Silent Lover - Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

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If Jun Xuanxiao wants Shen Yu to stay by his side. Even if Shen Yu is unwilling, he would still force him to. Then what is the point of all this?

He held in his anger and looked at Song Qing’s disappointed face, and didn’t even bother to explain himself.

“So what if I, the king, have done such a deed? Song Qing, do not forget that you are my subordinate, not Shen Yu’s! You should be clear to whom you are loyal to!”

Song Qing lowered his head and said: “Song Qing was born in the northern army and admired the heroic spirit of the king. Song Qing still remembers the ambitious heart of every soldier, As his majesty charged towards the enemies. Looking fearlessly as one man eliminating thousands of foe in one night! Not… like now using despicable means to deal with a mute…”

“Song Qing.” ZhenBei Wang’s eyes looked at him with a cold glare, “You don’t have to use this method to trigger me. I didn’t care about others saying that I was murderous and unforgivable before, having a mute thinking I am cold-blooded and despicable does not make any difference…”


Shen Yu looked towards the palace, patiently waiting, but there was no sight of Song Qing.

The vague premonition in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

Shen Yu now realized how small and incompetent he was in front of ZhenBei Wang.

Despair gradually engulfed his whole body. Why does he have no value, yet ZhenBei Wang refused to let him go? He trampled on his body again and again, and now even his only family has been taken away from him.

How much worse does he need to endure before ZhenBei Wang is willing to let him go?.

“The hidden concubine?”

Shen Yu turned around blankly and saw a man in a *cloth gown.

T/N: *refers to commoners.

“The king sent me.”

He had thick eyebrows, rosacea chicks and thick lips, like a brutal butcher,

Shen Yu had never seen this person in the palace.

The king sent me to bring you to your mother.


Shen Yu was overjoyed, he finally had some news about his mother.

However, this man does not appear friendly, Shen Yu is good with faces, and he was not wearing clothes from the loyal palace.

Shen Yu hesitated for a while. If the king had taught him anything, it is to never trust anyone.

“You know where my mother is?”

The man couldn’t understand Shen Yu’s gestures, and eagerly said, “I can’t understand sign language. Just follow me. Your mother is not far from here. The king had arranged a place for her.”.

Shen Yu took two steps back, guarded. He was even more suspicious. Since ZhenBei Wang is free now, why didn’t Song Qing come out?

“Look, I still have the **paiza from the palace.”

T/N: **A tablet carried by officials and envoys to signify certain privileges and authority.

*A tablet carried by officials and envoys to signify certain privileges and authority.

Sure enough, the man took out an identity token, which indeed belonged to the palace. If it was in the past, Shen Yu would have definitely followed him, in order to have a line of hope to find his mother.

“I’ll wait for brother Song’s news.”

The man tried to fool Shen Yu a couple of times, but Shen Yu was still on guard. He was furious and suddenly decided to use physical threats instead. He moved swiftly.

He knows martial arts!

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Shen Yu wanted to ask the people in the palace for help, but no sound came out. One hit from the back by the man and he fainted, slowly losing consciousness.


When Shen Yu woke up again, he was in a small dark room that was around two feet long and wide, with many wine jars stacked in the corners, and an old screen painted with flowers in front of him.

This was a cellar, or a hidden cabinet in the backyard warehouse.

Shen Yu wanted to sit up, but found that both his hands and feet were tied together.

“You’re awake?”

A female voice came from behind the screen, Shen Yu was familiar with it, she was the princess!
Sure enough, the man in a cloth gown was sent by the princess, so it’s no wonder that he has the paiza from the palace.

“Unexpectedly, you little mute have gotten brighter, even with the paiza we still can’t get you here. If it weren’t for this brawny man who knows some martial arts skills, we wouldn’t be able to bring you here.”

The princess ordered someone to remove the screen. She put the teacup in her hand on the table and stood up.

“But it’s been a few days since we saw each other.” The princess walked over with the smile of victory, “Hidden concubine.”

Shen Yu looked around, realizing that this place was probably not within the royal palace. ZhenBei Wang was not there, nor was Song Qing, there was no one he could rely on.

It was ridiculous that the first person he actually remembered was that ruthless ZhenBei Wang.

“Stop looking, no one will save you. Do you still expect the king to love you and protect you now? We are at Qinhuai tower, far away from the palace.”

The princess held her hands and looked down at Shen Yu.

Qinhuai tower, rumoured that it is a place for men to find pleasure, this is also the place where Hong Lian came from.

What is she going to do? To kill me? Shen Yu thought to himself, the princess hated him, and now he has fallen into her hands, it is probably impossible to get out alive. But his mother has yet to be found, he isn’t even sure if she is still alive or not.

Shen Yu closed his eyes gently.

“What? Accepted your fate so soon?”

The princess kicked Shen Yu hard on the side of his waist. Shen Yu curled up and bent his body in pain, as cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

“You little bitch, just because the king liked your face and that sluggish body of yours, you think you can now show off in front of the princess? Don’t be so full of yourself! Haha… Do you know, because of you, how long I was left by the king? I was misunderstood. In his eyes, all I am is a wicked woman. The king no longer loves me… All thanks to you! You know, every day and night all I think about is a way to kill you!’

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