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Chapter 11

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Bearen’s Strike Shocked the Class

The next class was in the academy’s training hall.

Lu Xiaolin excitedly explained to the students that a few famous Beastmasters had graduated from that training hall.

The training hall has a hundred years of history.

“So, we can let our Beasts battle here, Ms. Lu?” a student raised his hand and asked excitedly.

“Battle?” Lu Xiaolin raised her eyebrows and asked, “You or that weak Beast of yours that was just hatched a few days ago?”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“Today’s lesson is simple. Command your Beasts to attack the dummy.”

Lu Xiaolin asked the students to push over a dozen wooden dummies.

Each wooden stake was made of a particular wood. Its hardness was no less than steel.

“Learning how to command your Beasts is the basics,” Lu Xiaolin explained, “And learning how to command efficiently is also essential in a battle. Let’s give it a try now.”

The first student went to the wooden dummy and summoned his Beast.

It was a juvenile Armordill, less than half a meter long.

“Armordill, go!” The student shouted excitedly.

However, Armordill did not move at all. It ignored its master’s order and lay on the ground, beginning to doze off.

The student was so anxious that his face turned red. He went forward and pushed Armordill.

In the end, Armordill’s tail hit the student’s arm, and he cried out in pain.

“Pfft … Your Beast doesn’t seem to be very obedient.”

“Hahaha, so this is your Beast.”

“How embarrassing.”

“Hahaha… I can’t help it. You’re killing me.”

Everyone was overjoyed when they saw this.

Lu Xiaolin couldn’t help but shake her head at the sight of the first participant.

“Gosh… An affinity of 20?” said Su Bai. He looked at Armordill’s information panel with curiosity, and the result was shocking.

The affinity between Armordill and the student was only 20. This was already considered absurdly low.

Su Bai was curious about how that student had made the pact with Armordill. It was no wonder Armordill didn’t obey its master.

No one knew what kind of crazy thing that student did after the pact was made to cause the affinity to have dropped so much.

“Don’t be discouraged. Your Beast is probably in a bad mood today.” Lu Xiaolin consoled that student.

Then, the rest of the students began training to give instructions to their Beasts.

Everything went smoothly for everyone, and no one repeated the first student’s mistake.

Then, it was Chu Yiyun’s turn.

Everyone’s eyes immediately converged on him.

“So that’s Chu Yiyun. I heard his Beast’s potential is at the Mid Gold level!”

“I’m so envious. If I had a Beast with potential at Mid Gold level, I would laugh loudly even while I’m sleeping.”

“Hehe, what’s the use of being envious? You can’t compare yourself to his background.”

“Is there anyone in our class with a Beast with better potential than Chu Yiyun’s?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t think so.”

The next second, Chu Yiyun released Rajager from his Sigil, which immediately caused a stir.

Most of the students’ Beasts had potential at the Bronze-level. Only a few of them had Beasts at the Silver-level.

They would be envious of Beasts with Gold-level potential.

As expected of Rajager’s name, all the Beasts around it took half a step back as soon as it appeared.

“See that, trash!”

At that moment, Li Ba walked to Su Bai and said in a low voice with contempt, “Don’t think that just because you’ve entered the elite class, you’ll be able to make a huge leap. You’re just lucky.”

“That’s right. A commoner should have the appearance of a commoner!”

“It’s not too late to beg for mercy now.”

“Su Bai, kneel down and pay your respect; we’ll let bygones be bygones.”

The few underlings beside Li Ba were even smugger.

They vividly showed that they relied on Chu Yiyun to bully others.

Su Bai had no interest in them.

“Damn, you still don’t know what’s good for you! You’ll be sorry!” Li Ba said angrily.

In front of the wooden dummy, Chu Yiyun had already started to command Rajager to attack.


Rajager let out a roar as it spread out its body. The surrounding Beasts trembled in fear under its might.

Many students had no choice but to keep their Beasts back into their Sigil.

Then, the others watch Rajager swing its sharp claws at the wooden dummy.

The attack left a scratch mark on the wooden dummy.

All the students were in an uproar.

“Wow… As expected of Rajager. It’s not on the same level as our Beasts!”

“Yeah, our Beasts can’t even scratch those dummies.”

“Could Chu Yiyun’s Rajager have broken through to the second level? Otherwise, it’s impossible.”

Rajager was stronger than the other Beasts, and its eyes were sharp.

It was evident that Rajager had left the students in the dust under Chu Yiyun’s care.

This was the effect of using resources.

If a Beastmaster had enough funds, they could pull apart the gap between them and other Beastmasters.

At that moment, Chu Yiyun’s eyes met Su Bai’s, and he smirked.

Chu Yiyun’s eyes were filled with provocation.

However, Su Bai ignored Chu Yiyun. He walked to the dummy and released Bearen from his Sigil.


An angry roar resounded throughout the training hall, shocking Lu Xiaolin.

Bearen was very obedient in Sigil but became restless the moment Rajager appeared.

This was because Bearen felt hostility from the strongest pair on the scene, Chu Yiyun, and Rajager.

So Bearen wanted to come out but was stopped by Su Bai.

Now that Bearen had finally appeared, it could not wait to face Rajager.

The scene was now completely silent.

It was the others’ first time seeing Su Bai’s Bearen, and they were shocked by its momentum.

In terms of aura, it wasn’t inferior to Rajager and was stronger.

Rajager had also sensed Bearen’s hostility. It spread its front claws and growled on the ground.

“Su Bai’s Bearen … Why does it seem even bigger than Rajager?”

Everyone was surprised to discover this.

“This Bearen has been raised well.” Even Lu Xiaolin couldn’t help but praise, “It takes a lot of energy and resources to train into such an outstanding state.”

The luster of the Beast’s fur and its mental state reflected the care of The Beastmaster.

“Bearen, attack the wooden dummy.”

Su Bai touched Bearen’s furry head and pointed somewhere not far away.

Su Bai knew that Bearen wanted to fight with Rajager because of its combative nature.

As long as Bearen felt threatened or hostile, it would arouse its desire to fight.

But at that moment, Su Bai didn’t call Bearen out to do that.


Although unwilling, Bearen faced the wooden dummy again and slapped it with its thick palm.


In an instant, the head of the wooden dummy in front of Bearen was smashed into pieces.

The wooden dummies the students could not move were crushed like tofu by Bearen’s claws.

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