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Chapter 121: 121 The Plan’s Execution Begins

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121 The Plan’s Execution Begins

Su Bai’s idea was not impulsive.

Instead, it was the best solution chosen after careful consideration. As long as the young lord, who was the medium, died, the third phase of the magic formation would not be able to be activated.

Naturally, it would disrupt the plan of the Salvation Sect.

“This is crazy! You wanted to assassinate the most important person in someone else’s stronghold.”

“That’s right!”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. What if a Gold-level or higher Beastmaster discovers us? We won’t even be able to protect ourselves, let alone assassinate him! I disagree. There’s no hope of success at all!”

“Me too.”

“Su Bai, you’re still too young. You can’t be so impulsive!”

The other three members of the squad reacted strongly. This plan was so crazy that they couldn’t imagine it.

They rejected the plan in unison.

“Do you have any other way?” Su Bai asked calmly.

The situation was so urgent that conventional methods could no longer solve it. Since it was an unconventional problem, it naturally had to be solved unconventionally.

“Su Bai, what were you thinking?” Zhu Di asked with a frown.

She, like the other team members, firmly rejects the plan.

This was because it was extremely difficult to implement, and it could even be said that the probability of success was minuscule.

But at the same time, they also understood that they didn’t have much choice.

They could only do that if they wanted to break out of this situation!

“My plan is straightforward, Zhu Di. You’ll lead the others outside to attract the Salvation Sectists’ attention. You don’t have to fight them head-on. You just need to attract most of their attention. Then, I’ll sneak into the stronghold, find the young lord and assassinate him.” Su Bai said.

The risk to the squad members was minimal in the plan. Because they only needed to attract the attention of the Salvation Sectists.

Now that the Salvation Sectists were in hiding, as long as the squad showed their faces, the other party would think that their stronghold had been exposed and would shift their attention.

The remaining task for Su Bai was the riskiest task, which was to assassinate the young lord!

“I still don’t agree. Su Bai, your Bearen is not suitable for assassination.”

“That’s right, let’s wait for the main force to come.”

“Who can guarantee that the third phase won’t start before the reinforcements arrive?”

After the discussion, everyone gradually fell silent.

They realized that Su Bai’s plan was indeed the best solution.

After thinking for a while, Zhu Di looked at Su Bai and asked, “What are the chances of the assassination succeeding?”

“Seventy percent.”

“Then I agree to the execution of this plan.”

Hearing that, everyone in the squad clenched their fists.

But to be honest, Su Bai’s 70% was still too low.

Although Su Bai had not personally witnessed the strength of the young lord of the Salvation Sect, killing him with his near-insane consciousness would not be that difficult.

The real problem was the Salvation Sectists around the young lord.

“Let’s do this. Leave this to me.”

“We will try our best to create the biggest commotion and attract the people’s attention inside the Illusion Domain. Take this opportunity to act quickly.” Zhu Di said seriously.

“Alright!” Su Bai nodded. “Then be careful. If you sense something wrong, retreat immediately.”

“Hehe, Su Bai, you’re still giving us instructions. We should be the ones giving you instructions!”


“We should be the ones doing the most dangerous mission…”

The squad members felt ashamed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll leave this place to you guys.”

Su Bai answered with a smile, immediately turned invisible, and returned to the Illusion Domain of the Salvation Sect.

The remaining four people began to make plans.

After three minutes, Zhu Di sent two people out of their covers and ran to an open space, pretending to be passing by accidentally.

“What the hell is this place? It’s so deserted.”

“I’ve been busy recently. It’s good that there’s no one around. I won’t be discovered if I’m lazy.”

“Hahaha, that’s true!”

They chatted and laughed as they sat on the flat ground.

Zhu Di’s plan was simple.

The two of them put on an act, making the other party think that they were really passing by and not discovering the stronghold.

Sure enough, the Salvation Sect Beastmaster guarding the Illusion Domain entrance was only five meters away from the two!

“Captain, it’s a false alarm. I thought we were discovered.” A sloppy Salvation Sect Beastmaster patted his chest and said.

The person who was called the captain smirked and said, “Yeah, my leg was cramping just now.”

“Should we report this to the elder?”

“No need. They won’t be able to find the Illusion Domain. They’ll leave on their own.”

The two were only at the lowest level of the Salvation Sect, but they would still choose to weigh the pros and cons.

She had predicted that in Zhu Di’s plan, and that was only the beginning.

“Damn, why does this place feel so gloomy? Is there anything strange here?”

“What strange things can there be? Don’t worry. We have a thirty to forty-man unit nearby.”

“That’s true. But where do you think the stronghold of the Salvation Sect is?”

“How would I know? The higher-ups said it might be nearby, and we must investigate it thoroughly.”

The two sat there chiming in one after another, following Zhu Di’s instructions completely.

At the same time, the guards who were hiding in the Illusion Domain heard everything.

“Captain, they’re going to search this place!”

The sloppy Beastmaster’s eyes were wide open as he said, “Quickly report this to the elder. If anything goes wrong, we will lose our lives!”

The captain’s mind was filled with thoughts, and he agreed to the sloppy Beastmaster’s decision.

Thirty to forty soldiers were nearby.

If the Illusion Domain is exposed, the stronghold will be completely exposed.

They dared not let their guard down and immediately reported the situation.

Soon, the higher-ups sent an old man over. After hearing the news, he immediately frowned.

This matter took a lot of work to handle!

They couldn’t kill thirty to forty soldiers in an instant. If they escaped, they would attract more reinforcements to attack the stronghold.

“Did the scouts send any information?” The old man asked sternly.

“Report, there is no news of the military returning, but…”

“But what!”

“A few minutes ago, a scout Beastmaster went missing.”

Hearing that, the old man’s face turned even gloomier.

They wanted to curse that good-for-nothing for revealing the whereabouts of their stronghold.

If no one was discovered, it would be a good situation. However, if the military found someone alive or even captured, the stronghold would soon be exposed!

Then, he reported the information to the elder.

“Get rid of those soldiers immediately!”

When the old man heard that, he was furious and ordered softly, “Get rid of them with lightning speed. Otherwise … I’ll get rid of you!”

Hearing that, all the subordinates were trembling.

They knew that the elder was not joking.

They immediately formed a hundred-man unit with the lowest Bronze-level, 20 Silver-level, and a few Gold-level soldiers.


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