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Chapter 1347: 1347

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1347 I, Yu Aofeng, Disdain Being a Demon


The magma pool churned, as if a huge creature was turning over.

Suddenly, a narrow independent space was opened in the pitch-black magma pool and the flowing magma circled around that space. Then, a powerful force grabbed Sheng Xiao’s chest and pulled him into the mysterious space.

Sheng Xiao staggered into the mysterious space. When he opened his eyes, he saw a huge dragon skeleton.

The flesh and blood on the dragon’s skeleton was almost gone. Only its eyes were embedded in the eye sockets of the dragon’s head and were staring at Sheng Xiao without blinking. His eyes looked at him lovingly, as if he was his child or his other self.

As Sheng Xiao stared at the huge dragon bone in front of him in a daze, his heart ached. “You…”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

After ten thousand years of torture, the once powerful and noble Dragon Prince was actually tortured until only his skeleton was left.

Sheng Xiao’s heart ached.

When Yu Aofeng saw Sheng Xiao’s reaction, he laughed and asked, “Are you frightened?”

Sheng Xiao shook his head. “I’m sorry that I’m late.”

Yu Aofeng smiled and said, “I was already mentally prepared that you might never come back to see me. The fact that you’re back means that you found her and discovered the truth.”

“Sheng Xiao.” Yu Aofeng lowered his eyes and glanced at Sheng Xiao’s ring finger. Others couldn’t see the marriage line, but Yu Aofeng could.

The dragon skeleton suddenly transformed into a handsome young man with sharp facial features and a dignified expression. The young man was wearing black armor and his skin was pale, but his eyes were filled with sharpness and fighting spirit.

This was the Dragon Race’s crown prince, Yu Aofeng. Even if his flesh and blood were peeled off, his strong will would exist forever.

He looked exactly the same as the Yu Aofeng Sheng Xiao had seen in the psychological trap.

Yu Aofeng and Sheng Xiao didn’t look alike. However, the strange thing was that when Sheng Xiao stood in front of him, he sensed that they were the same person.

He wasn’t Yu Aofeng, but he was an inseparable part of Yu Aofeng.

Yu Aofeng raised his left hand. There was also a marriage line on his ring finger and this line was tightly intertwined with the marriage line on Sheng Xiao’s finger. When Sheng Xiao saw the marriage line on Yu Aofeng’s hand, he raised his left hand. When their palms faced each other, the bones of their palms slowly fused and the marriage line became one.

At that moment, countless incomplete memories flashed across Sheng Xiao’s mind.

Before Sheng Xiao could clear his memories, Yu Aofeng let go of Sheng Xiao’s left hand and looked at Sheng Xiao calmly as he said, “I can’t hold on anymore.” Yu Aofeng was so weak that he couldn’t even maintain his body and could only survive in the dragon skeleton. He was at the end of his rope.

Sheng Xiao realized that Yu Aofeng couldn’t hold on anymore.

He asked Yu Aofeng, “What can I do for you?”

“You were my only reason for staying in the three thousand worlds. I have to thank you for finding her for me.” Yu Aofeng was very grateful to Sheng Xiao for doing all of this for him. Sheng Xiao didn’t let him down.

Yu Aofeng’s expression became disappointed and frustrated as he lamented, “Jing Huang and I were at odds with each other because of the enmity between our clans and wasted our lives. We shouldn’t have fallen in love with each other, but we loved each other more than ourselves. Marrying her and being with her forever was my lifelong obsession. I couldn’t accept the outcome of her being reduced to ashes, so I was willing to give up on becoming a Divine Master just for her to reincarnate.”

“Sheng Xiao.” Yu Aofeng looked at Sheng Xiao sadly as he said, “Our souls are one, but our thoughts are independent. You’re not me, and Yu Huang isn’t Jing Huang, but you and Yu Huang are the continuation of my love for Jing Huang.”

“Jing Huang and I are no longer fated. However, things between you and Yu Huang have just begun. However, the years are long, and no matter how strong your feelings are, you guys might get fed up with each other. However, I hope you can remember that the woman you married so easily was a peerless treasure that I was willing to be trapped in hell and tortured for ten thousand years to obtain in exchange.”

“Cherish her and dote on her. That’s the only thing you can do for me.”

After Sheng Xiao nodded heavily, he raised his right hand and spiritual energy flashed on his fingertips. “I swear on my soul that I will dote on Yu Huang and never do anything to betray her. I will love her with my life, just like how you loved Senior Jing Huang.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Aofeng closed his eyes and nodded gently.

“My long-awaited wish has been fulfilled, so I can’t hold on anymore.” Yu Aofeng extended his right hand to Sheng Xiao and said gently, “Sheng Xiao, I am the part of your soul that is missing. Now, I will return my soul to you and give you my abilities. I hope that your generation can complete the great undertaking that our generation failed to achieve.”

Yu Aofeng curled his finger and beckoned Sheng Xiao, “Come, don’t dawdle.”

Tears welled up in Sheng Xiao’s eyes. As he stared at Yu Aofeng’s sometimes solid and sometimes transparent hand, he asked in a choked voice, “If you give me your soul and abilities, you will disappear. Yu Aofeng, are you willing to accept this outcome after waiting twelve thousand years?”

“What? Do you think I will take back your soul and energy for resurrection so that I can be with her forever?” Yu Aofeng looked at Sheng Xiao teasingly.

Sheng Xiao smiled in shame. “I did think that way, but after seeing you, I realized how petty I was.”

Yu Aofeng shook his head and laughed as he said, “Sheng Xiao, my wish is to see her return to the three thousand worlds with my own eyes. I’m satisfied that she’s back. I don’t ask for anything else. Greed is a bottomless pit. Divine beings are also greedy. If a Divine being allows himself to be greedy, he won’t be a Divine being, but a demon.”

“I, Yu Aofeng, disdain being a demon!”

Then, Yu Aofeng grabbed Sheng Xiao’s hand and rushed into his body without hesitation. After he dissipated his soul consciousness, the part of his soul and energy fused with Sheng Xiao.

After all, they were the same soul.

When the incomplete soul was completely repaired, Sheng Xiao’s Spiritual Abode world became stronger. The tendons, bones, and spirit meridians in his body were instantly opened. Cultivators cultivated spiritual energy by absorbing spiritual energy and letting the spiritual energy flow through the spirit meridians in their bodies to purify them. Then, the Beast Heart stored the spiritual energy and allowed them to increase their cultivation level.

In the cultivation world, whether a cultivator was talented depended on the thickness of the spirit meridians in their bodies.

The thinner the spirit meridian, the easier it would get blocked in the future, and the lower the efficiency of cultivation. The thicker the spirit meridian, the higher the efficiency of cultivation.

It was like the difference between a small river and a long river.

A small river’s flow would eventually reach a stop.

A big river would flow into the sea.

Because Sheng Xiao’s soul was disfigured, his spiritual meridians had not been perfected and were slightly blocked. This was why he awakened his beast form at the age of nine, but spent 11 years to break through to the Master Realm. Now that his soul was perfected, the spiritual meridians in Sheng Xiao’s body were suddenly opened and became thick and smooth.

After the remnant energy that Yu Aofeng gave Sheng Xiao fused with Sheng Xiao’s spiritual meridians, it surged in his body and was stored by his Beast Heart.

Sheng Xiao could feel the spiritual energy in his body increasing rapidly.


The spiritual energy in Sheng Xiao’s body was so powerful that he couldn’t control it. When the powerful spiritual energy rushed out of the Black Spirit Stone mine and spread out of the Divine Mountain Range, Mo Xiao sensed the spiritual energy that erupted from Sheng Xiao’s body and guessed that he and Yu Aofeng had completely fused.

This energy…

Mo Xiao smiled as he said, “This isn’t inferior to the Prime Master Realm at all.” However, Sheng Xiao had received so much energy, so if he completely absorbed this energy and broke through to the Prime Master Realm, it might not be a good thing.

When it came to cultivation, one must not be anxious about achieving results. It was important to take things slow.

Achieving results overnight would leave a hidden danger.

Sheng Xiao could think of what Mo Xiao could think of. Sheng Xiao realized that Yu Aofeng had given him too much energy and it wasn’t a good idea for him to absorb it all rashly. He hesitated for a moment before making a decision.

After fusing with Yu Aofeng, Sheng Xiao completely regained his memories. He also knew how to open the small world in the divine power. After Sheng Xiao found the place where the divine power was stored in his body, he entered it and was teleported to that desolate small world.

Sheng Xiao released all the excess spiritual energy in his body into the small world without hesitation.

Then, Sheng Xiao saw green grass growing in the desert and flowers blooming in the green grass.

This world finally had some life and color.

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