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Chapter 29

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Another battleship falls.


Inside the ship spread a sea of flames, soldiers who have turned into fireballs explode with in expressive flare. I was still savouring their emotions and sentiments.


A shock ran through my head, as though I was struck by a blunt object. Taken by surprise, I swung my head back, just to see empty the flagship – of course no one was there. Behind me spread the bleak and dreary commander’s room, the reason for the sudden shock was naturally not there. The shock was transmitted from further, from beyond the reaches of Earth.


……How could this be.

How could this be!

Ahhhhh!!! How could this be!!?


The man known as a great priest!! He is raising a glass filled with hazardous substances!!


The determination of the man which remains resolute even before the mightiest of enemies! Pushes people to move!!

The will of the man which is sharper than the sharpest of swords! Guides and leads people!!


Ahhh!! There is not a shred of hesitation!! The man emptied his cup!!

I know!!

The substance is permeating his body, down to the atomic level!!

His heartbeat is becoming more faint!!

His breath stops!!


Ahhh! The supreme jewel known as man!! Is!! Radiating!!

It is gleaming brighter than ever before!!


Humans follow him!!

Chasing after the man, each holding their own ideals!!


All of them! How pure!!

Yet foolish!!


Why! WHY! Humans other than I!! Why can they enjoy life like so!!

Please!! Please!! That poison cup!! Share some with me!!

I want to taste it!! Your beliefs!!


Ahhh!! Another battleship sinks!!

Ahhh!! Another priest dies!!


Ahhh! Again! Death by poison!

Ahhh! Again! Death by explosion!

Ahhh! His head was chopped off!

Ahhh! The bow was blown off!!


In order to not be seen by anyone else! Lower class priests are taking their own lives in the shadows of the temple!!

Federation battleships!! They scatter their light into the Solar system before disappearing!!


Such!! Such spectacular lives you are all enjoying!

WHY!? I!! I!!!





The girl writhed in the bridge, by herself.



This was a little before the flagship makes an all-out attack against the federation’s fleet.




The federation’s supply fleet had long been annihilated. After confirming the conclusion of the battle, the girl sent over a message to the planet where the Federation’s headquarters was located. The message stated that “every one of the federation’s battleships have been sunk”, that “remaining survivors amounted to zero”. As well as a declaration of the end of the war.


This piece of information greatly stunned the Federation, and representatives of planets were immediately summoned for a congress.


“Impossible!! The Federation’s fleet was annihilated you say!? There’s no way that giant fleet could be annihilated!!”

“Agreed! This is a scheme of those Earthlings!!”

“But!! Why is it that none of the fleets have sent a response!! How many times do you think we’ve sent requests for communication!?”

“That’s because the Earthen Army is disrupting our signals!! The fleet should still be perfectly well!”

“Yeah!! Alright!! We’ll send out the defence fleet of our planet!! Then we can confirm the truth!!”

“Ohhh!! That’s wonderful!! Then our planet’s fleet shall accompany you!!”

“Then ours too!”

“Why not create another giant fleet with the defence fleets!? And send them to Earth!!”

“Hmph! Those devious schemes of Earth!! It’ll be easy to break them if we actually send over some fleets!!”


The decision was practically set in stone and in a few moments, the time of taking off would also be decided. The doors to the congress swung open, and a single soldier marched in. The soldier’s face was deathly pale, his mouth opened and closed, similar to that of a fish, as he tried to speak, but nothing came out.


“Hey! You there!! We’re in middle of an important congress!!”

“Hurry up and leave if you’re going to just waste our time!!”

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Under the jeers of the participants, the soldier staggered to the oversized display set up in the conference room and flicked the switch. On it was a bizarre phenomenon. The display directly connected to the military radar showed the many planets of the Federation, but that was not all that was shown. Those planets were also shown to be surrounded by a “red barrier” which seemed to consume them. (TL: Deja vu?)


Seeing this, the congress members all seemed to be puzzled.


“What is this red barrier?”

“It’s quite big. It’s completely covering the planets.”

“Is this some sort of new weapon developed by the military?”



The soldier only provided a few words in response to their inquiries.


“This is… The Earthen fleet”




The congress descended into panic.


Even though the information I sent only contained facts, it seems like they didn’t understand. They never considered “defeat”. Did they… resent Earth to the extent of becoming so short sighted?


The congress was approaching its final decision of “sending over another fleet to Earth”.


…Doesn’t this mean that I’ll have to fight them all over again? Personally, it pains me to have to further reduce the amount of observation targets I have. If I could get them to sign a peace treaty…


If they don’t believe in their defeat, I just have to make them believe it. There is still a considerable amount of modified battleships floating aimlessly in the Solar system, and the artificial island’s manufacturing system is still sustained. I only need to deploy these battleships near the Federation and teach them that “your fleet was annihilated”.

Then, no blood will be shed and we might also be able to form the treaty. Well, honestly, I’m not that interested in forming a peace treaty with the Federation, but it would be a bother if they continue to meddle with Earth.

If they don’t come to Earth, then so be it. That way, my observation targets won’t decrease either. It should be an outcome which benefits the both of us.


Great, let’s begin the transfer.




“Hm? What’s this?”


The soldier stationed at the radar site on the outskirts of the Federation mumbled as he stared at the display. In spite of nothing having been displayed a few moments prior, the display was currently covered in red.


“How weird~, it underwent maintenance just yesterday though? Did it malfunction already?”


The soldier left to go call his companion who was currently smoking a cigarette in the break room. When the soldier returned, dragging along his companion, the screen was still red.


“What’s this? Did you do somethin’?”

“No? I haven’t even touched the console. It just suddenly turned red.”

“No idea then. Guess we can’t do anything then. We’ve got no choice, let’s send a message to the next site.”

“Then I’ll go contact the maintenance platoon. Seriously, what maintenance did they do?”


The soldiers found their respective posts and tackled the repairs, but the screen remained uncooperative.


At last, one soldier realised – the number which seemed to reach infinity, shown next to the radar display.


…The soldier froze up on the spot.

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