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Chapter 581: Meet the Heavenly Tribulation Head-On!

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Chapter 581 Meet the Heavenly Tribulation Head-On!

One heavenly dragon after another rushed over. They were not just like one another, they were exactly the same. The lightning in the shape of a dragon seemed to have a life of its own. It let out a dragon’s roar as it pounced over.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and sat cross-legged in the air to fight against the heavenly dragon. In an instant, his skin and flesh split open. Although it was not a vast sea of lightning, it was even more terrifying. The great dragon tribulation!

One after another, lifelike heavenly dragons coiled in the void. Their heads were facing him, as if they had existed since ancient times. They emitted a mysterious and demonic aura.

In the distance, the boundless sea of lightning surged. It was boundless, but it did not dare to approach this place. All the lightning seemed to have a spirit, and they were extremely afraid of these eighty-one heavenly dragons.

According to the thunderclap technique, the great dragon tribulation was mysterious and mysterious. It was imprinted in the sea of lightning by the blood essence of the heavenly dragon from ancient times. It was nourished and turned into a great heavenly tribulation.

Ye Chen had already expected that the heavenly punishment would be extraordinary when he charged into the great mystic realm, but he did not expect the dragon transformation heavenly tribulation to descend.

The heavenly dragons coiled around and forced the sea of lightning back, leaving a vacuum area and trapping it within.


A dragon’s roar shook the nine heavens and the nine Netherworlds, spreading across the land. The first ancient heavenly dragon charged over, no longer probing like before.

At this moment, the dragon’s head was like a mountain, and its two horns were like holy weapons. It directly charged over. That kind of aura was indeed like an immortal who wanted to slaughter even if he came. It was indomitable!

Ye Chen had no way to dodge. This was a heavenly tribulation, and he had to face it. It was useless no matter where he ran. He had to endure it. Otherwise, he would turn into ashes.


Blood dripped from his fists, and lightning surrounded him as he clashed head-on with the dragon. The entire sky trembled, unable to withstand this kind of pressure.

The three envoys were astonished. Their eyes could not see through the lightning sea, and they could not see what was happening in the center. They were all suspicious.

At this moment, the three envoys wanted to cry, but they had no tears. Their bodies were burning, and they were about to be roasted. It was too uncomfortable to be trapped in the soul god bell.

Fortunately, the heavenly tribulation this time was extraordinary. It was as if there was a soul, and it drained the energy in the lightning sea. It gave birth to eighty-one heavenly dragons to deal with Ye Chen. Otherwise, the envoys would have been turned into ashes.


When Ye Chen flew far away from where the sea and the sky met, the huge tribulation clouds in the sky also moved. As expected, the tribulation clouds followed Ye Chen.

To avoid the heavenly tribulation, one had to enter some magical space that was completely isolated from the world. However, Ye Chen could not find that magical space, so he could only resist the thunder tribulation head-on.

If he succeeded, his divine body would improve, and he would receive endless benefits. If he failed, his soul would be scattered, and his divine soul would perish!

Giving and receiving coexisted!

Ye Chen was able to deal with the lightning tribulation with ease. However, the three territory envoys were met with a tragic end.

The massive heavenly tribulation descended.

The entire world emitted a terrifying rumbling sound. Ye Chen flew dozens of miles to the west. From time to time, he would raise his head to look at the tribulation clouds in the sky. Suddenly, he stopped shooting. Right now, Ye Chen gave people the feeling that he was more like a killing God. He looked down at the sky and coldly faced the tribulation clouds. He was calm and unhurried, like an invincible divine sword. He pointed his sword at the sky and wanted to compete with the tribulation clouds to see who would win.


With a loud sound, the first bolt of heavenly lightning finally began to form and descend from the center of the rapidly rotating tribulation clouds.

The diameter of the heavenly lightning was about the size of an adult’s waist. It was more than a hundred feet long and looked like a huge white dragon. It carried a terrifying power that could destroy everything as it shot down from the tribulation clouds.

Ye Chen’s expression was solemn.

Ye Chen did not dodge the heavenly lightning because the lightning tribulation could not be avoided. He could only take it head-on. At this moment, his battle intent soared to the sky. His body shot out explosively toward the first heavenly lightning bolt. It was a complete mess.

Instantly, Ye Chen circulated the heaven amplification technique and the eternal spring recovery technique.

The supreme-being divine body immediately emitted a divine light.

He charged toward the huge lightning tribulation.

“What is His Majesty trying to do?”

“He’s flying toward the lightning tribulation. is he going to face the lightning tribulation head-on?”

“As expected of His Majesty, the Human Emperor. He’s really too ferocious!”

The people below the ground looked at each other when they saw Ye Chen’s crazy actions. They understood that they had worried for Ye Chen for nothing.

The tribulation cloud was about 300,000 feet away from Ye Chen. Under the collision of Ye Chen and the heavenly lightning, the 300,000 feet cloud arrived very quickly. At this moment, Ye Chen was less than 300 feet away from the first heavenly lightning bolt. In the next instant, the two sides would be able to collide.

Ye Chen’s bewitching eyes stared at the heavenly lightning bolt above his head. There was not a trace of fear in his heart. Instead, he was incomparably excited. His right fist, which contained the strongest power, suddenly smashed toward the heavenly lightning bolt.


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A purple, black, and white fist light shot out from Ye Chen’s right fist. Immediately, it directly smashed towards the heavenly lightning bolt above.


The fist light contained destructive power that surpassed that of the Divine Dragon Realm. After colliding with the heavenly lightning bolt, a terrifying big explosion was immediately produced. It almost completely destroyed the heavenly lightning bolt.

“Break for me!” After the explosion occurred, Ye Chen did not retreat. He actually rammed into the area of the explosion. His left fist that was ready to strike struck the remaining heavenly lightning.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The heavenly lightning completely exploded. The destructive power of lightning wreaked havoc in the area of the explosion, completely enveloping Ye Chen. Moreover, it crazily attacked the energy shield on the surface of Ye Chen’s body.

At this moment, the three emissaries who were in the middle of the thunder tribulation were dumbfounded.

Even for them, it was very difficult for them to withstand this kind of thunder tribulation head-on.

Right now, they could only circulate their True Qi and form a shield to constantly dodge.

But now, this Human Emperor in front of them not only withstood the thunder tribulation head-on but also took the initiative to attack the thunder tribulation.

Was he f*cking suicidal?

The energy shield was Ye Chen’s spiritual power and the spiritual power of heaven and earth. Through the Heavenly Dao as a bridge, it was a special type of energy that was combined together. Reality proved that it could resist the invasion of the power of the evil lightning

Ye Chen was overjoyed when he found out that his energy shield could resist the power of the heavenly lightning. Although the energy shield would be quickly neutralized by the power of the heavenly lightning, it was already a great thing to be able to resist the power of the heavenly lightning.

Boom —

Endless power bombarded in the sky.

“What a powerful heavenly thunder!”

“Is he using the strongest heavenly tribulation to deal with this Human Emperor?”

“Damn it. I didn’t expect this Human Emperor to control us in the formation. Now, we will have to follow him to transcend the tribulation!”

The three emissaries were controlled in the formation. Although they were very afraid of the heavenly tribulation, they had no way to do anything.

If this continued…

They were afraid that they would be killed by the heavenly tribulation sooner or later.

Moreover, after Ye Chen trapped them in the formation, he simply ignored them. It seemed that he wanted to use the heavenly tribulation that they released to kill themselves.

This was enough to be ironic.

Ye Chen turned the True Qi in his body and flew into the sky. He began to deal with the heavenly tribulation in the sky with all his strength.

Rumble —

In the sky, a five-colored thunder, in the continuous explosion.

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