Saving You, Villain - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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“We should eat until we’re truly stuffed tonight.”

Along with the ritual, my energy would be completely drained to the point where I could not even lift a finger. Hm… In truth, if it were merely a matter of losing stamina, I would not have been so concerned about replenishing my energy to this extent. The ritual had greater side effects.

Namely… I became sexually aroused.

As the amount of blood I consumed increased, my sexual sensations heightened. When we were younger, giving Kamian a few drops of blood on my fingers did not result in such side effects.

To minimize the intensified sexual sensations, I needed to have self-control firmly attached to my physical being. But on the days when my strength waned, and I would even faint, my instincts-driven body acted out without restraint. Well… only Kamian suffered during those times.

There was a time when I slapped Kamian’s chest and cried, “Please, help me somehow.” It wasn’t just some embarrassing words said while sobbing. Ha, even thinking about it now makes my ears burn. Anyway, since that day, I have paid even more attention to replenish my energy before the ritual.

“Yeah… It was a good decision not to go to the farm.”

To be precise, it was Kamian who didn’t go. Nevertheless, I pulled up a chair instead of sitting on the bed. As the curtain got damp, the crimson sky of the evening twilight was revealed. Night would arrive in the blink of an eye.

After spending a long time drying my hair with a dry towel, I nestled myself into the warm embrace of the blankets.

* * *

My face twitched incessantly. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, but it greatly disturbed my peaceful slumber. I furrowed my brow slightly and parted my lips. It felt as though I had said something, but I couldn’t recall it.

At that moment, something warm enveloped my cheek, embracing it gently. The cozy sensation caused a fleeting smile to grace my lips. What had lingered near my cheeks and ears now delicately caressed my eyelids.

“Um… tomorrow, perhaps… tomorrow.”

A pleasant, low-pitched laughter echoed in my ears.

“Will you do it tomorrow?”

It felt as though I had responded and nodded my head.

“But I’ve been patient for far too long.”



A laughter that brushed against my heartstrings echoed persistently. Even though there was nothing particularly amusing, a soft smile crept upon my face.

Amidst this, a hand that had quietly remained in the covers was seized. With a suitable pressure, fingers were pressed coolly, rubbing the palm. This delightful massage gradually brought back my fading consciousness.

I lifted my heavy eyelids, only to find a dark and hazy vision. My sight failed to grasp anything clearly. After blinking a few times, a blurry outline of a face came into view.


“I didn’t mean for you to just give up waiting.”

Kamian let go of the hand he was holding. Ah, it felt refreshing and pleasant. Regretfully, I pulled his finger lightly, and it entwined with mine once more.

“Ah… sorry. I ate too much.”

“That’s why you felt full.”

“I rummaged through your clothes. Did you notice?”

“I felt your touch.”

Although it was a question aimed at pushing him toward perversion, he was taking it a step further. It amazed me, and I burst into a hollow laughter.

“Now that my stomach is satisfied, there’s nothing to worry about today.”

The blanket, which had been tightly wrapped around my neck, was pulled back. Kamian effortlessly ascended onto my body, using his knees and arms to support himself without imposing any weight.

“Um… probably?”

“You’re sounding unusually uncertain.”

“Well, it’s just before my menstrual cycle,” I gently explained, narrowing my brow. I thought that he, being a human and a man, might not understand my body, so I added the explanation kindly.

“Before menstruation, sexual desire tends to intensify.”

“It would be best to keep your mouth shut then.”

Even if I spoke honestly, it would cause a commotion. I swiftly pulled my hand out of Kamian’s grasp. At that moment, my fingertips twitched with an indescribable sense of emptiness. Before I could grasp the reason for that emptiness, Kamian’s lips subtly brushed against my neck. The warmth of his breath spread across my sensitive skin, sending shivers down my spine all the way to the back of my neck. Ah, perhaps it’s because of the premenstrual period; it’s definitely driving me even more insane. My period hasn’t started yet, but my toes keep curling involuntarily.

“I’ll take care of it.”


His warm hand gently swept over my tense body, as if trying to calm it down. Despite wearing two layers of clothing, I could feel the warmth of his hand fully transmitted to me.

“Relax. Loosen up.”

“I’m not tense. It’s not like this happens every once in a while.”

“Look at how rigid you are right now.”


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