Return of Mount Hua Sect - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: 106

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The world calms down. A chilling silence sank in Hasan.

No one could open their mouth, no one could move.

Those who knew martial arts couldn't open their mouths because they knew how amazing the sight in front of them was, and even those who didn't know martial arts could understand that something great had happened in front of them now.

Samsung looks at Chung-Myung with trembling eyes.

'With basic swordsmanship...….'

You overpowered Yoon Baek?

And you don't give me a single chance?

The series of series was as natural as water. Yoon Baek, caught up in the sword, has never even tried to counterattack.

Would it be possible if it were me?

Samsung could not immediately answer the question that popped into his mind.

If it's to defeat Yoon Baek in no time, it's something that Samsung can do as much as possible. However, it is a completely different matter to subdue the opponent without giving him time to fight back with basic swordsmanship alone.

Even if someone is twice as strong as Samsung, I can't guarantee that Chung-Myung will be able to do the same.

It was a question of how perfectly learned the basics and how timely the sword could be unfolded.

Huge roots, to paraphrase it crudely.

Not fancy branches and thick stems. Roots that hold it all firmly in the invisible ground. The roots are stretched out too large.

What the hell is he doing?'

There is another meaning to the huge roots.

That that child will grow into a giant tree. To be a great tree that will cover all of this wasan!

Then a cold and sharp voice penetrates Sama Seung's ears.


Sama Seung's eyes trembled looking at Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung was staring at them with his sword in the face of an indomitable sinking eyes.

We have to stop him.'

Now this kind of game is good. If that Chung-Myung grows up as she thinks now, Jong-nam may someday be in the shadow of that child.


Just like in the past when there was "plumming inspection."

"Come on, Elder."


Only then did Sama Seung, who came to his senses, take a look at the disciples filling his surroundings and clenched his teeth.

Who should I send?

It was that moment.

Jong Seo-han growls and stares at Chung-Myung.

"Elder, I'm coming out! I'll go out and knock him down and let the Hawasan guys know the subject."


How to see as much as you know. Chung-Myung's strength was not visible to Jong Seo-han now.

What should I do?

Samsung, who was slightly agonizing, bit his lips.


"Yes, Elder."

"Never win easily. Get rid of his exhaustion."


"Do as you are told!"

Jong Seo-han, who looked back at Sama Seung with curious eyes, nodded.

"I'll go with the order."

"...go away."


Jong Seo-han grabbed the wooden sword and ran out toward the unarmed.

Then Jin Geum Ryong, who has been silent so far, opens his mouth.

"Old man."


"It's a little hard to say……."

Samsung's eyes turned to Jin Geum Ryong. Seeing his face, Jin Geum Ryong flinched and took a step back without realizing it.

to be cold

It's so cold that I can feel the chill.

Samsung soon turned away and glared unarmed.

A long breath was exhaled.'I'm on my guard. I don't look down on my opponent. I am not overconfident.'

If you can do everything you can, you can't lose to a child like that. If you let your guard down like Yoon Baek, such nonsense will happen.

"I praise you for knocking down Yoon Baek. But I'm all...…."

The backbiting couldn't get through my lips.

A closed mouth blocks the sound and stops the accident.

It's quiet.

The area around Chung-Myung, who is standing in front of him and taking the upper position, seems to be slowly sinking.


I didn't know when I was watching from downstairs.

However, the energy felt from Chung-Myung, who faced him, was something that Jong Seo-han had never experienced before. I've never had this feeling from Jin Geum Ryong, not even from his teacher.

My dry saliva goes over my head. The whole body's muscles are pulled tight.

Just by looking at Chung-Myung facing him, the body is automatically warning of danger.

Chung-Myung's half-hearted eyes look at Jong Seo-han.

For a moment, Jong Seo-han held up a wooden sword and posed. All the miscellaneous thoughts that filled my head disappear. Only he and Chung-Myung seem to exist in this world.

At that moment.

Let's start.

Chung-Myung took a slow step.

Although it was obviously a slow step to the eye, Chung-Myung's body quickly reached the very front of Jong Seo-han.

Squeeze the ground with your toes.

The force of recoil is pushed to the waist and the waist is twisted to push the upper body. Then he takes over the power and hits the sword firmly.


Just a slap on the face of nothing.

Strength, speed, and accuracy. Just the basics of the basics.

The power of the sword, which faithfully adhered to its basics, goes beyond simple basics.

Jong Seo-han's legs are reeling.

Chung-Myung takes one more step as he attaches the sword. Jong Seo-han, who was unable to balance due to his disorganized posture, twisted his body in a moment.

"Oh, no!"

And that was it.

In Jong Seo-han's eyes, a wooden sword fell toward his head.


The eyes of Jong Seo-han were filled with astonishment and fear was young.

'I can't even say...'


Jong Seo-han spilled blood and fell to the floor.

This sword.

It was only this sword.

Jong Seo-han, the second best of the great disciples, fell bleeding in just two swords. Everyone opened their eyes to this incredible sight.

And under that astonishing stare, Chung-Myung turns cold again.


Chung-Myung still looks at Jongnam.

Now, Jongnam-do seemed to understand how the situation was going. A face hardened like a ghost proves that.

It's still early.'

It's too early to be surprised. Because there's still something left for him to show.

I don't mean to settle for losing.

Considering what Jong-nam did to Hawasan, defeat is nothing but a weak punishment.

Here today, Chung-Myung will engrave an indelible mark on Jongnam.

As long as Hawasan continues to the world, as long as Jongnam exists. A stigma that will never be erased in the course of history over time.

"You've done something you shouldn't have done."

Hawasan gave everything he could to save the world. Despite Chung-Myung's dissuasion, his death penalty killed him like a candle at the top of 100,000 mountains, blocking Heavenly Demon.But what's the price?


The anger that had been pressed began to burn in Chung-Myung's chest, becoming a cold flame.

"In the world we protected, there were Jongnam and you.'

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But Jong-nam, far from repaying the favor, stole the plum blossom sword and looked down on Hwasan. And now they're even making a move to trample on Hwasan forever.

I've had it so far.'

Chung-Myung praised himself for the first time in a while. I came all the way here, pressing my heart several times a day. You don't have to put up with the anger you've put down like that anymore.


Chung-Myung shouts sharply again, and Jong-nam's servants wince and look at Chung-Myung. Then, he comes unarmed and carries Jong Seo-han around him.

One of them remained and stood facing Chung-Myung with a stiff face, holding a sword and posing.

The meat combination has been fully shown. Then let's move on to the next one.

Chung-Myung still takes the jockey.

Then there was a groan from behind his back that seemed to breathe in.

"Me, the Falling Sword!"

Chung-Myung, who took the jockey ceremony of the Falling Sword, is still holding the sword and aiming at Jongnam's disciple.

And soon, it bounced forward with no more speed.


Jo-Gol clenches his fist tightly.

Chung-Myung's movements have completely changed. It is not a serious and concise move when the meat combination was unfolded a while ago. Car wash sharp movements like wind blowing into a canyon.

Changing the law alone changes a person. How can one man unfold such a perfect sword?

Flowers in old trees growing on cliffs seem to be swept away by the strong wind.

Collar fluid!

The speed that is not comparable to the speed at which the meat is spread the meat.

A formidable sword flies toward Jongnam's disciple.



As soon as I thought I blocked it, the sword was recovered faster than it stabbed in, and then stabbed again twice as fast.



The blocked sword is recovered right in front of the neck.

The law against a good sword is to aim for when a stabbed sword is recovered. That's the standard. However, Jongnam's disciple did not dare to counterattack even though he knew it clearly.

As soon as the sword tries to attack it, it stabs in again.




Faster! Faster!


A sword that did not strike properly grazes the shoulder. I can feel the pain of exploding flesh and crushing bones even though it's just a brush.

"Argh! Argh!"

Jong-nam's disciple, who eventually lost his reason because he could not find a way to deal with it, started wielding the sword recklessly.

No, I tried to swing it.


But before the sword can be held in hand, Chung-Myung's sword hits his Adam's apple.


Jongnam's disciple collapses on the spot.


Chung-Myung, who gave a glimpse of Jongnam's disciple who fell to the floor, coldly changed his mind.


There was a deflating sound from Yoon-jong's mouth.

"Well, that's the Falling Sword."

to be different

It is so different from the falling sword performed by Yoon-jong or Jo-Gol.

If the combination of flesh is a sword that is faithful to the basics of swordsmanship, the Falling sword was centered on pleasure, which is the center of Hawaiian swordsmanship.

Chung-Myung was now delivering to them with a sword.

It's called the Falling This is Hwasan's sword.

"……with the sword of fall."

It's the sword they used to learn.

To be honest, however, Yoon-jong has never thought that the Falling Sword was as good a martial arts as Jongnam's.Although the prosecution is not everything, if evaluated coolly, Hwasan's martial arts fall short of Jongnam's.

It's been Yoon-jong's...…. No, it was the idea of all three great disciples.

But Chung-Myung was delivering to them in a single practice instead of a hundred words.

Hawasan's martial arts never lagged behind Jongnam's. That may be why Chung-Myung deals with them only with meat and falling swords.

"……What have I been looking at all this time?"

Those who did not learn what they had on their own envied what others had. It is shameful and shameful.

"The death penalty. The Falling Sword..."…."


I thought I knew what Jo-Gol was trying to say.

Yoon-jong nodded heavily and said sternly.

"Don't take your eyes off me. That is the sword of Hawasan. It's the sword of Hawasan that we have to learn and deliver."

Yoon-jong realized one thing.

Perhaps from this moment onward, Hawasan's disciples can no longer be the same as in the past. Now that you've seen that ridiculous sight, you'll never be able to go back.

He can see Chung-Myung's back holding a sword in his eyes.

At this moment, that bragger, who has always been talking with his mouth, is leading them to me and back without saying anything.

'I want to see more.'

What is the sword of Hwasan.

How strong the sword of Hawasan is.

The world is getting quieter and quieter and quieter.

Chung-Myung's appearance was bigger in Yoon-jong's eyes. Only Chung-Myung is standing all over the world.
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