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Chapter 107: 107 The Information That Defies Logic

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107 The Information That Defies Logic

The current situation had become more complicated and tricky for Nineteenth Squad. In addition, their squad had split up.

Whether or not the three should continue with the mission had become the main point of dispute.

Zhu Di wanted to continue with the primary mission, while Feng Hai thought otherwise.

Their eyes were all on Su Bai.

Under normal circumstances, disputes between the military could be quickly resolved. A fight would be enough, and whoever won would have the final say.

However, this was an abnormal situation. Therefore, they needed the opinion of the third member.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Su Bai immediately said, “I thought since we’ve already spent half a day to advance to this point. If we go back now, all our previous efforts will be in vain. But if we continue to advance, it will be even more dangerous.”

“Cut the crap. Just tell me who you support!” said Feng Hai.

“That’s right!” said Zhu Di.

They disagreed with Su Bai’s ambiguous way of thinking, and it seemed that he had to make a decision.

Su Bai didn’t waste time and told them directly, “Let’s compromise. As long as we encounter a battle that can not be resolved immediately, we will retreat immediately.”

The current situation was undeniable. If the trio continued carrying out the mission, they would encounter dangerous situations.

They were initially here to help Hao City, not to throw their lives away, so they had to prioritize their lives once they encountered danger.

This was also what Captain Huo Hua wanted.

“Alright, let’s do it this way!” Feng Hai nodded and agreed with Su Bai’s decision.

After Zhu Di cleared her mind, she also agreed.

The three of them regrouped and immediately continued to move toward Hao City.

Since they were separated from their squadmates, they avoided unnecessary battles as they moved along.

When they encountered groups of Beasts, they would avoid them if they could, and if they couldn’t, they would quickly finish them off.


Bearen roared angrily, and its huge paw slammed the last Beast to death.

“Cleared! Let’s move on!” Su Bai shouted and immediately moved.

Su Bai led the team, made the decisions, and acted as the vanguard due to his strength.

Of course, the other two would voice their opinions if necessary.

But they didn’t expect that Su Bai could always resolve all the attacks from Beasts most swiftly and ingeniously.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di, accompanying Su Bai, couldn’t help but be impressed by Su Bai’s decisiveness and growth.

“There are three Beasts in the southwest!”

“A bronze-level Beast is coming from the sky!

The two of them were Su Bai’s eyes, alert for information.

“Whitey, quickly finish it!” Su Bai didn’t hesitate and just let Whitey attack.

The trio quickly cleared the three Beasts that were approaching. At the same time, the threat in the sky was not significant, so they ignored it and continued to move forward.

Soon, after passing through a burning grassland, the trio was less than ten kilometers away from Hao City.

“There are more vines here. F*ck!” Feng Hai’s mouth twitched as he looked ahead.

The vines here were even more active than before. They attacked the other Beasts and trapped them tightly. Then, they used their sharp thorns to pierce into the Beasts’ bodies and drain their blood.

Even Zhu Di couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat at the sight of it.

“Su Bai, it’s time to retreat! The speed of these vines’ attacks is breakneck,” Feng Hai said with a frown. “And most of them are hidden in the soil, so it’s hard to judge their attack range.”

Su Bai didn’t move after hearing that. He just stared at one of the vines.

The branches of the vines were straight and upright, wriggling back and forth. Some Beasts approached slowly for some reason and were suddenly entangled.

The Beast struggled madly but to no avail and died on the spot. Then, the vines began to drain its blood.

It was at this moment that the vines actually released a weak gas.

“As I expected!” Su Bai narrowed his eyes and said coldly. “These vines could exude the Scarlet Mist. No wonder the Beasts lost control.

“The Scarlet Mist?”

When the other two heard this, they couldn’t believe it.

“Impossible. We’d only heard that the Scarlet Mist only appears in the Wilderness.” Feng Hai’s eyes were wide open. “Although we haven’t found the source of the Scarlet Mist yet, we know that it didn’t appear in other places at all.”

“Yeah, Su Bai, you might be mistaken.” Zhu Di agreed with Feng Hai’s statement.

In the past, countless Beastmasters had traded their lives for information, only to discover that the Scarlet Mist couldn’t leave the Wilderness and harm other Beasts.

Howl City was thousands of miles away from the Wilderness, and they couldn’t even reach it. It was unlikely to encounter the Scarlet Mist here.

“But I’ve encountered one before.” Su Bai immediately told him about the Beast tide he had encountered in the town.

The two of them were even more dumbfounded after hearing Su Bai’s words.

“A Beast that could exude the Scarlet Mist? Su Bai, are you really not dreaming?”

“If what you said is true, why hasn’t any news from the military?!”

The two of them couldn’t believe it, for they had been with the military for many years. What Su Bai had said just exploded their minds.

But looking at Su Bai’s serious expression, Feng Hai and Zhu Di couldn’t help but waver.

There were too many things in this world that they couldn’t understand. Even after hundreds or thousands of years, with the contributions of countless Beastmasters, they still couldn’t completely understand it.

Hundreds of new Beasts were discovered in Los Monstaria each year.

Just that point alone showed that even the most bizarre thing could happen.

“Let’s not talk about this for now,” Feng Hai said after taking a deep breath. “If it’s really as you say, then you mean that we can solve it as long as we get rid of the source?”

“That’s right.” Su Bai replied.

“But look at these vines. Aren’t they the source?” Feng Hai asked.

Su Bai was silent. This was what troubled him.

In the small town’s Beast tide, only the Tweeting Warbler could release an effect similar to the Scarlet Mist. Still, in the dangerous place of Hao City, vines could be seen everywhere.

Furthermore, it was impossible to completely eliminate the root of the problem in a short time.

“Let’s go back and report this to the military.” Su Bai weighed the pros and cons. He said, “If we go further, we might encounter stronger Beasts. We should avoid that.”

“Yes, I think it’s fine,” said Feng Hai.

“I’m fine with it, too,” said Zhu Di.

Immediately, the three of them began to retreat.

According to the information they had received before coming, the military camp would be stationed on a plain about a hundred miles away from the dangerous area.

After two hours of fighting, the trio was more or less injured. But it was just a scratch and didn’t hinder their movements.

Very quickly, they contacted the higher-ups in the military.

After Feng Hai communicated on the phone for a while, he confirmed the specific location of the camp.

He looked back after leaving the dangerous place.

It was a black patch of scorched earth, and vines were everywhere. The scene was quite spectacular and bizarre.

“This damn place is even more horrifying than Mt. Six-peaks!” Feng Hai was relieved of all the pressure and smiled bitterly. “If it’s unnecessary, I don’t want to go in again.”

“Come on, do you still have a choice?” Zhu Di rolled her eyes at him. However, she felt the same way as Feng Hai. She wouldn’t want to reencounter the same thing.

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