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Chapter 2730: 2730

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“Miss Gu, is that true?” Those reporters asked at once.

“If you don’t believe me, you can check at the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. Our customers are our first priority. I’m not afraid of any investigations and questions. I’ll also conduct an investigation to clear my name and give the public an explanation,” said Gu Ning honestly.

Although Gu Ning had done bad things, her products had a very good reputation.

Since Gu Ning made that promise, everyone believed that she was the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate. In addition, as the executive of Shenghua Real Estate, An Guangyao didn’t deny it, admitting it silently.

For that reason, most of the people believed that someone schemed against Shenghua Real Estate, but it was also possible that something went wrong.

Even if something went wrong with Shenghua Real Estate, it shouldn’t be Gu Ning or An Guangyao’s fault. It had to have been done by their subordinates.

“Alright, we need to deal with it now. Please let us pass. After the result comes out, we’ll make it public,” said Gu Ning kindly. She didn’t put on any airs, but she had a natural air of authority, so no one dared to take her lightly.

Afterwards, everyone walked to the sides, and let Gu Ning through.

Right after Gu Ning and the others went in, the police arrived. It was Gu Ning who had told An Guangyao to call the police.

The accident that happened at the construction site of Shenghua Real Estate this time was a construction accident, so it had nothing to do with the police, instead it involved the construction bureau. However, it was the police’s duty to catch the criminals.

Therefore, once reporters saw the police, they guessed that they might have some suspects, but they didn’t dare to ask, so they continued to wait there. If anyone was arrested, they would surely be brought out.

Because of the accident, the construction site was on lockdown. Before the result came out, no one could leave.

Before Gu Ning and the others came, An Guangyao had already ordered the supervisor to take Lin Shiwei and the other two workers to the office. They were going to ask them some questions.

So when they came, they were waiting in the supervisor’s office.

Lin Shiwei and the others panicked, because they felt a little guilty and were worried that they might have been exposed. Otherwise, the supervisor wouldn’t gather them there.

However, they comforted themselves by telling themselves that they weren’t exposed and that they were called in simply because they didn’t do their job well.

Although it had nothing to do with them, the accident happened when they were at work, so they had to take responsibility for that. As a result, Lin Shiwei and the other two workers could only pray that they weren’t exposed. They wouldn’t care if they were only fired.

After waiting for nearly half an hour in the office, An Guangyao and Gu Ning walked in.

They didn’t know Gu Ning or Leng Shaoting, so they paid little attention to them, but they stood in awe of An Guangyao.

“Executive An, Miss Gu.” The supervisor called them respectfully. The supervisor didn’t know that Gu Ning was the boss of Shenghua Real Estate, but he recognized her. Given Gu Ning’s status, he had to be respectful.

“Hi, Executive An.” Lin Shiwei and the others greeted them. They didn’t know Gu Ning, so they didn’t say anything to her.

Because they felt slightly guilty, they didn’t dare to meet An Guangyao’s eyes.

“Hi!” An Guangyao replied. He was mad when he saw Lin Shiwei and the other two workers, but he curbed his anger.

“Supervisor Yang, please prepare tea for Miss Gu and Mr. Leng,” said An Guangyao, then he invited Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to have a seat.

Hearing that, Supervisor Yang immediately went to pour tea for Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and An Guangyao.

They drank tea without a word, which filled Lin Shiwei and the other two workers with more anxiety. They were guilty, so they couldn’t bear the silence.

“Executive An, did anything happen?” A few minutes later, Lin Shiwei opened his mouth.

After the accident happened, An Guangyao had spoken to them. While they denied responsibility, they carried the blame with a good attitude and An Guangyao said nothing.

However, two hours later, An Guangyao asked to see them again, which made them feel that An Guangyao might have gotten more information.

“It’s about the accident. One of you is in charge of overseeing the work, one is in charge of inspection, and the other is in charge of shipping. You are all responsible if anything goes wrong. We’re waiting for the police to come over,” An Guangyao said.

An Guangyao didn’t elaborate further.

Upon hearing that the police were coming, Lin Shiwei was scared and started to sweat. Were they really exposed? Why were the police coming?

“Why are the police coming?” Lin Shiwei asked.

“To investigate the accident of course,” said An Guangyao, then gave them a cold glance. The next moment, he withdrew his gaze, in case he lost control of his emotions.

Currently he was furious!

Lin Shiwei wanted to ask more, but he was afraid of being exposed.

Five minutes later, the police arrived.

“Executive An, I’m the captain of the Nancheng District Police Station, Meng Fan.” The leading police officer greeted An Guangyao.

“Hello, Officer Meng,” An Guangyao responded, then introduced Gu Ning to him. “Officer Meng, this is the boss of Shenghua Real Estate, Gu Ning, and the chairman of the Shengning Organization in the capital.”

Knowing that, everyone was surprised.

They knew that An Guangyao was the executive of Shenghua Real Estate, but they didn’t expect Gu Ning to be the boss.

The supervisor wasn’t aware that Gu Ning was the boss of Shenghua Real Estate, but he knew that she was the boss of the Shengning Organization. Therefore, he was surprised, but not shocked.

Lin Shiwei had no idea about that, but he had heard of the Shengning Organization. Therefore, they weren’t only surprised, but also terrified.

Because, in that case, Shenghua Real Estate belonged to the Shengning Organization, and they hadn’t only just damaged the interests of a real estate company, but a large business group.

Instantly, they were covered with cold sweat.

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