared in front of everyone!

The entire five-colored altar, along with the surrounding area, was forcefully pulled out from the ground by Lin Xuan with the help of the dual-pupils! Then, he swayed and threw this piece of land around a hundred meters onto Lin Bao.

Lin Bao watched all of this with his mouth agape. He was caught between laughter and tears as he received the five-colored altar.

“Xuan’er, you mean to ask me to bring this back to the Lin family?”

In the swaddling clothes, although Lin Xuan did not move, his bright eyes revealed a look of disdain, ‘Who else? Do you want me to bring it back myself?’

Lin Bao shook his head helplessly when he saw this. This baby seemed to be looking down on him?

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Lin Bao held the five-colored altar in one hand and sized it up with narrowed eyes.

On the five-colored altar, other than the faint complicated and broken array formation patterns, he did not see anything special. However, he also knew that this thing was definitely not ordinary.

“Let’s go back and study it with the people in the clan. Let’s see what this is.”

At that moment, the sky was already dark. Lin Bao did not want to stay here any longer to avoid trouble. Treasures were good, but if anything happened to Lin Xuan, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Lin Bao immediately waved his sleeve and took out the flying ship. He placed down the five-colored altar and took out a high-grade spirit stone, fusing it into the flying ship. It suddenly accelerated and quickly rushed back towards the Lin family…

At the same time that Lin Xuan pulled out the five-colored altar, in the deepest part of the pitch-black Great Abyss in the forbidden area of the Great Desolate that was extremely far away from this place, the living being whose eyes were comparable to a huge mountain suddenly widened in doubt. After silently sensing for a while, endless anger suddenly erupted from this living being’s eyes!


In the abyss, earth cracked one after another. The ancient mountains and rivers collapsed like soil!

Near the Great Abyss, the expressions of countless ferocious beasts changed drastically. They rushed into the sky crazily and fled while howling!

However, before they could run far, a wave swept past! Wherever the wave passed, the world changed color, the sun and moon dimmed, and living beings collapsed!

Everything in the range, be it living beings, mountains, rivers, or plants, shattered like dust in an instant!

In a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers, the ground churned like waves. An angry voice quickly swept through the entire vast Great Desolate.

“Who is it?!”

“Who stole my divine artifact?!”

Near the Great Desolate, Lin Xuan, who had come out of Great Yan City, returned with the five-colored altar he had taken out from the Great Desolate Forest.

Near Great Yan City, there was also something happening…

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