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Chapter 109: 109 The Strange Vine Tree!

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109 The Strange Vine Tree!

“What’s wrong, Whitey?” Su Bai could feel Whitey’s excitement, but he didn’t know the details.

But it was useless to ask. The number of Beasts that could speak the human language in history could be counted on one’s fingers!

Other than that, as the Beast’s strength grew, it could communicate with the Beastmaster in a spiritual sense.

Whitey couldn’t do it now, so it could only communicate various emotions.

“Are we going in or not?” Feng Hai and Zhu Di were waiting for Su Bai’s order.

The situation on the other side of the mountain was still unknown, but looking at the scene covered with vines, one could tell that it was not a simple place.

Su Bai was trying to feel Whitey’s emotions.

He found that it had no fear or other negative emotions.

Whitey was not like Bearen, who had a combative nature. It would not be arrogant.


After making the decision, Su Bai immediately commanded Bearen to go into the mountain and cut off all the vines in the middle of the road.

The other two immediately followed after Su Bai.

As they went deeper into the mountain, the number of vines increased, and the vines’ bodies were thicker than before.

However, it was nothing to Bearen. With a lightning palm, they were all shattered.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di did not hesitate either.

The Beasts performed their duties and tore a hole in the wall.

At the front of the formation, Su Bai was holding Whitey. The deeper they went, the more intense Whitey’s emotions became.

“We’re almost there!” Su Bai took a deep breath.

He didn’t know where Whitey was trying to lead him.

But the three of them quickly entered an open space in the forest. In the center of the open space was a giant tree with vines as its main body!

“What’s this?!” Feng Hai’s eyes widened as he shouted. “Damn, these guys can actually merge together!

The vine tree was thick and had a diameter of more than ten-meter diameter.

Its dense vines were entangled with each other, and there was not a single leaf on the branches. It was like a scene that would only exist in hell.

In addition, the surroundings were deathly silent.

There was no trace of Beasts, which made Feng Hai and Zhu Di’s scalps numb.

“Right here?”

Su Bai paid close attention to Whitey and found that it couldn’t wait to go to the vine tree, but since the Beastmaster didn’t give any orders, it could only stomp its feet anxiously.

Su Bai didn’t dare to act rashly as he didn’t know the specific reason.

“You guys stay here and watch. I’ll try to get closer.”

“No!” Feng Hai was the first to object and shout. “That thing looks very strange. If you die here, the captain will hammer me to death!

It was a half-joking, half-serious statement, but he was pretty serious.

Zhu Di had the same opinion.

“Su Bai, don’t act rashly. Let’s report to the military first.” Zhu Di’s gaze landed on the vine tree as she said. “With our current means, we can’t analyze the information of the vine tree from a distance. We can’t be too hasty.”

But Su Bai just smiled.

He had already looked into the information of the vine tree through the system.

As for the actual results, they would definitely shock both Feng Hai and Zhu Di!

This vine tree was a tree trunk formed by many intertwined vines.

There were more than a few hundred of them.

Obviously, such a strange form must be hiding some information, and if he wanted to explore it, he had to get closer.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing,” Su Bai chuckled. “If anything happens, Bearen can bring me back.”

Hearing that, Feng Hai clenched his fists.

He wanted to refute Su Bai’s decision but immediately gave up.

Half a month wasn’t long, but it wasn’t a short time either. It was enough to clearly understand a person’s character.

That was Su Bai’s personality. He would always force himself to calm down in an emergency and make the right choice.

When they encountered a small-scale rampage in the first region, Su Bai suppressed it with guerilla tactics before anyone could arrive!

When Captain Huo Hua found out about it, he immediately scolded Su Bai.

Although it was a small-scale rampage, a newbie handling it would endanger his life if something went wrong.

In the end, Su Bai admitted his mistake on the spot.

When they reencountered it, Su Bai did the same thing again to subside the rampage.

After that incident, Captain Huo Hua was left speechless.

No matter which time, Su Bai solved the rampage issue ideally without any injury.

“Then be careful.”

“I will!”

Finally, they reached a conclusion and followed Su Bai’s plan.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di were in charge of the outer perimeter; once the vine tree did anything strange, they would try to pull Su Bai out.

After they were ready, Su Bai took Bearen and Whitey and approached the vine tree.

The distance was not far, about two hundred meters.

After advancing for about ten meters, a strong fishy smell could be felt.

Su Bai sniffed and confirmed what he said.

This was the same smell as the Scarlet Mist he had encountered in the Wilderness!

It was a crucial piece of information for the military. They could deal with it if it was something like the Scarlet Mist.

After all, the Wilderness was in Los Monstaria’s territory, and they had lived together for hundreds of years.

The military had already learned how to deal with them.

Soon, as they continued to move forward, Whitey became more and more excited. It couldn’t wait to rush to the front of the vine tree.

Bearen’s emotions were the exact opposite. He was extremely calm.

150 meters… 135 meters… 121 meters…


When Su Bai was less than 100 meters from the vine tree, he heard a loud noise behind him.

When Feng Hai and Zhu Di saw this scene from afar, they shouted anxiously, “Fall Back! Quickly retreat!”

Su Bai turned around and saw vines as thick as the mouth of a bowl being pulled up from the ground, forming iron pillars and separating him from the outside world.

“Firebird, Attack!”


The two teammates tried to break the vines, but as the Beasts’ attacks landed, not only did they fail to break the vines, but they were also held back.

More and more vines were uprooted. Seeing this, Su Bai didn’t hesitate and asked Bearen to use Gigamax.


A vine whip lashed out, and Bearen’s Lightning Armor caught it. However, the force of the whip was so great that its feet broke through the ground and sank half a meter deep.


Bearen roared as it tore the vines apart.

At the same time, seeing that the situation was out of control, Su Bai was considering retreating.

However, after Whitey sensed his thoughts, they immediately jumped back and forth. It posed in all kinds of positions, not wanting to leave.

“You’re not affected by the Scarlet Mist, are you?” Su Bai squinted his eyes.

Upon hearing that, Whitey’s posture instantly stiffened.


Su Bai no longer cared about what Whitey was thinking. He immediately ordered Bearen, “Break the vines and retreat!”


After receiving the order, Bearen slapped the vine away and turned around.

Just then, a voice suddenly sounded in Su Bai’s mind.


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