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Chapter 803: 803

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Herbert got up and staggered. He quickly stabilized himself and bent down to rub his numb knees. He walked slowly upstairs. At this moment, the man behind him said, “Boys have to walk with their heads high.”

Herbert gritted his teeth and stood up straight. He controlled his legs and slowly went upstairs.

Back in his room, Herbert lay on the bed and hid under the blanket to cry.

He did not like this daddy!

This daddy was too scary!

The next morning, Herbert carried his school bag downstairs and saw Robert, who was tying his tie and planning to go to work. He called out to his daddy respectfully and said, “Drive carefully on the road. I love you.” Robert looked at him and acknowledged his obedience before leaving contentedly.

As soon as he left, Xiao Meng ran towards Herbert.

“Are you alright?” Xiao Meng was very nervous about Herbert’s health. “When did you return to your room last night? Xiao Bao, are you feeling unwell?”

Herbert only stared at his mother with sad and sad eyes.

Just as Xiao Meng thought that Herbert had become mute, Herbert asked softly, “Why didn’t you divorce?”

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Xiao Meng was stunned.

She said, “Do you think I don’t want a divorce?” That man did not allow her to get a divorce!

Herbert’s pupils shrank at the thought of how scary that man was. Without a word, he went to the dining room. He finished his breakfast in a daze and walked down the mountain himself to reach the bus bus in time. The bus drove for a stop before Ian got on.

The little fatty sat down beside Herbert. He had woken up late in the morning and did not have time for breakfast.

He took a prawn shell from his bag and took a few bites before realizing that something was wrong with Herbert. He asked Herbert, “Didn’t you sleep last night? Your eyes are so swollen.”

Herbert didn’t answer.

He looked out of the window and thought of his family. He felt terrible.

Ian heard Herbert ask him, “Do you feel happy?”

Ian was stunned.

This question was really profound.

“Happy, I guess.” Although his parents often disturbed him, they loved him just the same. Ian felt happy.

Herbert smiled disconsolately. “If possible, I really wish I could choose the family I want when I reincarnate,” he said.

“Come on!” Ian wiped the grease off his mouth and scolded him. “Your family is so happy, yet you’re not satisfied? Look at you. Mom is the number one beauty in our town, and Dad is a famous doctor in California. Aren’t you happy?”

Herbert could not even smile bitterly.


He would rather not have such happiness.

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Why did she get married?

Why did she have a child?

Didn’t they think that the child in their stomach might not want to come to this world?

When Herbert returned home, he walked along the path on the slope. He thought to himself: I don’t want to get married or have children for the rest of my life.

When he got home, Herbert did not see his mother. It was tea time. At this time, his mother might have gone to Aunt Caroline’s house in town to play. Herbert saw Robert. Robert had actually gotten off work early today.

When Herbert saw him, Robert was standing in the backyard of the house, looking at the sea view villa on the other side of the hill. He was thinking about something.

Herbert did not dare to disturb Robert, so he secretly went upstairs.

He finished his homework, but his mother was not back yet. He planned to play with Ian and leave a message for his family. Thinking that his father was at home, Herbert went to look for his father. In the end, he searched the house but could not find his father.

“Where did you go?”

Herbert found it strange, but he didn’t think too much about it. He ran to Ian’s house in town. Ian was still doing his homework. As he did it, he told him gossip. “Have you heard? Someone else is missing!”

“Huh?” Herbert felt a chill down his spine. Then he felt that it was his turn to disappear tomorrow.

Ian stuffed a potato chip into his mouth. When he was done, he took another potato chip and stuffed it into Herbert’s mouth.

Herbert opened his mouth to bite the potato chip, but he was not in the mood to eat. He was so frightened by Ian’s words that he grabbed his hand and refused to let go. Ian knew that he was afraid, so he grabbed his hand and comforted him. “What are you afraid of! We’re children. We’re safe.”

“That might not be the case. We’re young, so we’re the easiest to meet bad people.”

“But this bad person doesn’t catch children,” Ian said. “The person who disappeared this time is a girl. She’s still a high school student. She participated in the National Mathematical Olympiad last year and got second place. She’s been missing for two days. Their mother only found out last night and called the police, but we haven’t found any clues yet.”

Herbert asked Ian, “Do you all think that this girl was harmed?”

“I think she must have been killed. I heard from Mom and the rest. They said that the girl’s phone couldn’t be reached. The phone’s GPS showed that she was in the sea. Clearly, someone kidnapped her and threw her phone into the sea.”

Herbert didn’t dare listen anymore.

Sigh, things had been really troublesome recently.

Would this girl be the last person to disappear?

Herbert thought that more people might get into trouble. He didn’t know why he thought so. Anyway, he didn’t think the murderer would stop so easily. Herbert returned home and saw that his mother was already cooking.

He greeted his mother and saw his father sitting on the sofa dealing with work, so he called him daddy.

Robert asked him, “When did you get back?”

Herbert wanted to say three o’clock, but for some reason, he said, “I just got back for a while.”

“Really?” Robert looked at him with a faint smile. “Your school bag?”

Herbert’s scalp turned cold. He could not answer.

Robert smiled gently again, making Herbert’s scalp turn cold.

“Why did you lie?” Robert frowned, looking troubled. He said, “Didn’t I tell you that children can’t lie?”

Herbert tensed and stammered, “Y-You said that.”

“Then why did you lie?”

“I, I…”

Herbert said “oh” several times, but he could not say a complete sentence.

Robert clicked his tongue. He suddenly put down the document in his hand and stared sharply at Herbert. He said, “What do you see?”

Herbert was stunned. “What?”

Robert smiled slyly and asked again, “What did you see when you came back this afternoon?”

Herbert did not dare to lie. He said honestly, “When I came back, I saw you standing by the house, looking at the villa above. I went upstairs to do my homework and came down to look for you. I didn’t find you. I… I didn’t see anything.”

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