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Chapter 580: If You Want to Escape, Accompany Me in My Tribulation!

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Chapter 580 If You Want to Escape, Accompany Me in My Tribulation!

This bell was indeed extraordinary. With a single tremor, the world shattered, and its shape became clearer and clearer. Ye Chen slapped out, and with a loud clang, the bell wave wreaked havoc.

In the distance, the desolate mountains were like paper, unable to withstand a single blow. They collapsed and sank, completely destroyed, and no longer existed.

Lightning was the form, and law was the god. Such a huge bell could destroy all things


The huge bell shook, and it fell down, drowning Ye Chen within. It covered him below, and no one could see his figure.

A bell chime resounded throughout the world. Large swathes of desolate mountains collapsed, and Ye Chen walked out again. The soul divine bell was shattered by his bare hands.


Right at this moment, heaven and earth became violent. Bolts of lightning struck down…all kinds of heavenly punishment blotted out the sky and earth as they struck down.

The area within dozens of miles was submerged, and nothing could be seen. The two figures were blurry, and they could not be seen clearly. They were both resisting the lightning

“This kid is too terrifying. He actually attracted such a great heavenly punishment. Even we find it difficult to deal with it!”

“As expected of a monster, to be able to attract such a terrifying heavenly punishment!”

The three emissaries cried out in shock. None of them were unafraid. Such an opponent was too terrifying. If they provoked him and brought the heavenly tribulation with them, it would be difficult for them to contend against him.

“Long live the Human Emperor!”

“The Human Emperor is too monstrous, too heaven-defying!”

“In the face of a lightning tribulation, I would like to call our Human Emperor invincible!”

All of a sudden, the human experts below shouted.

Seeing the Human Emperor constantly fighting against external enemies, their hot blood was ignited one after another.

This was their Human Emperor. With his own strength, he protected them and fought against the other races. He was so powerful, how could they not be ignited?

“One day, I will rise up like the Human Emperor and revive our human race!”

“That’s right, the Human Emperor is our role model. We humans are not sinners!”

“Heaven and earth are not benevolent and treat all things as dogs. Since the heaven and earth are not benevolent, I will go against the heaven and break the earth!”

“We humans must revive from the ruins!”

Immediately, voices sounded from the ground.

Some were powerful cultivators.

Some were young men who yearned for power.

None of them were willing to be slaves. None of them were willing to spend their entire lives in this prison. They wanted to be like the Human Emperor, standing tall and erect in this world.


He was struck until his entire body was charred black. He was sent flying hundreds of feet away. However, he was soon drowned by a disaster of water and fire.

In the next moment, his entire body was flowing with lightning. He endured the intense pain and stood up from the void. However, he was quickly struck away again.

However, the lightning was so heavy that it was completely submerged. The outside world could not see it at all.

The world was a vast expanse of whiteness. It was deafening. Silver snakes were dancing in the air. Lightning was everywhere. It was like a vast ocean, and its momentum was many times greater than before.


A great dragon flew across the sky. It was not just one, but thousands of lightning bolts. Each lightning bolt was as thick as a mountain ridge. It danced in the void, and it was no different from a great dragon.

“This is…the Dragon Transformation Heavenly Tribulation!”

“A stronger heavenly tribulation has finally arrived?”

“I hope this heavenly tribulation can help me temper my body!”

At this moment, Ye Chen was sitting cross-legged in the void, submerged in the sea of lightning. He was resisting the heavenly tribulation while capturing the Dao marks in the sea of lightning. He was actually comprehending the Dao!

Instantly, endless heavenly tribulations spread out.

The three emissaries were also wrapped in them.


The three emissaries immediately wanted to escape.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “You want to escape? Unfortunately, it’s too late!”

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As Ye Chen spoke, an array formation rose in the air.

The huge array formation trapped the three of them.

At this moment, the three of them were shocked.

“Array formation?”

Ye Chen grinned and looked at the three emissaries and said with a smile, “This is the immortal trapping array. I think that even if you can find the array core, you won’t be able to escape.”

The three envoys were shocked. None of them were formation masters, so how could they find the core of the formation?

In fact, Ye Chen used himself as the core of the formation. In other words, if they wanted to escape, they had to kill Ye Chen. But now, it was impossible for them to kill Ye Chen.

This also meant that this formation was almost unsolvable.

As long as Ye Chen did not die, the formation could trap them for life.

Ye Chen looked at them, his mouth wide open as he revealed a sinister sneer.

“Since you all want to kill me, then stay here and accompany me through the tribulation!” As Ye Chen spoke, a sky full of tribulation lightning descended, and Ye Chen sat cross-legged within the tribulation lightning to comprehend the Dao.

Those domain emissaries were also within the tribulation lightning, feeling the tribulation lightning they released.

The domain emissaries gritted their teeth and used all their strength to resist the tribulation lightning. Many scorch marks had already appeared all over his body, and he had suffered considerable injuries.


He flew across the sky, wanting to leave this place. He could see that Ye Chen had used him to trigger the heavenly tribulation for him to break through here. He was completely accompanying the crown prince in his studies.

“I can’t afford to suffer this!”

This was what he was thinking. He had never seen such a freak before. Every bolt of lightning was thicker than a mountain ridge. There were tens of thousands of them. Even a half-step great being would be struck to death if they entered.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and pointed with his finger. A divine thought shot out from his glabella and entered the sea of lightning, drawing in a hundred thousand feet of heavenly lightning

In the void, a large golden bell materialized. It was completely condensed from golden lightning. Of course, there were many patterns on it. This was the law of heaven and earth.

Ye Chen’s body was moved, and he also formed a lightning divine bell. However, it was much more focused than the domain envoy’s. It was formed from the Sun True Tribulation, and golden light shot into the sky.

There were countless Dao marks in the heavenly tribulation, and they were imprinted on it at the first moment. The big bell became more and more resplendent, and it was as tall as a small mountain. A loud sound reverberated for hundreds of kilometers, it suppressed the territory envoy in an instant.


The sound of the bell was long, loud, harmonious, and profound. It was like the ringing of a yellow bell. The world was peaceful, but the lightning was even more intense.

Especially inside the bell, the messenger was struck by the lightning. White smoke rose from his body, and he was almost burned. He was about to be broken into pieces, and his whole body was in great pain.


The bell was long, and it resounded through the world. Everyone was amazed again, but the messenger inside the bell was dispirited, and he was almost cooked.

“It’s fine. Let him be half-dead and stay outside while I can break through here in peace.” Ye Chen made up his mind and made this decision.

Ye Chen sat cross-legged in the sea of lightning. His back was like a dragon, constantly releasing essence energy. His large spine was about to fly out. This was a sign of transforming into a dragon. This arcane realm matched its name very well. It nourished a large dragon in the body and transformed into a human. The large dragon in the human body was the spine, and all the power needed to be supported by it.

The dragon’s roar rang out, and crackling sounds came from within Ye Chen’s body. His entire spine was as bright as gold, and every single one of his joints was moving, like the awakening of a wild dragon.

The Dragon Transformation Heavenly Tribulation had finally arrived. It was not as vast as he had imagined and was not much different from before. However, Ye Chen could feel a terrifying aura.

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