Buddha’s Palm - Chapter 248

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Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: What Are You Looking For?

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“This is the Flat Peach?”


Su Qin carefully looked at the fruit in front of him. It was exuding with a rich amount of vitality.


Ever since he had obtained the Flat Peach at the top of the Kunlun Mountains, Su Qin had only taken it out of the System Storage now.


Even while in the War God Temple, Su Qin had just observed it in the System Storage. After all, the War God Temple was left by Hou Yuan and he might have left some mechanisms behind. Su Qin would not expose too many of his secrets in the War God Temple before completely refining it.


Not to mention that it’s the Flat Peach we’re talking about here. It was a peerless immortal fruit that can prolong one’s life for 1,000 years.


For true martial experts, the most precious thing was never Divine Arts and or Artifact Spirits.


It’s lifespan.


Only if one can continue to live, can one be qualified to consider Cultivating a Divine Art. Otherwise, under the limit of one’s lifespan, nothing would happen.


“The vitality that this Flat Peach is exuding is too terrifying. But then again, if it didn’t contain such power, how could it extend one’s lifespan for 1,000 years?”


Su Qin sat cross-legged and quietly looked at the Flat Peach in front of him, thinking in his heart.


“Not only can it prolong one’s lifespan, the Flat Peach could also instantly heal all injuries. It doesn’t matter if it’s the body or the Divine Sense, it can be restored.”


Su Qin was surprised with this point.


The body’s injuries were easy to recover, but the injuries on the Divine Sense were invisible and can’t be touched. One can only rely on oneself to heal himself.


Just the fact that the Flat Peach could repair all the damage on one’s Divine Sense, made it far superior to the overwhelming majority of pills and medicine in the world.


However, even this effect was insignificant compared to the extension of lifespan.


“My lifespan is sufficient, I don’t need to consume the Flat Peach for the time being. I will consider taking it when I have reached the limit and take that step.”


Su Qin thought.


Once he took the leap to the Great Arhat Realm, there was no turning back. If he succeeds then sure, no problem. However, if he fails, he will be severely injured. His qi and blood would decay, his Divine Sense would collapse and his strength would plummet.


The Old Taoist from the Dao Yi Men once said that for thousands of years, many 9th Heavenly Layer Peak Legends had been born overseas. These Peak Legends condensed domains and their Primordial Spirits achieved Perfection. However, at the last moment, they failed to enter the Earth Immortal Realm.


Su Qin’s [Flesh Rebirth] allowed him to not fear bodily injuries, but once his Divine Sense was damaged, it would cause him headaches.


Having the Flat Peach was equivalent to giving Su Qin a safety net to fall back on.


Even if Su Qin failed, he still had a chance to come back in a short amount of time.


“Taking the Flat Peach now is equivalent to wasting the effect of its healing effect. It’s not an effective way of using it.”


Su Qin shook his head and put the Flat Peach back into the System Storage.


“Unfortunately, there is only one Flat Peach. If I had more, I can give one to Little Sister.”


Su Qin softly sighed.


Although the Flat Peach was precious, Su Qin knew that strength was everything in the end. As long as he can continuously break through, will he still worry about his lifespan in the future?


Whether it was Su Yueyun, the Su Family or even the entire Tang Empire, they all relied on Su Qin’s ability to suppress everything. It was precisely because Su Qin was strong that things were the way they were, prosperous.


“In addition to the Flat Peach, there’s also several pills, such as the Primordial Spirit Pill.”


Su Qin summoned the pills and his eyes swept over them: “The Primordial Spirit Pill can condense Primordial Spirit, but what does Spirit Transformation Pill and Imperial God Pill do?”


Su Qin glanced over the other two types of pills.


“Forget it.”


“It’s too early to consider these. Let’s prepare to enter the 9th Heavenly Layer as soon as possible.”


Su Qin took the pills back and sank his mind into the [War God Records].


Strictly speaking, the [War God Records] was Su Qin’s biggest gain on this trip. Even the War God Temple itself was not comparable to the [War God Records].


As for the Primordial Spirit Pill, it was only useful for 9th Heavenly Layer Legends. Once one crosses this realm, it will no longer be useful.


The [War God Records], on the other hand… Even the owner of War God Temple, Hou Yuan, desperately desired its inheritance.


Although Su Qin doesn’t know the specific Cultivation level of Hou Yuan, he was clearly a Peak Earth Immortal that far surpasses the True Monarch of the Eastern Sea, and was very likely to reach the supreme powerhouse level.


“The [War God Records] is the law of a domain.”


“Cultivating the [War God Records] allows one to transform his domain into a War God Domain.”


Su Qin continued to feel the [War God Records]. After the System instilled it into him, all of the subtleties of the [War God Records] flowed in Su Qin’s heart, without the slightest obscurity. If the owner of War God Temple knew this, he would definitely vomit blood in anger.


After all, he had spent countless resources, but he still couldn’t understand the [War God Records]. While Su Qin acted as if he was merely eating and drinking.


“The [War God Records] is divided into 49 carvings. Once all of the 49 carvings are Cultivated, they’ll condense into the War God Celestial Cave……”


Su Qin roughly glanced at War God Celestial Cave and wore a shocked expression on his face.


He finally knew why the owner of War God Temple, as a supreme powerhouse, was obsessed with the [War God Records]. To the point that he even placed it into a spatial item for the future generations to inherit it.



Upon completion of the [War God Records], one would be able to condense the War God Celestial Cave!


This was incredible!


What is a Celestial Cave?


Compared to a domain, the Celestial Cave was a small world of its own. It had plenty of vitality, spirits everywhere, and even unique world laws.


“Unfortunately, the War God Celestial Cave is too far away from me. Not to mention the War God Celestial Cave, I can’t even condense the War God Domain…”


Su Qin shook his head.


According to the [War God Records], to complete the first step, he has to condense the Great Domain.


The Great Domain can only be condensed in the Earth Immortal Realm.


As for the domain that Su Qin could condense, it was just a Mini Domain. It was a long distance away from a Great Domain.


“No hurry.”


“It’ll come slowly.”


“Anyway, in at most 20 years, I will be able to break through.”


Although Su Qin was a little disappointed, he didn’t have many regrets. Instead, now that the [War God Records] was here, his path was already set and he doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. 


“Next, let’s breakthrough to the 9th Heavenly Layer.”


Su Qin then took out hundreds of pills and Spirit Liquid from the System Storage to start Cultivating.


Soon, several months passed in a blink of an eye.


In the past few months, Su Qin had not been in complete seclusion. He would occasionally return to the Imperial Palace and give pointers on the Su Family’s Cultivation.


In addition to this, Su Qin would also leave the Imperial Palace to stroll around Chang’an City, experiencing its daily life of people.


Martial Dao Cultivation was not only transforming one’s True Essence and Body, but it’s also the transformation of one’s mood. The closer Su Qin approaches the breakthrough, the more he feels his emotions.




While Su Qin was silently Cultivating, in the overseas Martial Arts World, in Dao Yi Men. 


The Tao Master removed the gourd from around his waist and poured a sip of wine in his mouth. He looked into the distance and whispered to himself: “Counting the time, the Snow God Palace’s Ancestor should have reached the battlefield by now, right?”


“Tao Master, I don’t understand why we didn’t wake up our Ancestors…” A young Taoist beside him couldn’t help asking.


In the past few months, the Snow God Palace, Dark Source Sect and Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestors awakening had shaken the overseas Martial Arts world.


Especially Ancestor Chi Yuan of the Dark Source Sect. It was said that he came from 1,800 years ago. He was considered invincible in that era. If it weren’t for the Dark Source Sect’s flaws, he would have become an Earth Immortal long ago.


“Wake up?”


“Why would we want to wake the Ancestor?”


The Tao Master mysteriously said, as he drank some wine from the gourd again, “Whether it’s the Dark Source Sect, the Snow God Palace, or the Myriad Sword Sect, it’s all because of the fall of their disciples and Elders.”


“But we…”


Speaking of this, the Tao Master had a strange look on his face.


While the other Sect’s Elders and disciples had died, the Tao Master found that Yan Hai and their Elder, who also went to the battlefield, their fire of life was still burning.


The Tao Master even prepared himself that these two people’s fires of life would go out at any time.


However, what surprised the Tao Master was that until now, the lives of these two people had been well.


The Tao Master even used a secret technique to check the states of the owner of these fires of life.


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He found that these people were in an unprecedentedly better state than they were before. Their strength had improved! This was incredible!


The other Major Sect’s Elders and disciples could not even escape death with their Divine Sense, but these two people were not only fine, but they were better! 


If this information spread out to the other Major Sects, they would become a target.


“But it’s the battlefield…” The young Taoist hesitated for a while, before he cautiously said.


“You’re saying that the Snow God Palace and Dark Source Sect would take the lead in the battlefield?” The Tao Master said.


“Yes.” The young Taoist immediately nodded.


The battlefield was the core of the recovery of vitality and the key part of the incoming prosperity. If it’s occupied by the Major Sects, such as the Snow God Palace, it would be hard to tell if it’s a curse or a blessing for the Dao Yi Men.


“Don’t worry.”


“Currently, the vitality has just begun to recover, and it is still early. The real opportunity in the battlefield has not yet appeared. We’ll let the Snow God Palace scout it out first…”


The Tao Master didn’t care much about this.


The emergence of the battleground does not happen overnight. It would be gradually revealed, as the vitality recovers.




The Tao Master said with a smile on his face: “We are not the only ones doing this, aren’t there several other old foxes who are also watching the show?”


A few other old foxes….


The young Taoist’s heart tightened, and he dared not ask any more questions.




Outside Chang’an City.


A few figures silently appeared.


“The Saintess of the Snow God Palace died here?” The Snow God Palace Ancestor Xue Xin’s eyes flashed with cold light, as she looked at Chang’an City from a distance.


A few years ago, headed by the Snow God Palace Saintess Bing Ling, the Myriad Sword Sect disciple and others came to Chang’an City together, trying to suppress the Tang Empire to conquer the battlefield. However, the result was that the Legend in Chang’an City had killed them all, with only one sword strike each.


They only needed a little investigation, to know this information.


Hence, Ancestor Xue Xin and the others came directly to Chang’an City, wanting to join forces to suppress the Legend of Chang’an City.




“Why not go in for the kill?” A man with ordinary facial features beside her coldly said, exuding an aura as if he was a sharp sword.


“Go in?”


At this moment, a young man with a cold aura spoke. He seemed to be only about 18 years old, but his aura was like an endless abyss; dark, deep and unmeasurable. It’s Ancestor Chi Yuan of the Dark Source Sect.


“Isn’t it a pity to kill so many creatures? It’s better to let this old man take action and swallow their blood essence…”


The Ancestor Chi Yuan said cruelly.


When Ancestor Xue Xin heard this, her eyebrows slightly frowned, but she did not say anything.


This time, the three Major Sect Ancestors – the Snow God Palace, Dark Source Sect and Myriad Sword Sect, had joined forces. The strongest one was Ancestor Chi Yuan.


Even if she was proud, Ancestor Xue Xin couldn’t help but have some fear against Ancestor Chi Yuan.


Not only because Ancestor Chi Yuan was the strongest, but also because he awakened this time due to the lifespan reaching its end. If he continues to sleep, he’ll only die of old age. Meaning, he doesn’t fear anything.


“Don’t worry.”


“I won’t start a slaughter before we find the Legend of Chang’an City.”


Ancestor Chi Yuan glanced at Ancestor Xue Xin and the Ancestor of the Myriad Sword Sect, a smile appearing on his face.


“Let’s go.”


Ancestor Chi Yuan took a step and slowly moved towards Chang’an City, “I would like to see what kind of powerhouse can be born here.”


Ancestor Xue Xin and the Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor looked at each other, then also entered Chang’an City.


People were coming and going in Chang’an City, it was lively.


Ancestor Chi Yuan’s group slowly walked along the street.


“There’s no aura of a Peak Legend?” Ancestor Xue Xin’s brows were slightly wrinkled.


“There are a few auras from Legends in the Imperial Palace, but they are still far from Peak Legend.” Ancestor Chi Yuan’s eyes slightly narrowed, as he looked towards the Imperial Palace: “Even if they were ten times stronger than they are right now, it is impossible for them to kill Mingyou.”




The Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor’s complexion sank: “What should we do now?”


The three of them came together for the Peak Legend. But no, they couldn’t find the Peak Legend. Isn’t this trip for nothing?


“What to do?”


“Keep looking, this old man doesn’t believe it. Even if we make blood bleed for tens of thousands of miles all over and dig out the city, we must find that person!”


Ancestor Chi Yuan looked gloomy and coldly said. 


Ancestor Xue Xin and the Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor were uneasy. They could feel a monstrous killing intent from Ancestor Chi Yuan.


Ancestor Chi Yuan may really slaughter all the millions of creatures in this place, and then dig out the entire Chang’an City.


Just when Ancestor Xue Xin and the Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor were about to go to the Imperial Palace to suppress the Legends there, and interrogate the Tang Empire’s Emperor about the Peak Legend…


A leisurely voice suddenly sounded in their ears.


“What are you looking for?”


They then saw a man with deep eyes watching them quietly a few meters away.


“You are?!” All of the Ancestors, including Ancestor Chi Yuan, looked at Su Qin in disbelief.

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