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Chapter 106: 106 The Broken Squad

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106 The Broken Squad

The small town that initially looked like a leisurely life had now been destroyed by the Beasts.

There were still countless victims lying in pools of blood.

The entire town had been turned into a pool of dead water, which was shocking.

Captain Huo Hua took a deep breath. As the captain, he must not be depressed. He immediately said, “Our mission is to save Howl City from the crisis. Keep your spirit up!”

Although the squad members responded, they still couldn’t help but feel sad.

Even if the veterans had seen it, they would still feel sad today.

In this world, ordinary people only had the fate of drifting with the wind.

Only by becoming a Beastmaster could one protect one’s life.

The group cautiously continued forward, but they quickly discovered that the vines they had encountered earlier grew even more freely in the town. There were even signs of them feeding on fresh blood.

“A vampiristic plant-type Beast, that’s very rare!”

“Indeed, plant-type Beasts are difficult to nurture, but they’re everywhere!”

Everyone was talking about it. Su Bai was surprised.

Plant-type Beasts were too weak and difficult to raise for Beastmasters, so they were very rare.

After a while, the squad arrived in the vicinity of Hao City.

There were vines everywhere, and Su Bai had looked into their information.

They were just ordinary vines, and their levels were between Bronze and Iron. There was nothing special about them.

However, Su Bai realized that the vines were not as simple as they seemed.

“Captain, could the vines be the source of the crisis in Hao City?” Su Bai asked. “Based on our information, the level of the attacking Beasts is low, and they can’t force their way into the city.”

The overall strength of the Beastmasters in Howl City was on the weaker side compared to Los Monstaria.

Su Bai had read the information before he came.

The governor of Howl City only had the strength of a Platinum level and was already considered the strongest. The scale of his forces was even smaller compared to Los Monstaria’s.

But even so, a group of low-level Beasts shouldn’t be able to force the citizens into the city to defend themselves.

“Yes, it’s possible.” Huo Hua nodded and said with a frown. “But we haven’t received any information from the other squads yet. We can’t assume that it’s because of the vines. We have to continue moving forward.”

The squad continued to move and began to sweep away the Beasts in the town.


At that moment, the mature lady Zhu Di’s Fire Lion suddenly seemed to be in a bad state. It actually disobeyed the Beastmaster’s orders and became restless.

Such a situation was in line with the information given by the vanguard team.

“Put it back into the Beast Space.”

“Yes, sir!”

Zhu Di was helpless and could only recall Fire Lion.

After that, the others paid more attention to the Beast’s condition in case it reappeared.

Su Bai had experienced a lot of emotional fluctuations in Beasts, such as the Scarlet Mist in the Wilderness and the Beast tide in the town.

However, the difference this time was that the Beasts whose emotions were affected would not completely lose control of their intelligence.

As they continued to advance, the squad members began to feel tired.

They had no choice but to clear an area and start a bonfire to rest. It was supposed to be noon when the sun was at its strongest.

However, the clouds were so thick that they couldn’t feel the sunlight.

While taking a break, everyone began to heal their Beasts and plan for the next step.

After a lengthy discussion, they finally quieted down and rested.

“Su Bai, how do you feel? This operation must be easy for you, right?” asked Huo Hua with a bitter smile.

“Still manageable.”

It was Su Bai’s first time participating in a critical mission, and he had the upperclassmen to carry him.

Su Bai had only been the vanguard for half a day, and he was strong enough to do it, so he was fine.

As for the crisis in Hao City, Su Bai didn’t have the slightest clue. The only thing he couldn’t figure out was what kind of existence the vines were.

It felt bizarre and very suspicious at the same time.

“Have a good rest. We still have to continue moving forward later,” said Huo Hua.

“Alright,” Su Bai replied.

The team fell into silence and waited for half an hour.

The captain woke everyone up and took out his phone to contact the higher-ups, but the signal was not working due to interference.

“It seems like we can only follow the original instructions and continue. Let’s go!”

“Yes, sir!”

After a short rest, everyone gathered their strength and fought their way out of the town.

However, a large group of Beasts suddenly charged toward them.

“It’s the Bronze Bulls!” Su Bai shouted at once. “There are over a hundred of them, and they’re charging toward us!”

The Bronze Bull’s horns were as hard as bronze. With the help of its running speed, ordinary Beasts would not be able to deal with it. They would be pierced by the horns and be seriously injured.

Hundreds of Bronze Bulls were charging at them. Even a Gold-level Beastmaster wouldn’t dare to clash with them head-on.


Captain Huo Hua immediately made a decision and shouted. Everyone moves in a group. Survival is our first priority!

After saying that, everyone immediately gathered and began to retreat.

However, they were not as fast as the Bronze Bulls and were caught up very quickly and surrounded.

Su Bai immediately let Bearen use Gigamax and rode on its shoulder with Zhu Di and Feng Hai, who were the closest.

Bearen’s Gigamaxed body was extremely eye-catching in the Bronze Bull’s eyes.

They were quickly surrounded, but fortunately, the strength of the Gigamaxed Bearen increased by three times. One slap sent more than ten Bronze Bulls flying, breaking through the encirclement and quickly escaping.

“Where’s the captain?” Zhu Di looked around and asked. “Hong and the others are also gone!.”

Hearing that, Feng Hai and Su Bai looked at each other.

The Bronze Bulls came and left in a hurry. It wouldn’t fight to the death with its target.

Soon, the surroundings calmed down.

Since Su Bai and the other two had lost contact with the squad. They needed to reach an agreement to continue the mission or not.

“The last time I saw such a huge group of Beasts was when I first arrived at Mt. Six-peaks,” said Feng Hai.

Feng Hai clenched his fist and added, “With the current situation, we’ve lost more than half of our men. We don’t know if they’re still alive or not. We should retreat immediately and report to the Army!

Zhu Di shook her head in disagreement and said, “No, we’re still two-fifths away from Hao City.”

“But there’s only three of us left!” Feng Hai yelled.

“Do you think that the captain and the others will die at the hands of these bulls?” Jodie said calmly. “Don’t worry, the captain has a Great Roc as his Beast. It’s enough to bring the rest of them out of danger.”

Feng Hai was still unconvinced. He questioned, “Then tell me, what should we do now?”

Seeing that the two were about to start a fight, Su Bai mentioned Huo Hua’s plan.

They would get close to Hao City, obtain enough information, and then retreat.

This mission was simple. Gaining information was their priority; they didn’t need to deal with too many head-on battles.

After all, they were not the only main force. More than ten other main forces were fighting together.


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