Buddha’s Palm - Chapter 247

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Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: Counting The Harvest.

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In front of the altar in the depths of the Snow God Palace.


When the Snow God Palace Lord and the others heard that the Ancestor agreed to their request, the weight pressing down on their hearts had finally been lifted.


The Elders were very happy. According to the ancient records, the battleground was the core in the recovery of vitality. If the Snow God Palace can occupy an area in ​​the battleground, they will definitely have a bright future. How many Earth Immortals would be born?


By then, the Elders would also be able to take advantage of the recovering vitality. Coupled with resources, their breakthrough was expected.


While the Snow God Palace Lord and Elders were excited, a lone figure slowly walked out from inside the altar.


This figure was hunched over and walked slowly, giving people a very old feeling.


Under the gaze of everyone including the Snow God Palace Lord, this figure slowly walked in front of everyone.


“I have seen the Ancestor.”


The Snow God Palace Lord bowed, along with the Elders and loudly said.


“It turned out to be Ancestor Xue Xin…” The Snow God Palace Lord cautiously raised her head and glanced, thinking in her mind.


Ancestor Xue Xin was an 8th Heavenly Layer Legend 900 years ago. She was a powerhouse in the entire overseas. Before Ancestor Ancestor Xue Xin went into slumber, she was overlooked the overseas. 


If it weren’t for Ancestor Xuexin, the Snow God Palace would never have had this much prestige. 


“Get up, all of you.”


“I fell asleep late, so I can take action a few times. However, the status of other Ancestors is much worse, especially the ‘First Ancestor’…”


As Ancestor Xue Xin said that, a trace of worry appeared on her face.


Compared to other Ancestors who had slept for at least 1000 years, Ancestor Xue Xin, who had only slept for 900 years, was ’young’ enough. In addition, Ancestor Xue Xin’s strength was at Peak 8th Heavenly Layer and she had already begun to touch the threshold of the 9th Heavenly Layer. Hence, she decided to take action this time.


“First Ancestor…”


The Snow God Palace Lord’s face changed slightly.


The ‘First Ancestor’ was the oldest sleeping Ancestor in the altar of the Snow God Palace. It was said that she had been asleep for more than 2000 years and was the real stabilizing force of the Snow God Palace.


According to the ancient records in the Snow God Palace’s inheritance, the First Ancestor was already at Peak 9th Heavenly Layer more than 2000 years ago. She even began to prepare for the ultimate sublimation to tackle the Earth Immortal Realm.


Unfortunately, the First Ancestor failed to achieve the Earth Immortal Realm. As a last resort, she had entered slumber.


The overseas [Longevity Secret Art] also had its limits. With over 2000 years time, it can almost obliterate two generations of Earth Immortals. The First Ancestor of the Snow God Palace was not like the Demon Dragon of the War God Temple, which had a trace of a Divine Beast bloodline. With its bloodline, coupled with the environment in the War God Temple, it barely survived tens of thousands of years.


Not to mention that the Monster Race’s lifespan was far superior than the Human Race, even more so the Demon Dragon had a connection with the legendary True Dragon.


The First Ancestor on the other hand, was just a mere human. No matter how much she preserves herself with the [Longevity Secret Art], she would eventually die of old age. It was just that she would die later, compared to the normal way.


This was also a problem that all slumbering Ancestors faced. Even with the [Longevity Secret Art], they cannot sleep all the time. Over time, their qi and blood will still gradually decay.


“Is the First Ancestor okay?” The Snow God Palace Lord asked, concerned.


If the First Ancestor falls, it would definitely be a great loss to the Snow God Palace. Even if she, the Snow God Palace Lord, falls, her impact would be far lesser than that of the First Ancestor. 


“Don’t worry.”


“She can still support herself for several more decades.”


Ancestor Xue Xin shook her head.




At the same time, in the Dark Source Sect, Myriad Sword Sect and other Major Sects, their respective Ancestors had also awakened.


Ancestor Xue Xin of the Snow God Palace was quite low-key and just walked out from the altar. But the Ancestor of the Myriad Sword Sect was the opposite. When he awakened from his sleep, he condensed a Divine Sword connecting the Heavens through the Earth. The sword energy swept hundreds of miles around.


As for the Ancestor of the Dark Source Sect, it was even more terrifying. At the moment of his awakening, with the Dark Source Sect as the center, the world was enveloped by darkness. The aura of a Peak Legend was unscrupulously released.


The entire overseas Martial Arts World was alarmed and panicking.


Generally speaking, the Major Sects’ Ancestors were the last resorts. They wouldn’t come out easily. But now, these Ancestors had woken up, one after another, obviously something Heaven-shaking had happened!


“At present, there are a total of six Major Sect Ancestors who have awakened. Among them, the Snow God Palace, Dark Source Sect and Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor awakened first. The other three were half a day late…”


The Legends overseas felt their scalps numb. How many Major Sects Ancestors were there overseas? Now, six came out at once, this was simply incredible!


“What happened? Why did these Ancestors wake up?” A Legend asked, full of doubts.


“I heard that the Saintess and an Elder of the Snow God Palace have died, and the Myriad Sword Sect has also lost an Elder and a disciple. As for the Dark Source Sect, their Vice Sect Master Mingyou has died…”


“Could it be that the Ancestors woke up because of this?”


Another Legend pointed out.


“Impossible!” A Legend stood up and retorted: “What are the Major Sect Ancestors? Not to mention the death of a few Elders and disciples, even if the Sect Master is dead, as long as their sect’s inheritance is not endangered, they will not come out.”


The other Legends immediately nodded in agreement.




If only a few Elders died, those sleeping Ancestors wouldn’t wake up. 


“Is it possible that it is because of the battlefield? Is the prediction of Heaven’s Fate Gate true? The battlefield has already appeared?” The face of the Legend, who had just started to talk, changed slightly.


It was not a secret that the Snow God Palace Saintess and several other Major Sect disciples searched for the battlefield. Other Legends had known about it for a long time, but it was only later after the fall of an Elder that they paid attention to it.


The other Legends’ faces changed.


If it was really because of the battlefield, the Major Sects awakening their Ancestors makes sense.


According to the bits and pieces of records left over from the last prosperous era, the battleground was the core of the entire Heavens and Earth. Every time the vitality recovers, the battleground would be a different place. However, without exception, the battlefield would always have the brightest radiance, like that of a treasure.


Once a Major Sect takes the lead in the battlefield, it will have far-reaching influence on the Sect and they will have a pivotal position in the future.


“It seems that the battlefield has really appeared.”


“Why don’t we wait and also go see the battlefield?”


Some Legends were thrilled. They were aware that they were nothing compared to the Major Sects like the Snow God Palace, but these Legends did not intend to dominate a vast area in the battlefield.


They just intend to occupy a small hill or area and not compete with the Major Sects.





“Don’t even think about it.”


“The battlefield is obviously not a good place. If the Snow God Palace did not suffer a big loss, why would they wake up their Ancestor?”


There was still a Legend that was clear-headed and had not been tempted by the battlefield.


If the battleground was really so easy to occupy, why would the Major Sects, such as the Snow God Palace and Myriad Sword Sect, wake up their Ancestors?


Be aware that these sleeping Ancestors, every time they wake up, their remaining time will be shortened by a certain amount.


Though, the Legends who were able to realize this were in the minority. There were more who were blinded by greed. 


After all, for the overwhelming majority of Legends, the Cultivation resources overseas had been monopolized by the Major Sects, and it was basically impossible to support themselves as Rogue Martial Artists.


The emergence of the battlefield had given these Legends hope, especially now that the Major Sects had not yet occupied the battlefield. This meant they had a greater chance to obtain a territory. 


All the while the overseas Martial Arts World was in an uproar, Su Qin left Kunlun Mountains and returned to Chang’an City.


As for Xuan Ku, he was sent back to the Shaolin Temple by Su Qin. Of course, before that, Su Qin personally gave Xuan Ku some guidance.


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The last time Su Qin gave pointers to Xuan Ku, Su Qin was still at the 3rd Heavenly Layer. At this moment, he was now at the 8th Heavenly Layer. Compared with the previous time, Su Qin’s pointers were more profound. His every word made Xuan Ku gain a lot of insights. Even if Su Qin didn’t say anything, Xuan Ku would have wanted to rush back to Shaolin Temple and enter seclusion as quickly as possible.


“En, he’s a promising Arhat.”


Su Qin glanced at Xuan Ku and evaluated in his heart.


Xuan Ku had the Buddha’s Heart. Although his early cultivation was easy and stepping into the Grade 1 Great Grandmaster was as simple as eating and drinking, when he finally enters the Arhat Realm, the so-called Buddha Heart will become one’s shackles.


The Shaolin Temple was standing for thousands of years, and a total of 7 or 8 Buddha’s Heart owners have been born, but no one was able to step into the Arhat Realm.


In Su Qin’s opinion, it was also extremely difficult for Xuan Ku to take that step. Although not hopeless, it was still elusive.


It was only now, with the recovery of vitality and the guidance of Su Qin – an 8th Heavenly Layer Legend- Xuan Ku’s chances of achieving Arhat Realm had greatly increased.


Of course, even if everything goes smoothly, if Xuan Ku wants to enter the Arhat Realm, it will be decades later. By then, Su Qin estimated that he would also enter the Great Arhat Realm.


The Great Arhat Realm was the Realm after the Arhat Realm and was equivalent to the Earth Immortal. Although the two have different names, they have the same essence of power control.


Once Su Qin becomes a Great Arhat, with all of the cards he has, an ordinary Earth Immortal would definitely not be his opponent. Especially after Su Qin makes a breakthrough in the [Buddha’s Palm]’s 2nd Form. It would definitely raise Su Qin’s combat power to an unimaginable level.


As Su Qin was thinking, he already took Li Wan back to the Imperial Palace.


Not long after Su Qin arrived in the East Palace, Emperor Li Sheng and Empress Su Yueyun rushed over with nervous expressions on their faces. More than a month had passed since what happened in the Kunlun Mountains, and naturally the news had already reached the Imperial Palace.


Although it was rumored that the Shaolin Temple’s Arhat was the one in the Kunlun Mountains, Su Yueyun and the others have long known that the so-called Shaolin Temple Arhat was just another identity of Su Qin’s.


The world had fiercely argued about who’s stronger, between the Chang’an City’s Legend and the Shaolin Temple’s Arhat, but in the eyes of Su Yueyun and the others, it was extremely funny.



Whether it was the Chang’an City’s Legend and the Shaolin Temple’s Arhat, both were Su Qin. How could there be one that’s stronger?


“Third Brother, I heard that the Demon Dragon appeared in the War God Temple…” Emperor Li Sheng couldn’t help asking.


Even if he knew that Su Qin was so powerful that even a Legend in Su Qin’s hands, the Demon Dragon was not like an ordinary Legend. So it being ripped to shreds by Su Qin was simply shocking.


“Don’t worry, whether it is the Demon Dragon or the War God Temple, it has been resolved.”


Su Qin said with a smile and a gentle expression.


The Demon Dragon had been killed, while he had already finished refining the War God Temple. Once Su Qin becomes a Great Arhat, he can take away the War God Temple. Naturally, whatever the worry in Emperor Li Sheng’s heart was, it would not happen.


“Many thanks to the Third Brother.”


Emperor Li Sheng relaxed and quickly thanked him.


“There’s no need for such things.”


Su Qin waved his hand. Even if it did not concern Emperor Li Sheng, Su Qin would have still gone to Kunlun Mountains.


Furthermore, Su Qin had gained a lot in Kunlun Mountains. The more than fifty Primordial Spirit Pills he obtained by Signing In in the War God Temple, were enough for Su Qin to enter the 9th Heavenly Layer in the shortest amount of time. 


This alone was enough for Su Qin to be satisfied with the trip. 


This time, even the War God Temple fell into Su Qin’s hands. According to the time of the War God Temple’s existence, the accumulated Dao Accumulation it contained would be equivalent to a gold mine.


[T/N: I think I mistranslated this part in the previous chapter/s saying that the Dao Accumulation was running out. If I did, sorry about that, it’s confusing ]


Unlike the relieved look of Emperor Li Sheng and the others, the Old Taoist was shocked.


He didn’t know that Su Qin had refined the War God Temple, but just the killing of the dragon from the War God Temple was enough to set off a storm in the Old Taoist’s heart.


The strength of the Demon Dragon was terrifying to the extreme. In the last prosperous era, several Earth Immortals had teamed up to enter the War God Temple, but were driven out because of the Demon Dragon.


But now, the Demon Dragon, that was strong enough to block the collaboration of Earth Immortal, was killed by Su Qin.


Also, it was not just a normal kill, it was a total annihilation with the dragon being ripped apart!


“How could Senior have such terrifying power…”


The Old Taoist swallowed a mouthful of saliva and thought, full of horror.


Although he faintly realized that it was maybe because tens of thousands of years had passed, the Qi and blood of the Demon Dragon had decayed, along with its strength being greatly damaged, no matter how bad it was, it was still the Demon Dragon.


Since Su Qin could kill the dragon in such a straightforward manner, even if he was not an Earth Immortal, he was not far away.




“You can all go.”


“I want to enter seclusion for a while.”


Su Qin chatted for a while, then waved his hand and announced his seclusion. He then came to the Underground Palace under Chang’an City.


“Let’s count the harvest now.”


Su Qin has a smile on his face. This time, he spent a full month in the Kunlun Mountains. His harvest was extremely gratifying, at least far more than when he was on Ying State Monster Island.


“Let’s take a look at the Flat Peach first.”


Su Qin’s thoughts moved and a fist sized fruit appeared in front of him.


At the moment when the fruit appeared, a terrifying power began to diffuse all around, filling every inch of the air.

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