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Chapter 100.1: Chapter 100.1 Pack's first member Part1

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As soon as Xu Meilin opened her mouth, a black paw moved, and bam! Something was tossed into her mouth. The difference between her treatment and Su Yan's couldn't be more evident.

The poor girl blinked, having no idea what just happened and Qin Hua had already walked away.

Not that she had anything against Xu Meilin per se. It was just the general sour feeling after seeing the number of coins in a bank account drop.

Qin Hua even began looking over at the goblin corpses one more time to see if she had missed out on anything but every single one of them had been robbed clean and nothing was left.

Her gaze then casually fell on the bigger goblin and her ears twitched. [I almost forgot! Woof!]

She took out the gem studded stick from her inventory which she had looted from the big goblin and walked over to put it near Lu Chen.

It was a weapon that increased multiple attributes including intelligence, total mana, and mana regeneration. It was the perfect weapon for a magic user like Lu Chen.

She would have used it herself but it was not very convenient to fight while still holding a stick in her mouth or her paw.

Watching her actions, Lu Chen curiously picked up the stick. Luo Zu who was standing next to him took this opportunity to butter up Qin Hua.

"Ha Ha. Little white must be bored and tired of fighting all the time. You want to play fetch?" He asked with a big ass kissing smile plastered on his face.

[The heck? Who wants to play fetch! Do you think I am a dog?!]

Growl! Qin Hua snapped her canines at him and the man stumbled and fell back.

"Ahhh… Sorry 'little white'." Not daring to linger near her any longer, he awkwardly muttered in a hurry and ran away to the other side.

[mhm. You better be afraid.] She scoffed at him and turned around.

[Was I too mean to him perhaps? Woof! Probably not.]

She glared at Luo Zu from a distance as the man nervously continued chatting something with Alex. [Hmmm. I haven't inspected this guy yet. Let me see.]

Name: LuoZu

Health: 700

Strength: 20

Stamina: 30

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Agility: 10

Wisdom: 15

Relationship: Favorable

Skill: N/A

Title: Cheap Strategist

[Ba ha ha ha! Just like I thought. So useless! Leech!]

[And what is with this title? Cheap strategist? And this guy is not even friends with me? Only favorable! What an ungrateful bastard!]

Qin Hua glared at him for a bit more. This person had to be the laziest in the group!

She then shook her head a second later as if she was disagreeing with herself. There was another member of the group that was far lazier.

Her eyes scanned the crowd and eventually fell on the small furry being that was happily loitering here and there, swishing its tail without a care in the world.

Of course, as usual, the small cat didn't have any sort of wound or even a scratch on its body.

In fact, the tabby cat was fatter than before and it had an adorable innocent smile on its face which only further angered her.

As soon as Qin Hua looked at it, the cat looked back and flashed another cute smile.

[This bitch! Woof!]

[How have you not died yet??!]

[Shouldn't you have become a goblin snack by now?]

They had struggled through giant snakes and an entire freaking goblin army, yet this cat alone had somehow survived without a scratch.

There were too many coincidences and she couldn't ignore them anymore. She decided to [Inspect] the damn thing just out of curiosity.

And almost immediately Qin Hua jolted up straight letting out an angry crazed howl.

Everyone shuddered and started looking around if something else dangerous and terrifying was approaching but there was no other reaction from the black dog, so they eventually calmed down.

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Name: Coco

Health: 500

Strength: 5

Stamina: 20

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 50

Wisdom: 2

Luck: 1000

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Relationship: Friendly

Skill: Healing magic

Title: The Lucky One

Qin Hua looked at the stats and then at the cat. She shook her head in disbelief.

She once again looked at the cat and then back at the stats.

[Tell me this is not true?! Woof!] She really wanted to cry.

Here she thought she was the one who had received an overpowered ability but in truth, the cat bastard had been more overpowered than her all along.

Where is justice in this world?? Woof!

Qin Hua rested her head on the ground and pouted, while enviously staring at the 'lucky one'.

[I guess I don't have to use my health potions at least. This cat bastard should be able to heal everyone right?]

[How do I order him to do the work though…]

[He looks like the cute but stupid type…]


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[Fuck! I am the stupid one!]

[Can't I just tame this guy???!]

Qin Hua hurriedly opened her status page and looked at her new skill [Pack Leader's call].

Pack Leader's call - Lv 1; Able to subdue and tame another beast into a loyal follower; Limit - 1 beast

[Ba ha ha ha! I win! You might have insane luck but in the end, you are still my pet!!! I am going to make you work, you lazy little bastard!]

She grinned shamelessly, revealing her canines, and then walked towards the innocent and adorable tabby cat who was clearly in its own world, strolling here and there.

[Ok. I should calm down. If I approach with bad intentions, then perhaps his luck might act up and the cat bastard might give me the slip.]

[Nice and easy.]

[Nice and easy.]

[Nice and easy.]

And once she was near it, Qin Hua abruptly leaped and pounced onto the cat's tail, gripping it in her paws.


[Pack Leader's call]

[Pack Leader's call]

[Pack Leader's call]


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