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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – The Birth of 「Magic」


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After that, time flew and the new humanity has obtained a technology that the Ancients could not.

Yes, it is the so called 「Magic」.I cannot explain it any other way.

It occurred on a certain day when the hog tribe had entered the long-eared tribe’s territory.Due to both tribes being species that lived in the forest, they had very similar living conditions.Because of that, they repeatedly waged war on each other.Well, even if I say war, it was simply the hog tribe, who had higher physical abilities, trampling the long-eared tribe, repeatedly looting them of what they owned.The long-eared tribe had also desperately struggled to resist using their bows, but it was all futile before the Hog tribe who prided themselves with their thick skin and sturdy bodies.They had wisdom, as well as dextrous hands which allowed them to fight using various ingenuities, but were still slaughtered every time by the Hog tribe who were overwhelming in numbers and physical strength.

On that day, similar to how you would go shopping in the neighbourhood; the Hog tribe warriors lined up in rows and advanced towards the quiet community of the Long-Eared people.Normally, thin arrows would fly out from the trees and attack the Hog tribe, but no arrows flew out at all on that day.At that time, something 「much more terrifying」, incomparable to the thin arrows were heading towards the hog tribe warriors.

The hog warriors, dressed from only the waist down, had no method of knowing as they carried their large clubs and continued through the forest while being stabbed on the shoulders with the blades of the wind.Even though a battle was about to occur, the Hog warriors were still leisurely chatting.

「What shall we take from the long-eared today?」「They have a variety of things with them so let’s just take as much as we can.」「That’s true… I’ve wanted a new hemp pouch as well.」「My wife wanted a new pot. I’ve gotta look for a nice one.」「Do~n’t wor~ry, if you can’t find a good one, then just catch one of them and get them to make it there.」「Forgot about that. But they sure are some convenient things. Should we just keep a few of them as pets? 」「Don’t even think about it. Despite requiring a lot of effort, they die off really quickly.」「That’s true. Well, it should be fine to just go take something if we ever need it.」「That’s the best option.」

They had the headway to think about what to do after winning the battle.

It was at such a time when groups of people had gathered in the middle of the village plaza deep inside the forest.A magical design was engraved in the plaza. People stood in their predetermined spots and started chanting an incomprehensible…「sound」that could be thought of as a 「spell」.

Hog warriors who had no idea of what was happening deep within the forest simply marched forth into the depths of the forest. The warriors tightened their grips on their weapons as they slowly caught onto the strengthening smell of the long-eared tribe.

It was then.All of a sudden, the earth started rumbling and shook with great intensity.What came forth from the surface of the rumbling ground was a「dirt hand」that surpassed the height of the hog warriors.That wasn’t it, the surrounding trees and stones started moving along. Wasn’t this as though they had their own will?

The warriors could not understand what had happened.They looked around at their surroundings while further strengthening their bodies.In such circumstances, the strongest hog warrior felt something instinctively and attacked the 「Huge hand that came from the ground」with its club.

「Buhiiiiiiii!!!」(TL: Sound effect for pigs)

With such a heroic roar, he slammed the huge club onto the 「Dirt hand」.The club imbeds itself into the hand and the dirt that made up the little finger fell easily to the ground.The strongest warrior saw the little finger lying on the ground and gave a slight smirk, confident in his own victory.

But the battle was not over.

The large hand dexterously used its remaining four fingers and grabbed hold of the warrior that had struck it.The warrior who was caught desperately rampages inside the hand.The remaining warriors who had come back to their senses also started attacking the dirt hand with their clubs in an attempt to rescue the caught warrior.

Except there was no meaning in their actions.The captured warrior was squeezed to death just like that, scattering blood everywhere.When the huge hand of dirt opened, the palm was dyed red with the blood of the fighting warrior.

From then on, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it hell.

The enlarging trees struck the head of the hog warriors with its swaying trunk, sending bits of flesh to the surrounding environment.Huge hands started sprouting one after another from the ground, capturing the hog warriors and further gruesomely squeezing them to death.To the warriors who ran away from fear, the grass entangled their feet as though it possessed a will of its own, making it impossible for them to escape.

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Such a one sided battle….it may be more appropriate to call it a「massacre」, had started. It had not even taken one hour for the slaughter of all the hog warriors.With mass amounts of corpses lying in the forest, the hands that realised that it no longer had any more opponents, returned to the ground and the surrounding trees and rocks also ceased their movements.And the forest calmed as though nothing had happened.

…With an exception of the bustling gathering site of the long-eared tribe…

There was a small gathering of the long-eared tribe quite some distance away from the battlefield.Such a small settlement was enveloped in excitement.They, who were embracing each other out of happiness of their first victory over the hog tribe, celebrated this with all their heart and soul.Normally they were people who didn’t display their emotions, but this one time only, everyone had faces full of smiles.

I had felt their passion from the artificial island.

The long-eared tribe, as well as the deceased hog tribe warrior… Ahh… What wonderful existences.They possess the 「desperation」that the Ancients had long lost.Painfulness, difficulties, sorrowfulness and the strong desire of survival no matter what.They are indeed enjoying「life」.

Ahh… How charming of them…

Blood and guts splattered on the ground, scalps and eyeballs stuck to the branches of trees, songs and dances of celebration, as well as people’s faces of smiles…

Every one of them seems so alluring…They fill up my small chest with warm feelings…

While emotions swelled up within me, I started to investigate what exactly had happened inside the forest.The drones gathered at the long-eared tribe’s settlement and started analysing the scene with precision.In reaction to the large amount of drones that appeared in the air, the long-eared tribe;

「Hm? What’s that? There sure are a lot of pearl worms gathering today? 」「Ha ha ha, I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. Perhaps they are also celebrating our victory? 」

They prepared for the celebration while having some nonsensical chatter.

While they partied, I thoroughly examined the information sent from the drones and understood what had occurred.It indeed was a technology suitable to be called 「magic」.

If I tried to precisely explain the mechanisms behind the phenomenon which allows for「magic」 in sentences, it will become very long and complex so I’ll just skip that part.To put it simply, inside the bodies of the long-eared tribe is a special organ… you could call it a 「sorcery organ」. (TL: HELP, any suggestions for names? -> 魔力臓器 maryoku zōki)And through a 「circuit」created by the magical circle formation, the 「power」created by the sorcery organ can be outputted and used as 「magic」.That power …let us call it 「magic」.They could master it by controlling the magical power created by the sorcery organs.

Furthermore, I also conducted an investigation on the「spell」that they chanted.I did somehow try and translate the spell but it was not a「word」used to convey intentions across as humans did, but rather something closer to a「phenomenon」.「A voice that speaks directly to this world and operates the world itself A type of administrative sound compared to an expression of the individual.」 Would it be easier to understand if I put it that way?If I were to use the programming language as an example, it would be similar to only using「0’s」and 「1’s」. (TL: Think of it as making a wedding cake but starting with gathering seeds and chickens from the wild for flour and eggs.)It may still take some time to fully understand this.

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