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Chapter 112: 112 A Snipe Attack From the Dark!

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112 A Snipe Attack From the Dark!

“Why is Su Bai not out yet?”

Outside the open space, swaying vines could be seen.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di were worried sick for Su Bai.

If not for Bearen’s occasional roars and the fact that Su Bai was still alive, Feng Hai and Zhu Di would have given up.

“Is there any signal on the walkie-talkie?” Feng Hai asked anxiously.

“It’s still the same. Why don’t we just charge in!” Zhu Di was equally anxious.

The communication interference here was severe, and the specially prepared walkie-talkies could not contact the other soldiers.

But the two of them were unsure if they could save Su Bai.

Zhu Di also knew that this was a stupid idea. However, there was no point in staying in the outer perimeter and worrying.

“Let’s not add to the trouble,” said Feng Hai. He took a deep breath, turned his gaze to the dense vines, and whispered, “We can only trust Su Bai now. We’ve done everything we can. Let’s just leave it to fate.”

Zhu Di was silent. She was even prepared that Su Bai would not come back.

At the same time, Su Bai had successfully formed a pact with the Dream Larva and obtained his third Beast. A Beast with a top-notch illusion talent!

Su Bai couldn’t help but smile, looking forward to the moment the larva turned into a butterfly.

Illusion Beasts were rare, to begin with, and this was a top-notch illusion-type Beast. Any other Beastmaster would probably be happy for the rest of their lives if they could get their hands on a Dream Larva!

Su Bai collected his thoughts and immediately returned the Dream Larva to the Beast Space.

After the pact was established, Dream Larva’s Affinity towards Su Bai had soared to 100 points.

The Dream Larva entered the Beast Space and removed the vines’ restraints without any resistance.

“That’s it.”

Without the Dream Larva as a source, the vine tree no longer absorbed life force, and its strength began to weaken.

The most direct manifestation was that the surrounding vines attacking Bearen began to slow down. At the same time, their strength was significantly reduced.


Bearen grabbed a vine and pulled it up by the root. It wasn’t as strenuous as before.

Su Bai had no reason to stay here any longer since he had made a pact with the Dream Larva.

But before he left, he suddenly noticed something was wrong.

The vine tree’s life force continued declining in the Dream Larva’s absence. Still, it eventually reached an equilibrium and did not completely disappear!

“How is that possible?” Su Bai frowned and couldn’t understand.

Finally, he came to a conclusion.

The vine tree had not been born after catching the Dream Larva. Instead, it had already existed before the Dream Larva was captured!

Knowing that, Su Bai had no reason to let the vine tree live.

“Whitey, get rid of the vine tree!”

Immediately, the vine tree began a new round of crazy attacks on Bearen.

The current vine tree was not as stiff as before, and it was cut into pieces by Whitey’s attacks.

Gradually, the entire vine tree was utterly cut off.

Su Bai didn’t stay idle. He pulled out the vines of the vine tree by the roots.

He quickly removed the vine tree, but the revealed deep hole made him focus his eyes.

There was a stone slab in the deep pit.

On the stone slab, some lines were connected and emitted a faint fluorescent light.

“It’s a magic formation!”

Su Bai had seen magic formations in the Wilderness.

The lines on the stone slab before him were similar to those he had seen in the Wilderness!

As Su Bai expected, the Salvation Sect was also involved in this calamity.

This was vital information for the military.

Su Bai went into the deep pit, smashed the stone slab with one punch, and took away a piece with patterns, ready to report to the military.

At the same time, a large number of vines crumbled under Bearen’s terrifying pressure.


Bearen cheered while stomping on the vines as if it had won.

Even though its body was already covered in injuries, its Lightning Armor was full of holes. Yet, Bearen still displays its domineering aura.

“It’s time to go.” Su Bai rushed back to Bearen and immediately took it outside.

Soon, the anxious Feng Hai and Zhu Di saw Su Bai and cried joyfully.

“You brat, you’re finally back!”

“Are you hurt?”

They went up to check carefully, afraid that Su Bai would be in trouble.

“No, I’m fine.” Su Bai immediately said. “I’ve discovered something new. There’s a magic formation of the Salvation Sect at the root of the vine tree!”


Both Feng Hai and Zhu Di were stunned.

Even though there were already rumors in the military that the Salvation Sect was active around Howl city, there was no evidence.

They didn’t expect Su Bai to have found it.

When they saw the broken slab Su Bai brought back, they were sure it was the work of the Salvation Sect.

“That group of people really can’t stop,” said Zhu Di.

Zhu Di’s face was angry, and she said, “A few years ago, the Salvation Sect had used a magic formation and had a huge fight with the military. Luckily, the military resolved the magic formation’s negative effects in time. Otherwise, Los Monstaria would probably be in the same situation as it is now.”

“Something like that happened before?” Su Bai asked.

“Kid, you weren’t long enough in the military. You’ll know in the future.” Feng Hai laughed bitterly.

The Salvation Sect was not a simple organization. Their influence was spread across more than ten or even dozens of main cities, not just Los Monstaria.

Every time the military sent someone to try to eliminate the roots, they only managed to get rid of a small group.

There was no trace of the real mastermind behind the scenes.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di could be considered veterans and had dealt with the Salvation Sect a few times.

Therefore, they recognized the magic formation at a glance.

However, what surprised Feng Hai and Zhu Di this time was that the Salvation Sect could use something similar to the Scarlet Mist.

This was something that had never happened before!

“Let’s go back to camp. The military can deal with the magical formation beneath the vine tree now that we know about it.” Zhu Di answered calmly.

“That’s right. There’s finally some sign of it. We’re no longer blind people crossing the river and can only feel the stones. Su Bai, you are the hero this time! “Feng Hai laughed.

Su Bai smiled and nodded. But suddenly, Whitey sensed danger and pounced on Zhu Di.


A bullet made of water streaked across Feng Hai’s eyes and landed on the ground not far away.

“Su Bai, what are you doing!” Zhu Di fell to the ground, unable to react at all.

But seeing Su Bai’s serious expression, Zhu Di immediately realized something was wrong.

“An enemy attack!” The experienced Feng Hai shouted at once and summoned his Beasts to prepare for battle.

“Fire Lion, prepare to counterattack!” Zhu Di immediately directed her Beast.

The veteran with rich combat experience immediately got into a fighting stance without hesitation or doubt.

Su Bai, the first discoverer, had already put Bearen before him.

However, after the previous battle, Bearen’s Lightning Armor had not been fully repaired yet and was still tattered.

The enemy did not show up, and another bullet made of water shot out from the forest.

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