Silent Lover - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

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The door of the secret basement pavilion of Qinhuai Tower was kicked open, and a man with an enchanting figure leaned on the edge of the door frame.

“Oh my~ How could you not invite me to such an exciting show?”

The princess was suddenly interrupted, just as she was enjoying watching Shen Yu being ravaged.

She stared bitterly at the person.

“Why are you here?”

“Qinhuai Tower is my home, isn’t it normal for me to return once in a while?”

Hong Lian took a bite of the peach in his hand. He felt disgusted and spit it out, discarding the rest of it.

The men stopped when they saw Hong Lian. Shen Yu’s eyes shrank out of focus, like a young deer who had just escaped the butcher’s knife. There were countless blood stains on his hands and feet, it was indistinguishable whether it was blood or tears that were on his face.

“Don’t interfere with my plan! Get out!” The princess squinted coldly…

“Hehe… The princess has such an interesting hobby.”

Hong Lian covered his mouth and smiled as he walked in, twisting his waist. “Such nasty place… I am not willing to stay any longer, but before leaving…” Hong Lian pointed at Shen Yu, “I wish to take him with me.”

“What?!” the princess said angrily, “What do you mean? You want to save him and go against me? Don’t forget who was the one that introduced you to the king and gave you a chance to climb onto his majesty’s bed!”

“Of course I remember……”

Hong Lian was smiling bitterly.

“Then get out of here, I must not let this little bitch get away today!” The princess was furious.

“The princess is so majestic, but don’t forget. You and I are in an employment relationship. I only promised to help you snatch the king’s favor. Besides that, I do not need to follow your orders.”

Hong Lian walked to Shen Yu and gently knocked on Shen Yu’s legs and feets.

“The bones don’t seem to be broken… Can you walk on your own? I do not have the strength like Uncle Song to carry you.” Hong Lian clicked his tongue in disapproval, “What are you doing standing there? Untie this little beauty this instant!”

Several strong men looked at each other. Hong Lian was one of the most popular male prostitutes of Qinhuai Tower. He was also the most capable one. Somehow, he became one of the owners, making him their master, and the master’s orders were naturally what they should obey.

“Don’t you dare!” The princess became angry and anxious, “Are you gonna ignore the princess’s orders?! Hong Lian! Why are you helping this little bitch?! You rebellious backstabbing bitch…”


“You dare hit me?! You are dead! I’m gonna bring down the entire Qinhuai Tower and you will be buried with it!”

The princess tried to rush out, but was stopped by a strong man.

“What are you going to do? You dare to kill more innocent people?”.

Hong Lian smirked: “Just as the princess has said, this is Qinhuai Tower, and there is more than one dead person here. Even if someone cuts off your throat, no one will hear you. Since you, too, sneaked out of the palace unnoticed, I’m sure even the king wouldn’t suspect a thing.”

“D-Don’t you dare!”

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The princess tumbled a few steps back, finally realizing in what situation she had gotten herself into. She regretted not taking a few servants with her. In order for everything to be done in secret, she decided to handle Shen Yu by herself. She didn’t tell anyone! She never expected Hong Lian to suddenly turn against her.

“Of course I dare not… But, didn’t the princess mention to make this night enjoyable and unforgettable? Why don’t you all serve the princess tonight, one by one!

“What?… We are still not sure about this. Master, can we really lay hands on the princess?”

Hong Lian glanced contemptuously: “Why? Are you scared? What about that group of gangsters that entered the secret pavilion of the Qinhuai Tower? Which one of them did not go out obediently? No matter how prestigious the individual is, they are still human. Just a human who has never suffered. If we can’t teach them a lesson and cure them, then this is all just a waste of time.”

“Yes! Screw it, if sleeping with a princess is worth our lives, then it’s all worth it!”

The brawny men gleamed their eyes and gathered around the princess.

“Don’t you dare! I am the head concubine! A princess! You group of dog slaves would not dare… I will ask the emperor to chop off all your heads! Die in hell! ……

The princess screamed in horror but all became silent as the door of the hidden pavilion closed. Hong Lian listened through the door frame, hearing her sharp and horrific screams, only then he contentedly pulled Shen Yu away.

After taking a shower, Shen Yu drank a cup of tea from Hong Lian that helped him to recover from the shock before returning back to reality, covering his face and sobbing.

“That’s enough, that’s enough. It’s not like they actually did anything to you yet.” Guren said impatiently.

Shen Yu held back his tears, raised his head and gestured: “Why did you save me?”

Hong Lian spit out the shell of the sunflower seeds: “Why? I’m afraid that you will be defiled. Some people are going to be monks. You should stay in Qinhuai Tower for now. Don’t go out. This little face really makes people want to adore it. I won’t be responsible for whichever benefactor gets attracted to it.”

Shen Yu nodded, as Hong Lian looked duly at him, he couldn’t be mad at him.

“Look at your wimpy obedient daughter-in-law look*. I told you in the palace before that the most unreliable person in this world is a man. If you don’t want to fall into this trouble again… Forget it, I’m too lazy to explain it again.”

In Chinese culture, the daughter-in-law was supposed to be obedient and serve her husband while relying on him. He is saying that Shen Yu looks helpless and submissive.

Looking at the wounds on Shen Yu’s body, Hong Lian couldn’t bear to wound him with his poisonous tongue**.

Chinese saying for hurting someone verbally.

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