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Chapter 10

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Some Electrocution Will Teach You Manners

After Su Bai stopped, several students stood still and could not return to their senses.

This was the linked skill from Bearen’s Lightning Strike.

If Bearen attacked, the group of students wouldn’t last more than two seconds before they fainted from the electrocution. They might even die.

The Beasts that had grown to the Mid-4 Iron level were still qualified to gain experience.

Su Bai proceeds to check on Bearen’s current status.

Name: Bearen

Lineage: bear

Stage: Juvenile(68.1%)

Level: Mid-4 Iron

Potential: Upper Platinum

Nature: Combative

Talent: Thunderstorm (Outstanding)

Skills: Lightning Strike (B-level), Bare Physique (C-level), Heavy Strike (C-level)

It was estimated that it would not be long before Bearen could mature.

As for the other students, most of them had yet to start their basic training, let alone training their Beasts.

After all, it was only the first day of the academy.

“How do you feel? Some electrocution will teach you manners,” Su Bai said with a smile.

A crowd of students watches in awe. They never thought that a commoner could make a fool out of them.

What was even more outrageous to them was that Su Bai even asked about the experience.

“You b*stard!” Those students were so anxious that their faces were red, and couldn’t speak at all.

They couldn’t do anything because they couldn’t beat Su Bai, so if those students continued to be entangled with Su Bai, they would be the ones to lose face.

The students from other classes were also impressed by Su Bai.

It wouldn’t be long before there would be rumors in the academy that a commoner could easily defeat the students from Elite Class Two.

“Hahaha, This is too amusing. This year’s Elite Class Two is only at this level. They can’t even handle a commoner.”

“They deserve it. Since they liked to bully people.”

“Did anyone record it with their phone? Send me a copy!”

“This is so awesome. Hurry up and post it on the academy forum!”

“What’s that kid’s background? Isn’t he afraid of those guys getting revenge? ”

“It’s none of our business. We’re just here to watch the fun.”

“Look at their hair. It’s all standing up. Pfft … Hahahaha!”

The other classes broke out in laughter.

All the students around Su Bai were blushing.

Fortunately, the academy’s bell rang at this time.

Only then did everyone return to their senses and get back to their seats.

The teacher entered the room and stood on the podium. He immediately noticed that something was wrong.

“What’s with your hair?”

The teacher, Lu Xiaolin, furrowed her brow and asked, “It’s the first day of class, and you are all already not behaving well. Look at your permed hair. Do you even have any respect for the academy?”

As a qualified teacher, especially one teaching the elites, Lu Xiaolin had to be strict with her students.

She would definitely not encourage the lousy practice of perming one’s hair!

However, those few students couldn’t explain themselves.

They were too embarrassed to say that they were bullied by a commoner, so they could only swallow their words.

The other students in the know held back their laughter and did not expose them.

“I’m sorry, teacher. This hairstyle has been trendy recently… So…”

“There’s no “so”! Get your hair done immediately after class!” Lu Xiaolin said sternly.

Then, Lu Xiaolin began the roll call.

“Damn it… You better watch out from now on!”

Those students hated Su Bai even more now because Su Bai had caused them to leave a bad impression on their teacher on the first day of class.

But Su Bai was already looking forward to it.

For the wonderful scene that was soon to come when they found out there was an extra student in the class after the teacher finished her roll call.

True enough, those students still refuse to believe that Su Bai had the talent to be one of the elites.

They held onto their noble status and looked down on commoners.

“Jiang Xin.”

“Yes, Ms. Lu!”

“Chu Yiyun!”

“Ms. Lu, he’s on leave. He’ll only be here for the next class.”

“Wang Erhu.”


“Su Bai.”


“Alright, that’s everyone. Now, I’ll give everyone a detailed introduction to the basics of being Beastmasters,” said Lu Xiaolin. She pushed up her glasses and started writing down the three basics of Beastmasters on the blackboard.

The students in the class were all shocked.

They didn’t expect Su Bai to be a student in their class.

This was a rare occurrence.

Soon, Lu Xiaolin finished briefing about the three basics of a Beastmaster and ended the class.

They took a break between classes, and most of the topics discussed were related to Su Bai.

“I didn’t expect him to really be from our class. I’ve been wrong about him.”

“A commoner with a B-level talent, could he be an illegitimate child?”

“Shush, lower your voice.”

“What are you afraid of? I’m just guessing.”

“You don’t say. Although Su Bai wears cheap clothes, he’s still a little handsome. He’s my type.”

“Do you think Li Ba and the others will let this go?”

Li Ba was the one who led the few students to chase Su Bai away. Li Bai gathered his members together in anger, and no one knew what he was up to.

Su Bai was sitting alone on a desk in the corner.

He wouldn’t bow his head easily to someone who came to provoke him for no reason.

But for some reason, trouble would always come to him.

Li Ba and the others came to Su Bai again.

Their faces were tense, and they didn’t dare to come too close. They said ruthlessly, “Don’t be so arrogant. When our boss Chu Yiyun comes, you won’t have a good time!”

Chu Yiyun was one of the students who had been called out earlier. His family had some background.

Chu Yiyun’s uncle was the director of the academy.

In addition, Chu Yiyun was arrogant and treacherous, so he had a reputation in the academy.

“Oh.” Su Bai just casually replied. Then, he continued reading.

Su Bai did not take Li Ba’s words to heart.

“What the heck, this kid is so f*cking arrogant!” Li Ba’s face turned green with anger.

‘In the academy, as long as Chu Yiyun’s name was mentioned, no one would dare to have such an attitude.

‘He was simply crazy to the extreme!

‘But no worries, let’s see how arrogant he can be when Chu Yiyun comes!’ Li Ba thought.

Ten minutes later, Li Ba and the others finally saw Chu Yiyun coming.

However, when Chu Yiyun found out that his underlings were being bullied by a commoner, he scolded them on the spot.

“Trash! Do you still have the face to come and see me?

“If you can’t even beat a commoner, why don’t you all go and die!

“It’s embarrassing for me to tell anyone. Don’t call me boss in the future!”

Chu Yiyun scolded the crowd because he felt resentment towards them for failing to meet his expectations.

At the same time, Chu Yiyun felt strange. He didn’t expect there was a commoner who had joined the elites this year.

Li Ba and the others wanted to cry but had no tears. They could only hide their grievances in their hearts and said, “Boss, we really don’t know what to do. Su Bai could electrocute us. His whole body will twitch when we touch him.”

“Yeah, we can’t even touch him. I got numb from his electrical energy.”

“Boss, you have to avenge us!”

“We mentioned your name, but he didn’t even care. We have to teach him a lesson.”

Everyone talked at once and told Chu Yiyun about how aggrieved they were.

Chu Yiyun frowned and snorted coldly, “Alright, shut up. Let’s see how I’ll teach him a lesson in the next class.

Li Ba and the others were overjoyed to hear that.

They wanted to see Su Bai embarrass himself right now.

It just so happened that the next class was Beast Training, so it was a perfect moment for them to humiliate Su Bai.

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